Harmonix Pulls a Scrooge, Lays Off Employees Before Christmas

According to Joystiq, a number of Harmonix employees were recently laid off, right before the Holiday season. Harmonix cited the cause as “shifting staffing priorities for Harmonix’s multiple future project.” I wonder if they are also OK if people die due to hunger to decrease the surplus population.

It is currently unclear how many Harmonix employees were let go, however we do know that Dan Crislip, former sound designer for Rock Band, is one of them.

Seriously Harmonix? You couldn’t have at least waited until after New Year’s? Dick move guys. Dick move. Don’t blame us if you are visited by three ghosts this holiday season: the ghosts of Lenny Kravitz, Jerry Garcia, and Kurt Cobain. Man, we really want to make this into a movie now.

The studio is currently working on a Disney project, Fantasia: Music Evolved . They also possibly have a more traditional combat focused game in the works.

Source: Joystiq

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