Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii

Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock


Cheat mode

At the main menu, select “Options”, “Cheats”, “Enter New Cheat”, then enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding cheat option. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

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    Unlock All Venues

    Press Red, Blue(2), Red(2), Blue(2), Red.

    Unlock All Characters

    Press Blue, Green(2), Red, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue.

    Always Slide

    Press Blue, Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Blue, Yellow. This mode turns all guitar notes (not chords) into touch pad sliding notes connected by purple lines.

    All HOPOs

    Press Green(3), Blue, Green(3), Yellow. This mode changes almost all notes into hammer-on/pull-off notes.

    Focus Mode

    Press Green, Yellow, Green, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green. This mode blacks out the background.

    Performance Mode

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    Press Red, Yellow(2), Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Red. This mode removes the track and HUD.

    HUD Free Mode

    Press Green(2), Red, Green(2), Yellow, Green(2). This mode removes the rock meter, star power gauge, and score display.

    Invisible Rocker

    Press Green(2), Red, Yellow(3), Blue(2).

    Air Instruments

    Press Yellow, Red(2), Blue, Yellow, Green(3). This mode makes all instruments almost invisible; however, the guitar strings can still be seen.

    Color Shuffle

    Press Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow.

    Mirror Gems

    Press Blue(2), Red, Blue, Green(2), Red, Green.

    Random Gems

    Press Green(2), Red(2), Yellow, Red, Yellow, Blue.


    Press Green, Blue, Red, Yellow(2), Red, Blue, Green. Note: This code may only work in pre-release versions of the game.

    Absolutely Nothing

    Press Green(8).


Successfully complete or dominate the indicated chapter to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

    Warrior Johnny Chapter completed: Warrior Johnny and his band’s outfits, more powers for Quickplay+, Johnny’s Archaic guitar and bass, more Quickplay+ venues.
    Warrior Johnny’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Johnny, Spirit Johnny’s Archaic Ghost guitar and bass.
    Warrior Echo Chapter completed: Warrior Echo and her band’s outfits, Star Power Generator+ Power, Echo’s Cranked guitar and bass.
    Echo’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Echo, Spirit Echo’s Cranked Ghost guitar and bass.
    Warrior Judy Chapter completed: Warrior Judy and her band’s outfits, Crowd Hyper+ Power, Judy’s Hell Wing guitar and bass.
    Judy’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Judy, Spirit Judy’s Hell Wing Ghost guitar and bass.
    Warrior Austin Chapter completed: Warrior Austin and his band’s outfits, Star Power Amplifier+, Power Austin’s Trick or Treat guitar and bass.
    Austin’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Austin, Spirit Austin’s Trick or Treat Ghost guitar and bass.
    Rush 2112 Chapter completed: More Powers for Quickplay+, The Legendary guitar and bass, more Quickplay+ venues, the songs of 2112 for Quickplay+.
    Warrior Pandora Chapter completed: Warrior Pandora and her band’s outfits, Star Power Nova+ Power, Pandora’s Cinder Blade guitar and bass, PRS Orianthi guitar, and BC Rich Assassin ASM Zoltan guitar.
    Pandora’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Pandora, Spirit Pandora’s Cinder Blade Ghost guitar and bass.
    Warrior Lars Chapter completed: Warrior Lars and his band’s outfits, Extended Multiplier+ Power, Lars’ Battle Bringer guitar and bass, BC Rich Kerry King guitar.
    Lars’ Chapter dominated: Spirit Lars, Spirit Lars’ Battle Bringer Ghost guitar and bass.
    Warrior Casey Chapter completed: Warrior Casey and her band’s outfits, Streak Guardian+ Power, Casey’s McSwain Snake guitar and bass.
    Casey’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Casey, Spirit Casey’s McSwain Snake Ghost guitar and bass.
    Warrior Axel Chapter completed: Warrior Axel and his band’s outfits, Resurrection+ Power, Axel’s Sacryfyce guitar and bass.
    Axel’s Chapter dominated: Spirit Axel, Spirit Axel’s Sacryfyce Ghost guitar and bass.
    Final Battle complete: Demigod of Rock, The Beast Dethroned Quickplay+ venue, The Demigod’s setlist, All-Powerful Power to Dominate other chapters.
    Demigod’s Chapter dominated: Demigod of Rock Spirit, The Legendary Ghost guitar and bass.

Reach the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding bonus:

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    Rank 2: Guitar: NSFT Glass
    Rank 3: Video Gallery: Neversoft Logos
    Rank 4: Wormhole
    Rank 5: Guitar: CBGB Guitar
    Rank 6: Art Gallery: Axel Steel
    Rank 7: Accessories: Angels Wings
    Rank 8: Guitar: NFST Resonator
    Rank 9: Art Gallery: Judy Nails
    Rank 10: Extra: Color Shuffle
    Rank 11: Bass: Music Man Stingray
    Rank 12: Art Gallery: Johnny Napalm
    Rank 13: Rocker: Eddie Knox
    Rank 14: Guitar: Ibanez ICT
    Rank 15: Art Gallery: Casey Lynch
    Rank 16: Accessories: Kat Babe & Simian
    Rank 17: Guitar: Daisy Rock Wildwood
    Rank 18: Art Gallery: Pandora 1
    Rank 19: Extra: Air Instruments
    Rank 20: Guitar: PRS 305
    Rank 21: Art Gallery: Pandora 2
    Rank 22: Drumsticks: Regal Tip Sticks
    Rank 23: Guitar: NSFT Tiki
    Rank 24: Art Gallery: Lars Umlat
    Rank 25: Cheat: All HOPOs
    Rank 26: Bass: NSFT Glass
    Rank 27: Art Gallery: Clive Winston
    Rank 28: Rocker: Izzy Sparks
    Rank 29: Guitar: BC Rich Eagle
    Rank 30: Art Gallery: Austin Tejas
    Rank 31: Drumsticks: Zildjian 5B Red
    Rank 32: Bass: Schecter Riot
    Rank 33: Art Gallery: Eddie Knox
    Rank 34: Accessories: Gas Mask
    Rank 35: Guitar: Music Man Luke
    Rank 36: Art Gallery: Echo Tesla
    Rank 37: Cheat: Note Shuffle
    Rank 38: Guitar: McSwain Nemesis
    Rank 39: Art Gallery: Izzy Sparks
    Rank 40: Venue: Hypersphere
    Rank 41: Guitar: ESP Phoenix
    Rank 42: Art Gallery: Midori
    Rank 43: Rocker: Clive Winston
    Rank 44: Guitar: BC Rich Mocking Bird
    Rank 45: Art Gallery: Quincy Styles
    Rank 46: Cheat: Mirror Mode
    Rank 47: Guitar: PRS Mira X
    Rank 48: Art Gallery: Demi/God of Rock
    Rank 49: Accessories: The Aviator & CPL Rawkette
    Rank 50: Guitar: Daisy Rock Stardust
    Rank 51: Art Gallery: Lou
    Rank 52: Extra: Invisible Rockers
    Rank 53: Guitar: McSwain M
    Rank 54: Art Gallery: Misc Characters
    Rank 55: Drumsticks: Zildjian Rock Black
    Rank 56: Bass: Ibanez BTB
    Rank 57: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Guitars 1
    Rank 58: Rocker: Minotaur
    Rank 59: Guitar: PRS Torero
    Rank 60: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Guitars 2
    Rank 61: Cheat: All taps
    Rank 62: Guitar: NSFT Casket
    Rank 63: Art Gallery: GHWOR Guitars
    Rank 64: Bass: NSFT Elephant
    Rank 65: Guitar: Schecter Synyster
    Rank 66: Video Gallery: BH/World Tour Lightshows
    Rank 67: Extra: HUD-Free Mode
    Rank 68: Guitar: Schecter Corsair Guitar
    Rank 69: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 5 Lightshows Video
    Rank 70: Bass: Ibanez ICB
    Rank 71: Character: Arthas Menethil and Frostmourne
    Rank 72: Guitar: NSFT V-Twin
    Rank 73: Video Gallery: Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Lightshows
    Rank 74: Extra: Focus Mode
    Rank 75: Bass: NSFT Aristillus
    Rank 76: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Highways 1
    Rank 77: Accessories: Friedrich’s Helm
    Rank 78: Guitar: PRS Swamp Ash Narrowfield
    Rank 79: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Highways 2
    Rank 80: Bass: NSFT Tiki
    Rank 81: Guitar: ESP NV
    Rank 82: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Highways 1
    Rank 83: Accessories: Slimy
    Rank 84: Guitar: CBGB Custom Deluxe
    Rank 85: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Highways 2
    Rank 86: Bass: Music Man Big Al
    Rank 87: Guitar: NSFT Acoustic
    Rank 88: Gallery: Guitar Hero 3 Venues
    Rank 89: Bass: Music Man Bongo
    Rank 90: Guitar: NSFT Banjo
    Rank 91: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Venues 1
    Rank 92: Accessories: Clown & Chicken
    Rank 93: Guitar: BC Rich Bich
    Rank 94: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero World Tour Venues 2
    Rank 95: Accessories: Top Hat
    Rank 96: Bass: NSFT Smoke
    Rank 97: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 5 Venues 1
    Rank 98: Accessories: Longhorn & Succubus
    Rank 99: Bass: NSFT Chainsaw Zombie
    Rank 100: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero 5 Venues 2
    Rank 101: Cheat: Performance Mode
    Rank 102: Bass: Sk8 Bass
    Rank 103: Accessories: Mr. and Mrs. Smuggypus
    Rank 104: Guitar: NSFT Sk8Brd
    Rank 105: Bass: Claude
    Rank 106: Art Gallery: Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock Venues
    Rank 107: Bass: NSFT Casket
    Rank 108: Accessories: Neversoft Eyeball
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