Halo 2 Anniversary Rumored to Drop This November

Halo 2 Anniversary Rumored to Drop This November

[ NOTE: The author suggests that you use Ctrl+F “ Halo ” when reading ancillary links to find related citations.]

Supposed insider knowledge regarding an HD remake of Halo 2 has claimed that such a sequel to 2011’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is currently in the works, according to users familiar with such matters on NeoGAF . Halo 2 Anniversary is said to drop this coming November, which coincides with the original Halo 2’s launch back in 2004.

Some of these claims have been partially verified by sources of CVG , but a lot of the claims still remain largely up in the air in terms of legitimacy. After searching through the NeoGAF post myself with Ctrl+F “ Halo ” and “ Halo 2 ”, which in and of itself is a conglomeration of quotes from different topics and subjects and, to me, isn’t that easily navigable, some of the NeoGAF replies are claiming that this Halo 2 Anniversary will include Beta access to 343 Industry’s next-gen Halo and will also run at 1080p , but are unsure as to if it’ll run at 60 frames per second, or if it’ll have multiplayer.

What’s more, there will apparently be another live-action show based in the Halo universe, which isn’t the one Steven Spielberg is producing (the claim being that it’ll be more like Forward Unto Dawn ), and there will also apparently be an alternate ending–either to Halo 2 or the supposed live-action show was unspecified.

Furthermore, there will apparently be two versions of Halo 2 Anniversary : the Collectors Edition, which will include the Beta access and the Halo live-action show, and the War Collection, which includes the contents of the Collectors Edition and Xbox One ports of Halo 3 and 4 . I couldn’t find mention of a PC port, only suggestions.

There’s concern among the NeoGAF users of the post that this supposed Halo 2 Anniversary will clash with 343i’s next Halo , so now there seem to be a debate about whether or not the next Halo will be/has been delayed, and that this Halo 2 Anniversary is the pickmeup. However, there is the possibility that this may actually be a thing, because the head of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer told IGN in an interview that there have been “discussions about it”.

CVG reached out to Microsoft for further comment, but the company declined. This all seems a bit too good to be true to me, so I’m going to take this with a grain of salt, even though I do wish it to be true. You may also do so if you wish.

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