Indie Game: The Movie Will Be Distributed On Steam

Indie Game: The Movie Will Be Distributed On Steam


Is Steam expanding into movie territory? Probably not, but there is one particularly interesting exception.

Indie Game: The Movie , a documentary about indie games, their development process, and the lives of their developers, will be distributed on Steam starting next month. This is the first full-length movie available to download through the service.

Indie Game: The Movie follows the creators of Braid, Super Meat Boy, and Fez. Should the movie be received well, perhaps we might actually see Steam extend itself into other video game-related pictures. There are tons of indie documentaries out there about video game development, the video game community, and what it means to be a gamer in our current society. I would love to see Steam pick up a few of these to get them greater exposure.

Oh, and yes, you can pre-order to movie in order to save some cash on it. The movie releases on June 12th, but pre-ordering it now will save you 10%.

Digital distribution is apparently the wave of the future for all kinds of media.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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