Draw A Stickman: EPIC Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Draw A Stickman: EPIC Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Draw A Stickman: EPIC Easy “Firebug” and “Pyromaniac” achievements

Burn everything encountered. Draw small fires instead of one large one. For example, play Level 1 and draw fires, then restart and repeat the process.

Draw spaced red dots and short lines all over the screen around your character. Do this in a spiral or any pattern that will allow you to draw as many of them as quickly as possible. You do not have to actually burn anything for it to qualify.

Easy “Hungry Lil’ Critter” achievement

A bunny will grow when eating a bush or a grown carrot, corn, or tomato. Try this in the “Pirate’s Plunder” level. At the far right side of the level are two tiny bunnies, two normal bunnies, and some bushes. The bunnies usually try to walk or jump away from you. Be patient and use some skill to lead one bunny to several bushes.

Go to either of the two levels where you can grow vegetables, and lead a bunny to eat them.

Easy “Quick Draw Vengeance” achievement

Go up to the castle, then move to the right. Travel just to the left of the cage, and you will be caught on a second cage. Note: Wooden barrels can be destroyed by fire or lightning, but wooden boxes are reinforced and can only be destroyed by lightning. Draw a thunder cloud to the left of your cage to destroy some boxes. Do not electrocute yourself. Use either lightning or fire to explode the dynamite in the boxes. After the explosion, move to the left. Do not remain at the far right of the cage or a bee will attack. Use lightning to destroy most of the crates. At the top left corner, a rug next to a red light will appear. Burn the rug and a green platform will appear. At the top-middle, a dragon egg will appear, but do not open it yet. At the top-right, a panel will appear. Be careful in the bottom-right, as a fire-spitting rock is hidden behind one of the crates. Explode the dynamite from the second floor. Also, break most of the crates there. Walk to the top-middle and use lightning on the panel. Quickly move to the platform. It will rise to the second floor. Use lightning at the top-right of the second floor and a dragon will appear. Behind the dragon are some flowers. Use rain on the flowers. The bees will then fly to the flowers. Break the dragon egg with lightning to have both dragons meet each other and stop following you. Be careful when you use the panel and the platform goes down. Many spikes will surround the Boss, and they will explode and kill you if you get too close. Walk around through the top-right area, far away from the Boss. When next to the locked cage, use a key on it. Follow the instructions to defeat Zarp and get the “Quick Draw Vengeance” achievement.

Easy “Where Are My Dragons” achievement

There are more red dragons than blue dragons in the level. When a red dragon meets a blue dragon, they will begin fighting and ignore you. This also happens when a single blue dragon fights multiple red dragons at once. Take advantage of this by getting a red and blue dragon to fight, then lure other red dragons to the fight. This is the only way to eliminate all the dragons in this level.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A Good Start (5 points): Collect your first puzzle piece.
    Anti-Hypnotist (20 points): Defeat Grave Decisions without hypnotizing any zombies.
    Back Door (15 points): Create a back door into the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break.
    Be Creative (50 points): Find every letter on the secret puzzle level.
    Bee Lad (50 points): Find the Lad of Los in The Bee’s Knees.
    Blast-Off! (15 points): Fire your stickman out of a cannon.
    Bucket List (20 points): Defeat Buckets n’ Bunnies without drawing any rain clouds.
    Color Buddy (20 points): Find all of the color buddies hidden throughout Epic!.
    Customs Inspector (20 points): Open every container on Pirate’s Plunder.
    Epic Stickman (40 points): Unlock every level.
    Every Day (25 points): Defeat the dragon and unlock the chest on the puzzle level.
    Firebug (10 points): Draw 100 fires.
    Friend of Frith (10 points): Complete Cuddle Bunny Peak without killing any bunnies.
    Hungry Lil’ Critter (20 points): Get a bunny to grow to its maximum size.
    Hypnotist (15 points): Defeat Grave Decisions with all zombies hypnotized.
    King Penguin (15 points): Unleash king penguin to destroy the ice fortress on Penguin Prison Break.
    Lava Lad (50 points): Find the Lad of Los in Volcanic Valley.
    Lumberjack (10 points): Chop down 50 trees.
    Monster Slayer (20 points): Slay your first Armakillo.
    Paul Bunyan (30 points): Chop down 500 trees.
    Pencil Master (10 points): Draw with every pencil.
    Pirate Lad (50 points): Find the Lad of Los on Pirate’s Plunder.
    Pumpkin Master (20 points): Defeat Grave Decisions with all jack-o’-lanterns lit.
    Puzzle Master (30 points): Collect all of the puzzle pieces.
    Pyromaniac (40 points): Draw 1000 fires.
    Quick Draw Vengeance (75 points): Defeat Zarp.
    Rainy Day (15 points): Rain on every flower in Stickenstein’s Monster.
    Sconce Boss (20 points): Light every torch in Zarp’s Fortress.
    Stick-Adventurer (20 points): Unlock 6 levels.
    Stick-Avenger (20 points): Slay all the armakillos in The Battle of Stickopolis.
    Stick-Daredevil (20 points): Take damage without dying 100 times.
    Stick-Explorer (10 points): Unlock 3 levels.
    Stick-Pacifist (20 points): Disable the tentacles without slaying the armakillo.
    Stick-Voyager (30 points): Unlock 9 levels.
    Stormy Night (5 points): Draw your first lightning cloud.
    Thorough (15 points): Open 100 containers.
    Treasure Hunter (20 points): Discover the secret chest in Volcanic Valley.
    Troll Wrangler (20 points): Get the spiders to web up the troll.
    Very Thorough (35 points): Open 500 containers.
    Where are My Dragons (15 points): Hatch all of the dragons in Dragon Omelet.
    Winter Lad (50 points): Find the Lad of Los on Penguin Prison Break.
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