Heroes of the Storm’s Progression System to be Overhauled

Heroes of the Storm’s Progression System to be Overhauled

As detailed on Battle.net on Friday, July 18, Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm is scheduled to soon have its progression system completely overhauled, as well as also receive improvements to its Hero Quests, Player Profiles and more.

Many of the changes that we’ve decided to include in this patch were made entirely because of the feedback that the Heroes community has shared with us on the official forums, ” writes Blizzard in its announcement post on the matter. “ Thank you very much for your help during Tech Alpha testing thus far; we’re looking forward to hearing much more from all of you in the future so that we can continue to make Heroes the best game it can possibly be.

The game’s revamped Player Profile will be where Heroes of the Storm’s Leveling System will be housed once the next Tech Alpha patch comes around. You can can view your progress by clicking on your profile portrait, where several new tabs will be added to the profile screen’s left-hand side. These new tabs have been detailed below, courtesy of Blizzard.

  • Hero Progress: Use this tab to track of the Experience Points and Rewards you’ve earned by playing games with each Hero.

  • Rewards: Here, you’ll be able to see which Leveling System Rewards you’ve earned, as well as those you have yet to unlock.

  • Daily Quests: Select this tab to keep an eye on which Daily Quests are currently available to you.

Profile Summary and Match History will still be disabled during the game’s Tech Alpha testing, and they will not be unlocked with this forthcoming update.

As for the overhauled progression system, changes will be coming Hero Rewards, as well as how you level up and what rewards you’ll receive for leveling up in the game.

As it stands, the new Hero Rewards will be adjusted from the current Rewards system, which is applicable for each Hero in Heroes of the Storm , so the more you play with the one character the more rewards you’ll receive.

Hero Progress and Hero Quests will be replaced with Hero Levels, which keep track of each Hero you have played as you earn experience, level them up and unlock new rewards. What’s more, you’ll no longer earn experience toward your Hero progress after you reach level 10; you’ll be able to level up your Hero right from the get-go.

The Hero Rewards as it’ll be once the Tech Alpha patch comes arounds will be as detailed below, courtesy of Blizzard.

  • Heroic Ability: Following the patch, each Hero will begin with one Heroic Ability, and the second can be unlocked by reaching Level 2.

  • Talents: Talents are no longer completely unlocked for all Heroes at once by achieving player level 8. Instead, each Hero begins with two Talent choices available at each tier of in-game Talent selection. Six additional Talents, one for each tier, can be unlocked by reaching Hero Level 3. All of a Hero’s remaining Talents will become available at Hero level 4.

  • Hero Portraits: Hero Portraits are now unlocked on an individual basis by reaching level 6 with each Hero. Upon reaching Level 9, you’ll unlock that Hero’s Master Portrait, which features a shiny golden border.

  • Skin Variations: At levels 7 and 8, you’ll unlock Skin variations. With these, each Skin you own (including a Hero’s base model) offers three different options for customizing the look of your Hero in-game, for free!

  • Mount Variations : Mount variations will unlock at Hero levels 6 and 9. Much like Skin variations, Mount variations allow you to customize the steeds you ride into combat.

  • Master Skin: At level 10, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase a Hero’s Master Skin with Gold, which you can use to show off your prowess with that Hero in-game. Just like other Skins, a Master Skin features two variations, which you’ll have already unlocked by reaching level 10. This means that once you’ve purchased a Hero’s Master Skin, you’ll immediately be able to use its variations in-game.

Taking a look at the Rewards tab above, you can see that our next patch will bring a host of changes to Leveling System Rewards in Heroes of the Storm . As before, you can still earn Gold by leveling up, and you’ll receive 1,000 Gold for reaching levels 2 and 4, ” Blizzard wrote when outlining the changes to how players will level up in the game following the patch.

We’ve also made a few changes to the rewards unlocked at levels 8, and 10. Not only have we moved the free Hero rotation slot reward from level 7 to level 8, but we’ve also added a second slot that you can unlock by reaching level 10. This means that you’ll be able to choose from among seven free rotation Heroes for any given game, at any time!

What’s more, once the next Tech Alpha patch releases, more rewards will be added so players will have something to look forward to once they go above level 10, specifically in terms of additional Gold. A new feature to the game, “Artifacts”, was also teased, but information that will be detailed later, according to Blizzard.

Additionally, we read feedback from a number of players who mentioned that they’d like to see rewards added above level 10, so we’ve added a 2,000 Gold reward to level 12, and levels 20, 25, 30, and 35 now offer 3,000 Gold each! You may have also noticed an ‘Artifacts’ reward pictured at level 15 above, but we’ll have much more information to share on that in the coming days, ” Blizzard added.

You can read the full patch notes of Heroes of the Storm’s forthcoming Tech Alpha update via the source link below. We’ll bring you more news on the game should further information reach our ears.

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