Infogrames to Reincarnate as Atari?


It wasn’t too long ago that the American gaming pioneer Atari was purchased by French gaming publisher Infogrames. Atari has since been slumping hard and has recorded a series of bad losses. Nevertheless, Infogrames CEO David Gardner feels that the Atari brand is strong enough that Infogrames should actually abandon their name and re-brand themselves as Atari.

The news is still unconfirmed, but it may be a likely scenario considering all of the changes both companies have been going through. The appointment of David Gardner as CEO and that of Phil Harrison as President has brought a new corporate culture to the company. We will have to wait and see if a completely new image will help to bring the company the kind of success the executive duo and shareholders expect. The release of Alone in the Dark this summer should tell them if the move is viable.

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