EA Has Predicted Entire 2016-17 NHL Season with NHL 17

EA Has Predicted Entire 2016-17 NHL Season with NHL 17

Remember getting together with your buddies and having it out in NFL 2K or NHL 2000 to predict who would win the Super Bowl or Stanley Cup? As video game AI improves and algorithms become more comprehensive, simulated sporting events are becoming a more compelling method of predicting results. In fact, EA Sports has simulated the entire 2016-17 NHL season to see who makes the playoffs and who makes off with the Stanley Cup next year. Check out their results below:

Eastern Conference

A healthy Carey Price leads the Montreal Canadiens back to the postseason while the Tampa Bay Lightning dominate and finish atop the Eastern Conference standings. After a full-on rebuild, the Toronto Maple Leafs manage to squeak into the playoffs, leaving the Detroit Red Wings on the outside looking in. The New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings are the only teams from the East to not return to the playoffs.

1.Tampa Bay Lightning – 107 pts

2.Montreal Canadiens – 99 pts

3.Washington Capitals – 97 pts

4.Pittsburgh Penguins – 93 pts

5.Florida Panthers – 93 pts

6.Philadelphia Flyers – 93 pts

7.New York Islanders – 92 pts – Wild Card

8.Toronto Maple Leafs – 91 pts – Wild Card

9.New York Rangers – 89 pts

10.Detroit Red Wings – 87 pts

11.Ottawa Senators – 87 pts

12.Buffalo Sabres – 85 pts

13.Boston Bruins – 84 pts

14.Carolina Hurricanes – 81 pts

15.New Jersey Devils – 79 pts

16.Columbus Blue Jackets – 76 pts

Metropolitan Division

The Washington Capitals, while not as dominant as last season, win the Metropolitan Division thanks to a strong performance from Nicklas Backstrom and Alexander Ovechkin, both who finished in the top 10 in league scoring.

1.Washington Capitals – 97 pts

2.Pittsburgh Penguins – 93 pts

3.Philadelphia Flyers – 93 pts

4.New York Islanders – 92 pts

5.New York Rangers – 89 pts

6.Carolina Hurricanes – 81 pts

7.New Jersey Devils – 79 pts

8.Columbus Blue Jackets – 76 pts

Atlantic Division

Detroit’s impressive streak of 25 consecutive playoff berths comes to an end as they full just short of the playoffs. Multiple injuries to core players hampers the Boston Bruins while the Buffalo Sabres improve slightly on their last season.

1.Tampa Bay Lightning – 107 pts

2.Montreal Canadiens – 99 pts

3.Florida Panthers – 93 pts

4.Toronto Maple Leafs – 91 pts – Wild Card

5.Detroit Red Wings – 87 pts

6.Ottawa Senators – 87 pts

7.Buffalo Sabres – 85 pts

8.Boston Bruins – 84 pts

Western Conference Standings

In the wild Western Conference, the dominant Nashville Predators blue line led the team to their first Presidents’ Trophy in franchise history. Connor McDavid carries his Edmonton Oilers into the playoffs, narrowly making it in on the final day of the season.

1.Nashville Predators – 110 pts

2.Dallas Stars – 107 pts

3.San Jose Sharks – 107 pts

4.Chicago Blackhawks – 102 pts

5.St. Louis Blues – 95 pts – Wild Card

6.Los Angeles Kings – 93 pts

7.Minnesota Wild – 87 pts – Wild Card

8.Edmonton Oilers – 85 pts

9.Calgary Flames – 84 pts

10.Arizona Coyotes – 83 pts

11.Winnipeg Jets – 82 pts

12.Anaheim Ducks – 77 pts

13.Colorado Avalanche – 74 pts

14.Vancouver Canucks – 63 pts

Central Division

The Central Division featured three of the top four teams in the NHL, and the coaching change provided the Minnesota Wild enough of an edge to make the playoffs again.

1.Nashville Predators – 110 pts

2.Dallas Stars – 107 pts

3.Chicago Blackhawks – 102 pts

4.St. Louis Blues – 95 pts

5.Minnesota Wild – 87 pts

6.Winnipeg Jets – 82 pts

7.Colorado Avalanche – 74 pts

Pacific Division

The Anaheim Ducks got off to a slow start and are the only team from the Western Conference last season to not make the playoffs this season. The Vancouver Canucks finish in last place in the NHL, landing the best odds to draft top prospect Nolan Patrick.

1.San Jose Sharks – 107 pts

2.Los Angeles Kings – 93 pts

3.Edmonton Oilers – 85 pts

4.Calgary Flames – 84 pts

5.Arizona Coyotes – 83 pts

6.Anaheim Ducks – 77 pts

7.Vancouver Canucks – 63 pts



After perhaps one of the biggest one-for-one deals in NHL history, the Shea Weber and the Montreal Canadiens find themselves against P.K. Subban and the Nashville Predators. The Nashville Predators continued their regular season dominance, and won the Stanley Cup Final in Game 6. Filip Forsberg took home the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP after registering 26 points in the postseason.

Stanley Cup Winners:

Nashville Predators

End of Season Award Winners

  • Presidents’ Trophy: Nashville Predators
  • Conn Smythe Trophy: Filip Forsberg (NSH)
  • Hart Memorial Trophy: Connor McDavid (STL)
  • Art Ross Trophy: Connor McDavid (EDM)
  • James Norris Memorial Trophy: Brent Burns (SJS)
  • Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy: Vladimir Tarasenko (STL)
  • Vezina Trophy: Carey Price (MTL)
  • William M. Jennings Trophy: Martin Jones (SJS)
  • Frank J. Selke Trophy: Anze Kopitar (LA)
  • Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: Nicklas Backstrom (WAS)
  • Calder Memorial Trophy: Auston Matthews (TOR)
  • Ted Lindsay Award: Connor McDavid (EDM)
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