Inferno Legend Begins Closed Beta Testing Today

Inferno Legend Begins Closed Beta Testing Today

Closed Beta Testing for the  highly anticipated anti-Diablo-like Inferno Legend , an MMO by Chinese developer Gamebox, has started today.

Inferno Legend is a turn-based MMORPG that is said to be Diablo-like , but not. More accurately it is claimed to be the reverse of Diablo (at least in terms of its story), where players take on the role of the “devil” and fight alongsid e Diablo, Mephisto and others against the supposedly “hypocritical” Angels and the Human’s invasion into the Hell. With just that short description alone, I’m already interested in this game. What’s also interesting about this game is that it simultaneously syncs with its micro-client, web browser and mobile device variants, allowing players to continue where the left off at anytime from anywhere.

There are five classes available to choose from within Inferno Legend , and the overworld for the game is a bit interesting too. The world is suspended in midair and consists of hexagonal bricks that only appear one by one whenever a player steps on the brick prior. This leaves the player traveling an unknown path, which could to lead to anything: loot, a boss, or nothing at all. There’s even enemy bricks, item bricks, recover bricks, and random-event bricks–all of which are initiated whenever you step on them, I assume.

As for the classes: you can play from a small selection of monstrous, undead, living and demonic beings, which are listed below:

  • Vampire: Has noble blood and is a killer at night. They can learn swordsmanship and black magic. Vampires are good at attacking in advance. The abilities are well balanced.

  • Mummy: Pharaoh of the ancient fallen civilization, they can control the servant-monsters and spread curses.

  • Cyclops: A giant and robust race with the extra ability of launching light beams from their eyes.

  • Faerie: The race that protects the source of magic in Hell. They are both nifty and naive.

  • Samurai: The soul of the loyal and brave warriors. The master of swordsmanship when alive and combine it with magic when dead.

Inferno Legend will be in Closed Beta until December 17, and the accounts of those participating will not be wiped when the game enters Open Beta.

Source: Press release.

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