Driver 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes for PlayStation (PSX)

Driver 2

Cheat mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock all cheats and two new tracks. -From: [email protected] and [email protected]


    Immunity cheat in Rio

    You start by facing the interstate. Make a U-turn and go the other way. Turn right at the third street, which will take you past the big lake. Immediately after the lake is an intersection. Turn left there to find a building with a garage door and a regular door. That building should have a barbed-wired fence at the top of it. To open the door, you need to go to the huge building to the right. It is black with white windows. There is a door on the very left side of this building, which is facing the other building you are trying to open. Push Triangle at that door to unlock the immunity cheat for no police. To access this cheat, select “Gameplay”, then “Secrets” at the options screen.

Bonus cars

    Secret car in Chicago

    Head north and go to the Wrigleyville area and find Wrigley Field. Go to the northwest end of the ballpark. Park your car, get out. Walk over to where it says “Tickets” and press Triangle. A secret area located in the southeast corner of the ballpark will open. Return to your car, drive around to the southeast corner, and drive through the now opened gate and into the ballpark. Drive over to the ramp, get out of your car, walk up the ramp, turn right, and follow the walkway to the secret car.

    Secret car in Havana

    Drive towards the tunnel located at the west end of the city. Just before the tunnel is a road on your left. Drive to the end of the road to reach a wall. Turn right and about one third of the way down, you will find the switch next to some trees on your right. Get out of your car, walk up to the switch, and press Triangle to open a secret area. Get back into your car, turn around, and head back to the road you just came off. You will see that the gate is now open. Drive in and down, ignoring the left turns. Keep driving to the end, then turn right and follow it down, making continuous left turns. When you get to the bottom, turn left again then right, and left once more. Follow that tunnel down to the end to find the secret car on a risen platform. You will see the switch on the right of the platform, on the wall.

    Secret car in Las Vegas

    Take the first right turn and follow it down. Turn left to go to the Tropicana area. Turn right at the second street, then take the first left turn. Follow the “S” curve and stop at the crosswalk. Look left to see a gate and a building. Follow that building with the four cones in front of it. At the end of the building is an opened gate. Turn in there and you will see the switch next to the fence at the end of the building. Get out of your car and walk over to the switch. Press Triangle to open the gate you first saw. Get back in your car and drive around into the now open area. The secret car will be behind the building in front of you.

    Secret semi in Rio

    Look at the very top of the map and find a part of the road that winds upwards like the following:


    While traveling on this curved area, search for a switch on the north side. Use it to open a passage to the area behind the fence. Cruise around to get back there to find a blue semi.

Bonus games

    Secret game one in Rio

    Turn your car around, follow the street to the end, and turn right. Follow this next street to the end, and turn right. After you turn right, there will be some buildings to your right. At the end of those buildings is a fenced in area. Follow the fence, stop at the last section, and look left. You will see the switch next to the building. Turn your car around and park. Get out of your car and walk over to the switch. Press Triangle to open a secret area. Get back into your car and follow the fence. About half way down you will see two rows of palm trees. That is the entrance. Drive in to reveal the secret game, around the back of the building. This secret game can also be unlocked by winning the Undercover mission.

    Secret game two in Rio

    When you leave the area where the first secret game was found, turn right and back onto the street. Follow that street and take the third left turn. Follow this next road and take the second exit. At the end of the off-ramp, make a U-turn and follow the street between the on and off ramps. Follow this street past the first right turn and to the fence. The switch is on your right, next to the fence. This secret game can also be unlocked by winning the Undercover mission.


    Steal a police car in Chicago

    Go to Grant Park and go around that location. There will be a police car on the side of the park. Get out of your vehicle and steal the police car the same way that you would steal any other vehicle.

    Secret area in Las Vegas

    After unlocking the secret car in Las Vegas, go to the street and turn left to get back on to it. Take that street to the end and turn right. Follow this street to the next intersection and turn left. When you turn left, you will see a building, a fence and a wall. Between the wall and the next building is where you turn to go to the secret area.

    Avoid police chases

    Drive like you are one of the city cars and the police will not follow you unless you hit a car or building.

    Reset felony meter

    After getting chased by the police, get out of the car and get into another car. The felony meter will go back down to 0.

    Stop faster

    Press Triangle + Circle.

    Take a break

    While next to a chair, press Triangle. After your character sits, press the Analog-stick to change the camera angle.

    Get out off a flying car

    While driving and in the air, press Triangle + Up. Your character will get out off the car, and his car will drive full speed farther. Note: This cannot be done while the police are chasing him.

Game Shark Codes

Joker Command D00AA674 ????
Infinite Damage D001CDA8 0009
8001CDAA 1043
Infinite Damage & Other Cars Destroyed in 1-Hit D001CDA8 0009
8001CDAA 1043
D001CDBC 0003
8001CDBE 1000
Infinite Time 800D77B4 A8C8
800D77B6 0112
800DA490 A8C8
800DA492 0112
Unlock All Cities D01C1308 F809
801C130C 0000
Press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 to Instantly Complete Mission D00AA674 000F
800AA194 0001
D00AA674 000F
800AAA6C 0004
Two Felonies Make Felony Bar Decrease to Zero D004C270 92B0
8004C27A A4A0
D004C888 92B0
8004C892 A4A0
Cannot Die From Flipping A Car & Can Get Out of a Fully Damaged
D0063878 0058
8006387A 1000
Stop Traffic D0053D88 5A1F
80053D8A 2400
Able to Leave Any Car While Being Chased (Including Cop Cars) D005589C 000A
8005589E 1000
Able to Get in Cop Cars D0071E54 2021
80071E5A 2400
Skip All Intro Screens/FMVs D005B170 1289
8005B160 0006
D005B170 1289
8005B162 1000
Drive Thru Walls D00639FC 0028
800639FE 1000
D006F244 0003
8006F246 1000
D001D868 0249
8001D86A 1000
Levitate Cars [Note] D0056894 1903
8005689C 1D80
D0056894 1903
8005689E 0C00
80007600 FFFF
80007602 2403
80007604 000B
80007606 3C01
80007608 A674
8000760A 8C21
8000760C 0004
8000760E 8CC2
80007610 000C
80007612 3021
80007614 000C
80007616 2404
80007618 000D
8000761A 1020
8000761E 2400
80007620 0007
80007622 1024
80007624 0008
80007626 3024
80007628 0003
8000762A 1480
8000762C 5026
8000762E 0069
80007630 0007
80007632 1540
80007634 0001
80007636 340A
80007638 0005
8000763A 1140
8000763E 2400
80007640 0002
80007642 1069
80007644 0300
80007646 2442
80007648 0300
8000764A 2442
8000764C 0004
8000764E ACC2
80007650 0008
80007652 03E0
80007656 2400
Take A Ride Codes
Allow Selection of Vegas D01C6E9C 0300
801C6E9C 0103
Allow Selection of Rio D01C6ED8 0300
801C6ED8 0103
Driving Games: Quick Chase & Survival Codes
Allow Selection of Vegas D01C8184 0300
801C8184 0103
Allow Selection of Rio D01C81C0 0300
801C81C0 0103
Driving Games: Quick Getaway, Gate Racing, Trailblazer &
Checkpoint Codes
Allow Selection of Vegas D01C7DBC 0300
801C7DBC 0103
Allow Selection of Rio D01C7DF8 0300
801C7DF8 0103
Multi-Player Take A Ride Codes
Allow Selection of Vegas D01CAD00 0300
801CAD00 0103
Allow Selection of Rio D01CAD3C 0300
801CAD3C 0103
Multi-Player Cops ‘n’ Robbers, Checkpoint & Capture The Flag
Allow Selection of Vegas D01C8EC0 0300
801C8EC0 0103
Allow Selection of Rio D01C8EFC 0300
801C8EFC 0103

Note: Press L1 to levitate your car off the ground. Press R1 to levitate all other cars off the ground.

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