King of the Hobos Coming in 2009*

King of the Hobos Coming in 2009*


Cheat Code Central is entering the video game industry from the front door this time. Instead of discovering and disseminating cheat codes for existing games, Cheat CC will actually use codes to create its very first video game. It’s the company’s first venture into this market. Spearheaded by former CEO Arty Hackery, the game is entitled, King of the Hobos and is scheduled for a Fall release in 2008.

In King of the Hobos, players will choose a character that is down on his luck, and by hopping a boxcar for parts unknown, attempt to seek his fortune in the world. The game will be filled with all kind of trials, tribulations, and the kinds of adventures that only a hobo can have. So pack your bag on the end of a stick and get ready to ride the rails.

Hackery claims that Cheat CC has some of the best and brightest talents in the gaming industry including writers, reviewers, editors, beta testers, former game developers, and even a former hobo that now works in the email department. “It’s only natural that we tap into the talent that we have here at Cheat CC,” explains Hackery. “Our reviewers are extremely critical. Who better to test ideas on than people who hate everything?”

Hackery claims that there is a big difference between a hobo and a bum. “It’s very important that people know the difference between a hobo and a bum,” Hackery explains. “A hobo is actually a migrant worker. He travels from location to location looking for work. A true hobo would never accept a free handout. On the other hand, a bum is lazy and doesn’t want to work. He sits around on his bum, hence the name. I originally thought that the hobos should kill the bums in this game but then someone said we would have to change the title to Vigilante Vagrants and I didn’t like the sound of that. I come from a very deep and proud hobo lineage, and I want to represent hobos in the best possible light. It may be hard to believe but it was actually hobos that built this country. They still exist to this day. There are hobos among us,” Hackery continues. “But these hobos-of-the-future travel along the information superhighway, usually on someone else’s wireless connection. They do odd intern jobs for people all around the world such as defragmenting, data mining, and of course web designs. You can always tell a hobo because he uses a Mac,” Hackery adds.

The premise of the game is not to collect the most money or food, but to be able to collect the most for the least amount of work. Hobos only take what they need. They don’t have a large inventory. They enjoy living free, traveling light, and seeing the world. They can’t be overloaded. To earn the title King of the Hobos, the player must squeeze the maximum amount of enjoyment from life while avoiding beatings from cops, vicious dogs, food poisoning, long-term employment, the love of a good woman, children, frostbite, and tooth decay.

“The life of a hobo can be quite glorious,” says Hackery, “But you’ve still got to remember to brush your teeth.”

*This article is presented as an exclusive Cheat Code Central feature titled “Are you dumb enough to believe this?” Please check back each Friday for the newest edition.

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