Hyrule Warriors’ character roster Detailed

Hyrule Warriors’ character roster Detailed

As put together by Game Informer on Monday, July 14, the character roster for Nintendo’s upcoming Hyrule Warriors has been detailed, revealing that heroes such as Link, Zelda, Impa and more will feature in the game.

The list of characters (there are eight so far) have been detailed below, courtesy of Game Informer.

  • Link: The Hero of Time, Link is a master of both swords and staves. He can wield his trusty Master Sword, using his signature spin attack to take out surrounding enemies.

  • Impa: Once portrayed as a frail, elderly nanny in the original Legend of Zelda , Hyrule Warriors’ Impa draws most heavily from the fierce guardian incarnation of Skyward Sword . Her movements are much more deliberate than Link’s, throwing her weight into each swing of her giant blade.

  • Zelda: The princess of Hyrule, Zelda brings both rapier and arrows of light into combat. Her movements are quick and swift, using the Triforce of wisdom and spells like Farore’s Wind to finish off hordes of foes.

  • Midna: The princess of Twilight, Midna returns to cause some mischief on the battlefield. She rides atop a twilit wolf, who delivers lighter attacks, while she uses her ponytail and fused shadow relic on her crown to deal heavy damage.

  • Agitha : Who would’ve thought that someone with a hobby as innocuous as bug collecting could take on Poes? Agitha fights with her parasol in hand,  summoning bugs to fend off enemies.

  • Zant: The Usurper King slithers onto the scene with a scimitar in each hand. Whether he uses his previously seen abilities, like teleportation and energy blasts, remains to be seen.

  • Lana: A brand new, tome-wielding character, this blue-haired mage looks to bring a new twist on the crossover adventure. Lana conjures translucent blocks to squash her enemies and aid in acrobatics, shattering them with her magic to damage enemies with its shards. She figures into the story as a foil for antagonist Cia.

  • Fi: Link’s faithful companion from Skyward Sword , Fi is the spirit of the Goddess Sword incarnate, which Link and Fi would go on to forge into the Master Sword itself. Fi dances around the battlefield damaging enemies with magical pirouette strikes and transforms into the Goddess Sword to land finishing blows.

According to Game Informer, Link will be able to wield the classic fire rod, which acts as both a projectile weapon and a close-range flamethrower. Furthermore, as well as the familiar green tunic, Link’s attire also includes the Twilight Princess version of the Zora’s tunic. Also from Twilight Princess , Link will also be able to wield his ball and chain weapon, which is used to deal out crushing damage to enemies within a wide radius.

Hyrule Warriors was one of two Zelda games that were showcased at this year’s E3. The other Zelda title, currently coined as Zelda Wii U , boasts a large world in which to explore, but Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t prefer to describe the game as “open world” .

We’ve also established that Zelda Wii U’s E3 trailer has been confirmed to be in-game footage , according to the company’s Eiji Aonuma.

Hyrule Warriors is slated to release first in Japan on thursday, August 14 for the Wii U. European, Australian and North American releases follow up a month later on Friday, September 19, Saturday, September 20 and Friday, September 26 respectively, also for the Wii U.

We’ll bring you more Zelda -related new should further information reach our ears.

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