Halo Infinite Delayed, Sam Fisher Joining Rainbow Six Siege

Halo Infinite Delayed, Sam Fisher Joining Rainbow Six Siege

Halo Infinite Delayed Until 2021

Halo Infinite, which was originally scheduled to launch alongside the Xbox Series X, is going to be delayed until 2021.

Chris Lee, the studio head for the Halo Infinite team at 343 Industries, says that the delay is meant to ensure that they are able to create the game they envision. He also reported that, “The decision to shift our release is the result of multiple factors that have contributed to development challenges, including the ongoing COVID-related impacts affecting us all this year.” Earlier this year, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s Xbox chief, suggested that this might happen.

With COVID-19 complicating production on many games, which often require collaboration between large teams, this sort of delay might become a regular thing as studios endeavor to adapt. Bungie, the company who originally created Halo, also had to delay their upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, for example. At the very least, 343 Industries will now have time to implement recent feedback they received for the title.

Source: The Verge

Sam Fish from Splinter Cell is Joining the Rainbow Six Siege Roster

Rainbow Six Siege, the incredibly popular shooter that seems to keep on growing with the years, will be receiving a new operator in its lineup; Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell fame.

This is all part of Rainbow Six Siege’s next season, Operation Shadow Legacy. It isn’t clear at the moment whether or not the character will be called Sam Fisher in the game, as it doesn’t necessarily fit well with the names of some of the other operators. Current speculation is that he might also be called “Zero,” which was a name featured in the announcement video. Alternatively, Zero could be a new operator.

This announcement was prefaced by a potential leak earlier in the game that also suggested that Sam would use a small camera as a special tool. His inclusion is consistent with the trend of him having cameo roles and not featuring in any of his own games as of late. Hopefully that trend changes soon and he can have cameos and a main role in the near future.

Source: Forbes

Bioshock 4 Might Feature an Entirely New Setting

The first three Bioshock games were loved for many reasons, but one of the best things about them were their unique, fully realized settings. The newest game might have a unique setting of its own if recent job listings posted by Cloud Chamber, the studio working on the next game, are any indication.

The postings mention a “new and fantastical world.” This would mean that players might not be returning to Rapture, the underwater utopia gone wrong, or Colombia, the airborne utopia gone wrong. These two settings exist in the same universe, though, and players do briefly visit Rapture in Bioshock Infinite and its expansion Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea even though the game primarily took place in its own unique location called Colombia. That means that these settings could also be present in a new game.

Of course, the other possibility is that these listings aren’t even for the next Bioshock game. It’s a fun thing to think about, though. What might you like to see in the next Bioshock game?

Source: IGN

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