Katana Zero DLC: The Samurai Upgrade You Need to Experience.

Katana Zero DLC: The Samurai Upgrade You Need to Experience.

Katana Zero DLC’s Mysterious DLC is not what you would expect in this time-twisting game.

LEAVE NO SURVIVORS. That is the tagline of this bloody game. Take control of The Dragon, a samurai ordered by a mysterious organization to assassinate select targets, but whoever stands between you and them is just another chance to test your steel. But be warned, there are foul forces afoot, and time itself seems to be working against you.

Katana Zero Summary

Katana Zero was released on the PC, Mac, Switch, and then later the Xbox One and PlayStation. This game lets the player take control of the nameless samurai known only as The Dragon in a Neo-Noir City. The gameplay is you planning out your attack, using time to slow down enemies, the environment, and more! There are just two catches. The first is that every enemy dies in one hit, and the second is, so do you. You’ve got to plan your route carefully.

Katana Zero DLC 

Katana Zero’s DLC, called Katana Heroes, is a bit…strange, even by the standards of this game. Take control of the Spirt Hunter, who looks exactly like The Dragon from the base game. As said on the official Twitter/X profile: “A new villain is on the loose! Only one Spirit Hunter can protect the city from Dr. Edo and his legion of evil spirits. Take up the blade once more!”

….No, this isn’t the actual DLC. This is just an April’s Fool joke that made the base game a bit more zany. There are no new extra modes or features, just an odder story than others. Truthfully, the DLC is still very much in development, and as such, there is not much known about it. Save one important fact: it is taking so long because it is much, much larger than the developers anticipated.

 Is Katana Zero;s DLC worth the money? 

So, with the DLC still in development, and based on the game alone, will the DLC be worth the money? Well, to be perfectly frank, yes. It will be, because the DLC is going to be released for free. That’s right! You don’t have to pay a cent to play the DLC when it comes out. So even if you’re a casual fan of the game, this means you can enjoy that much more without having to spend any additional money on it.

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