Halo Franchise to be Around for Another 30 Years?

Halo Franchise to be Around for Another 30 Years?

343 Industry’s general manager, Bonnie Ross, has revealed during an interview that she’s hoping that the Halo franchise will still be kicking around for a very long period of time, as she’s looking to have the sci-fi first-person shooter last for another 30 years.

In speaking with Bloomberg, Ross recalled when 343 Industries was being formed, describing that it was “the most challenging thing [she’s] ever done.” By the time the studio was established (back in 2007), the Halo franchise had already been around for six years, and Ross wanted to make sure the newly-formed developer could take the IP and “go another three decades” with it.

In order to do this, part of that mission statement is to make sure Halo has diverse “characters that people can identify [with]: heroic females and heroic males.”

Ross also explained that it’s really important to 343 Industries to bring on “young female talent” into key roles, inferring that women in high-tier jobs will help inspire more women to join the creative industries. “I t’s important to have leadership roles across the industry that people can aspire to,” she added.

Ross didn’t go into detail of how exactly both 343 Industries and Microsoft will support the Halo franchise for the next 30 years. For now, it’s presumed that the series will continue with Halo 5: Guardians and titles thereafter.

GameSpot has since confirmed with Microsoft that Ross’ hopes of Halo being around for 30 years relates to both the Halo franchise itself and the longevity of the 343 Industries studio.

[ Source(s): Bloomberg ]

[ Via: GameSpot ]

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