Humble Bundle’s DRM-Freedom Sale discounts Games up to 85%

Humble Bundle’s DRM-Freedom Sale discounts Games up to 85%

As brought to my attention via a PR email from Humble Bundle on Thursday, July 3, the charity-focused videogame distributor has started its Humble Store DRM-Freedom Sale as of 10am Pacific Daylight Time on the same day.

Lasting until Wednesday, July 16, 10am Pacific Daylight Time, the DRM-Freedom Sale discounts games with up to 85 percent off of their original price tag across Windows, Mac and Linux. Additionally, Steam access for select discounted games will also be available.

As it is titled the “DRM-Freedom Sale”, the games on sale will be able to be played without having to worry about the Digital Rights Management of said games’ distributor.

10 percent of all the purchases made during the DRM-Freedom sale will be contributed towards selected charities, which has been listed below.

  • American Red Cross

  • Child’s Play Charity

  • Electronic Frontier Foundation

  • World Land Trust

  • Charity:water

The DRM-Freedom Sale’s discounts refresh after several hours, bringing in a new rotation of discounted games until the sale’s next rotation.

At the time of writing, the total number of the Humble Store’s sales has generated $1,026,332 to be contributed to the above charities. Also at the time of writing, the sale’s current discounted games have been detailed below. Please apply each game’s pricing to your regional equivalents.

  • Rogue Legacy : was £8.99, now £2.49

  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall : was £8.99, now £3.49

  • Game Dev Tycoon : was £5.99, now £2.49

  • The Novelist : was £8.99, now £2.49

  • Trine 2: Complete Story : was £13.99, now £1.39

  • Hotline Miami : was £5.99, now £1.19

  • Hero Siege : was £3.49, now £0.59

  • Gnomoria (Early Access) : was £4.99, now £1.19

  • DLC Quest : was £4.99, now £0.49

  • The Swapper : was £8.99, now £1.99

  • Knytt Underground : was £4.99, now £0.99

Back in late-June, we established that the Humble Store reached the milestone of raising $1 million for charity since it launched back in November, 2013.

In November 2013, we cut the digital ribbon on the Humble Store and humbly launched with nine games at incredible discounts, ” Humble Bundle wrote in a statement. “ As part of our commitment to charity, 10% of every sale is allocated toward several great causes. Through our Debut Sale, Winter and Spring Sales and more than 500 titles later, the $1 million milestone has been reached and we have you to thank.

We’ll bring you more news on Humble Bundle sales should further information reach our ears.

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