Head of Xbox Thinks RTS will Re-surge on Consoles

Head of Xbox Thinks RTS will Re-surge on Consoles

Microsoft’s newly-made head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter on Sunday, May 18 and teased some information as to what the company might be thinking of revealing at E3 and what it might be thinking for the future.

The topic of this particular tease is of course the possible resurgence of real-time strategy games on consoles, something you don’t really see nowadays. When one person asked Spencer via Twitter on “ which now-marginalized genres do you think might see a resurgence this gen? ”, he responded simply with “ RTS on console.

Whether this is an actual implication or suggestion as to what Microsoft is developing under the hood remains up for speculation, but in amongst other things regarding E3 and the company’s progress of developing an Xbox One controller for PC , he also revealed that his favorite game is Halo 2 , a game in which he shared his speculation of the rumored Halo 2 Anniversary a while back , specifically its multiplayer.

The first and last Halo RTS title that appeared on consoles–specifically the Xbox 360–was Halo Wars , a prequel to the series that came around back in 2009, and the game ended on a pretty obvious cliffhanger. Sadly, the studio that developed the game, Ensemble Studios, which also developed the Age of Empires and Age of Mythology series, became defunct during the same year.

Could there be a sequel in the works? Quite possibly, but that is speculation. Considering E3 is in early June, we don’t have to wait very long until we can find out for sure–give it a few weeks.

In regards to E3, Spencer admitted that the recent announcements regarding Xbox One and Xbox Live were to save time at the actual event, explaining that he wanted to make the show entertaining and thus some things needed to be announced earlier. He also revealed that there will be more announcements on the way prior to E3.

Furthermore, Spencer is feeling pretty confident about Microsoft’s line-up for E3, saying that it is–despite a couple of things–all coming together. Surprisingly, he also revealed that he is very focused on PC right now , but probably won’t have anything to share during E3–but things may come around during the summer.

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