Double Fine Working On A New Project, and You Helped!

Double Fine Working On A New Project, and You Helped!


Psychonauts and Brutal Legend developer Double Fine is working on brand new game. It’s an old school point-and-click adventure game that they are planning to sell on downloadable markets. How will they raise money for this project? Through you, of course.

Double Fine is funding this entire project through Kickstarter. They looked to raise $400,000 over 33 days. What they actually raised, was $550,000 in less than 24 hours. This makes Double Fine the first major studio to fully finance a game through Kickstarter.

Their donation plan was pretty ingenious. As is the case with any Kickstarter project, donating a certain amount of money gets you a reward. In this case, $15 will get donators a copy of the game on Steam whenever it is completed and early beta access. It’s almost like pre-ordering the game, but all the pre-order bucks go directly to the developer. Donating will also grant access to a documentary series that the design team will be putting together about the development as the process takes place. People who pledged $100 will get a poster and a personal thank you in the game’s credits. People who pledged $1,000 will get a portrait of themselves painted by the art team. $10,000 pledgees are able to go to lunch with Tim Schafer and Robert Gilbert, the heads of the project, and anyone wacky enough to donate $150,000 would receive a copy of the classic Day of the Tentacle, still shrink wrapped.

The game is slated for an October release, and, while no additional details about the game were given, Double Fine promises to continually update their donators on the game’s development process. They also said that iOS and Mac versions may also happen.

Funding the game through Kickstarter has given Double Fine total creative freedom. They can now “make the game they want to make, promote it in whatever manner they deem appropriate, and release the finished product on their own terms.”

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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