Game Movies We’re Actually Looking Forward To!

Game Movies We’re Actually Looking Forward To!

If you’ve been a gamer as long as I have, then you’ve come to expect the absolute worst from Hollywood when you hear the words “game” and “film” used in the same sentence. From legendary box office bombs (like the notorious Super Mario Bros. film of the early ‘90s), to the more recent debacles of Doom and Need for Speed; video games simply don’t have a great track record of making money at theaters. Part of that (or perhaps most of it) is due to the projects not being placed in the right director’s hands.

However, there is a crop of game-to-screen adaptations currently in the works that shows promise, with release dates varying anytime between 2015-2016. So here’s a quick rundown of those we feel might finally do a good job of representing our industry at the cinema, as we cross our fingers, eyes, legs and anything else we can think of to gin up some good luck for these prospects.

Angry Birds:

Right off the bat, you might see this is a strange choice to lead with, but just hear me out. The Idea of turning a simple mobile app into a full-blown, big budget release seems like a disastrous recipe for failure. However, consider the facts. With it expected to be an animated film (and Angry Birds sporting some of the most lovable and clever humor of anything you’re likely to find on the App Store or Google Play), I think its charm could make for a fun children’s flick that adults could also equally enjoy.

Assassin’s Creed:

There is one reason and one reason alone I will see Assassins’ Creed opening day. That reason is Mr. Michael Fassbender. With his range spanning everything from the egomaniacal Magneto to the deranged plantation owner in 12 Years a Slave, Fassbender has proven he’s interesting to watch no matter the role. With him playing a modern day bartender who is transported back in time to relive his ancestor’s memories (yeah you read that right); the plot promises to be nothing if not unique!

Sly Cooper:

Another animated flick, Cooper will take the cartoony look of the original PlayStation games and give them more of an updated CG feel. Essentially, I expect the movie’s visuals to take its cues from current hits such as Madagascar and Frozen, but incorporate a throw-back Pink Panther vibe on the story telling front. At least, that’s the direction I’d roll with if I were in the producer’s chair.

Game Movies We’re Actually Looking Forward To!

Splinter Cell:

If there is one entry on this list which stands a chance of making some real money when it drops, it’s Splinter Cell. We badly need a Mission: Impossible replacement, as the current sequels have ran it right into the ground. Sam Fischer could be just the man to step up and take Ethan Hunt’s place. Tom Hardy is another young-Hollywood actor whose career is smoldering hot right now (thanks to Christopher Nolan), so the added star power will lend credence and force people to take this flick very seriously. Baring they don’t screw the script up too badly, this one is a gold mine which could do quite well.

DISHONORABLE Mention – Super Mario Bros….again:

You’re not hallucinating and no that isn’t a typo. It looks as if someone in LA has fried their brain in the hot California sun, as talks of a doing yet ANOTHER Super Mario Bros. has apparently been batted around recently. After several private emails between top-level Sony executives were leaked , it was revealed Nintendo has been in talks of rebooting their marquee franchise in solenoid form, with Sony securing the rights. While I’m sure some misguided executive sees nothing but dollars signs when looking at the Mario franchise, if they really knew their history, they’d be quickly running in the opposite direction screaming their heads off.

Then again, I guess it’s hard to scream your head off when it’s tucked firmly away in your ass. Yeesh! When will they ever learn?

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