Grand Theft Auto 5, GTA V, GTA 5 Unlockables for Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto 5 Secret Bigfoot hunting mission

Get a 100% completion in GTA 5 to unlock “The Last One” secret Strangers and Freaks mission for Franklin at the following location at Mount Chiliad. The special mission requires you to catch a Sasquatch by chasing him through the forest. This mission has some similarities to the “Birth Of The Conservation Movement” mission in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare .

Epsilon Tractor

Successfully complete the “Epsilon Tract” mission to unlock the Epsilon Tractor for Michael.

Hot Rod ATV

Successfully complete all main storyline missions to unlock the Hot Rod ATV for Trevor.

Space Docker car

Successfully complete the “Far Out” mission for the Omega stranger (he becomes available after completing the “Fame Or Shame” main mission) in east Sandy Shores by collecting all 50 spaceship parts in Grand Theft Auto 5 to unlock the Space Docker (alien) car. This car is loaded with alien technology, including two large booster jets.

Alternate costumes

Successfully complete the final mission in the main storyline to unlock mission-specific costumes for all three characters, including the black outfits from stealth missions, guard uniforms from the final mission, and police uniforms. To unlock all shirts, get a 100% game completion.

Ammu-Nation discounts

Successfully complete all Gun Range challenges with Bronze medals to get a 10 percent discount at Ammu-Nation stores. Successfully complete all Gun Range challenges with Silver medals to get a 15 percent discount at Ammu-Nation stores. Successfully complete all Gun Range challenges with Gold medals to get a 25 percent discount at Ammu-Nation stores. Note: Discounts are attached to each character. Thus, getting all Gold medals with Michael will only allow him to get the 25 percent discount.

LifeInvader unlockables

To get bonus customizations, discounts, and free items for Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, go to Rockstar’s LifeInvader social network, and click the “Stalk” button on the page. Sign into LifeInvader with your Social Club name and password. Then, different pages will appear randomly after refreshing. Click the “Stalk” button on each one to unlock something new for use in GTA 5 . For example, to get a free haircut and unlock additional hairstyles, go to Herr Kutz Barber , and click the “Stalk” button. The following is a list of all unlockables for clicking the “Stalk” button on each LifeInvader page:

    Elitas Travel: 10% off your first purchase through
    Herr Kutz Barber: First haircut free, and extra hairstyles
    InkInc.: First tattoo free
    Legendary Motorsport: 10% off your first purchase through their online showroom
    Los Santos Customs: Free paint job
    Redwood Cigarettes: 10% off your first visit to a participating hospital
    Sprunk: Free can of Sprunk
    Warstock Cache & Carry: 10% off your first purchase in-store

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