Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for PlayStation 4 (PS4)

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Secret horse armor

Horse armor is extremely rare in the game. There is currently only one known location it can be obtained. The armor is for the head of the horse, and increases defense when equipped. It also looks nice aesthetically on the horse. To find the horse armor, travel into the deep woods east of Ledetchko. Navigate around the cliffs until you can reach the upper edges of the tall cliffside. On the edge is a dead horse in a giant nest. You can see the nest from below. Navigate up and around to the nest, then use the bushes to jump into the nest. You can actually stand on bushes for a moment before sinking. Loot the nest to get the horse armor.

Getting powerful armor and sword early

To get a full set of plate armor and a powerful sword (worth approximately 10,000 coin) early in the game, travel to the town of Neuhof. From the town, travel north and then east from the fork in the road until you reach an abandoned camp on the left, at the following location . There is an unlocked chest in the camp that contains a full set of St. George Plate Armor and the Sword of St. George. The chest and camp are actually a specific location you will reach later in the story. During the “Epilogue” quest at the end of the game, you will meet an NPC at this camp. That is when you are meant to collect this powerful set of armor. However, it is possible to arrive at this location at any point in the game and find the chest. This armor makes early parts of the game much easier to complete.

Queen Of Sheba sword piece locations

To start the Queen Of Sheba sword quest, talk to Zach the swordsmith in Sasau. Collect all five pieces of the Queen Of Sheba sword in the following locations to unlock it:

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    1. In a chest near the stairs on the second floor of the blacksmith’s building in Rattay.

    2. Obtained from the Pickman of Skalitz in Rattay. Successfully complete the “Aquarius” quest, then talk to him after selecting him for water/dung duty.

    3. Pickpocket a piece from Zach in Sasau.

    4. Buy a piece from the blacksmith in Ledetchko.

    5. Go to the blacksmith’s house east of the tanner in Talmberg. The final piece can be found on top of a barrel in the second room on your left.

All treasure locations

Search the indicated locations to find all 30 treasures in the game. The following video guide shows the locations and solutions for all treasures in numerical order. To locate the treasures, you do not actually need the maps. You can go straight to the treasure locations and they will be there. Thus, just follow the locations in the video to avoid having to spend the required money to purchase the maps. Before starting, make sure to get a spade and some lockpicks. The spade is found at Rattay Mill after the “Homecoming” (third) main quest (shown at start of video). Lockpicks can be purchased from many merchants. You can collect all treasures after completing the “Homecoming” main quest, as the entire map will be accessible. However, some treasures require a high lockpicking skill. You can also drink a padfoot potion to increase your lockpicking by five levels for 10 minutes. If you concentrate on just the ones that require a spade, easy lockpicks, or no tools, you will get approximately 10,000 Groschen in 2-3 hours. Resell all the armor you do not need to make a lot of Groschen fast. This is the quickest way to make money in the game and also gives the best armor pieces early in the game. The Ancient treasures are available even without the “Treasures Of The Past” DLC. The DLC is only required to unlock their maps, but the treasures will also be in the game if you do not own the DLC. If you want a quick headstart, go for Ancient Treasure III and Treasure XV, as those are the best.

Ancient Treasures

    1. I – 0:31 (Spade)
    2. II – 1:09 (No Requirement)
    3. III – 1:39 (Spade)
    4. IV – 2:18 (Lockpick – Easy)
    5. V – 2:59 (Lockpick – Very Hard)

Normal Treasures

    1. I – 3:28 (Lockpick – Hard)
    2. II – 4:10 (Spade)
    3. III – 4:45 (Lockpick – Very Hard)
    4. IV – 5:08 (Lockpick – Very Hard)
    5. V – 5:26 (No Requirement)
    6. VI – 5:50 (Lockpick – Hard)
    7. VII – 6:08 (Lockpick – Easy)
    8. VIII – 6:39 (No Requirement)
    9. IX – 7:01 (No Requirement)
    10. X – 7:25 (Spade)
    11. XI – 7:57 (No Requirement)
    12. XII – 8:25 (Lockpick – Hard)
    13. XIII – 8:52 (Lockpick – Easy)
    14. XIV – 9:26 (Spade)
    15. XV – 9:57 (Spade)
    16. XVI – 10:34 (Spade)
    17. XVII – 10:52 (Spade)
    18. XVIII – 11:32 (Lockpick – Easy)
    19. XIX – 12:11 (Spade)
    20. XX – 12:50 (Lockpick – Easy)
    21. XXI – 13:21 (Lockpick – Very Hard)
    22. XXII – 14:36 (No Requirement)
    23. XXIII – 14:56 (No Requirement)
    24. XIV – 15:25 (Spade)
    25. XV – 16:03 (Spade)

Easy XP

Find a NPC that will not respond. Knock them out and drag their body behind a barn or some area no one will see you. Use your fists to keep hitting them for easy and fast XP. It is recommended to have enough money to pay off the bounty if you are caught. Otherwise, just put all your loot inside inventory somewhere, then go to jail to restore your reputation. One place you can do this is in the village of Sasau. Find the gravedigger and knock him out, then drag him into the water where his body will float and no one can see you. Stand so that he is level with your character, and you can punch him. You will keep getting Unarmed, Warfare, Vitality, Agility, and Strength XP while repeatedly punching him. Note: This can destroy your reputation. It is recommended to get the Infamous perk to raise your reputation faster. People will stop talking to you when you have a low reputation. Additionally, you can use weapons with this exploit, but it is a little trickier. Fists do not normally kill, but any of your weapons will. You have to find essential plot-important characters that cannot be killed. There are a few in every town and city, but they tend to live in areas that are hard to access secretly. Essential characters cannot be killed, so they will be knocked out by your attacks and will eventually get back up. It is much harder to stab essential NPCs in secret, so you are more likely to (eventually) get caught. If you worried about your reputation, use the Infamous perk to make it easier to increase your reputation, and only try this exploit in cities that do not really matter to you.

Easy money

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Stealing is by far the most lucrative method to earn money quickly in the game. Before trying to steal, make sure you have unlocked the ability to sell stolen goods. It is also recommended to get a horse to speed up travel times. The quieter towns with guards are a good place to start. Wait until dark and approach a guard from behind. Knock him out, loot all his gear, and sell it to a miller. Bailiff properties and noble residents usually contain very expensive items, such as goblets and plates –- all of which sell for a good amount of money. This works best when combined with haggling. Other good targets include armories, barracks, and stores.

Scattered throughout the game are various contests, such as the archery competition in Rattay. While you do not get a ton of money from it, the higher ranked tournaments do pay really well. It is also legal, so you do not have any of the risks or negative side effects of the thief lifestyle.

Easy haggling

First, get the Final Offer perk. To find this perk, navigate to the “Player” section of the menu. Go to “Stats” and find “Speech”. Expand it to see the Speech perks. You need Speech Level 4 to choose the Final Offer perk. Its description reads: “When a trader loses patience with you during haggling, you have one more chance to make another offer.” While this may not sound too great, it actually is very helpful. Once you have bought or sold your items, check your basket. You can see a Haggle button in the lower left corner. Hold the button to bargain on the price. Once you know how to haggle, simply use the Final Offer perk to maximize the benefit every time. When you are haggling with a merchant or someone else, immediately drop to the lowest (when buying) or highest (when selling) price available. The perk will automatically kick in and let you have another chance, but the merchant will now be offering the best possible price. This allows you to get discounts of 50% and better.

Easy archery contests

Stop your horse directly in front of your closest opponent, which is the best archer. If your horse is close enough to him (touching), he will not be able to raise his bow and shoot. You can also use a second horse to block the second archer. If you block both archers, just score a few points and wait for an hour to win the contest.

Easy Runt boss fight

Runt is the first boss in the game, and the fight takes place during the “Baptism Of Fire” main story quest. He is quite tough to defeat with a sword, but there is a much easier method. Simply use the bow against him instead of fighting with melee weapons. Use “Better Piercing Arrows” or other arrows with high damage. Perform headshots on him. When he is running in front of you, landing headshots is fairly easy. It takes roughly 10-12 body shots or 6-7 headshots with the Better Piercing Arrows to kill him. Make sure you are walking in circles around the wooden beam at the end of the house. He will have trouble attacking you there since the beam is in his way. He will sometimes perform a quick stab, but it does not inflict much damage. Do not run away from him, as he will catch up and perform a combo on you. Just walk slowly in circles around the wooden beam. It may take a few tries, but it is much easier than melee combat (he has 5-hit combos that drain your stamina quickly).

Easy “Casanova” trophy

You can do this any time after reaching the “Awakening” main quest in Rattay. Travel back to Talmberg and talk to Lady Stephanie on the upper floor of the Talmberg castle. She will give you the “At Your Service, My Lady” side quest. Successfully complete this quest (get her wine, a crown, and a horse), and Stephanie will offer you a shirt. Make sure to try on the shirt by selecting the “Alright” dialogue option. You will then get to court her and unlock the “Casanova” trophy. Note: You cannot do this during your first story related visit to Talmberg. When you meet Stephanie for the first time (story related), it does not matter what you say to her. After reaching Rattay, you can return to her at any point in the game.

Easy “Cavalier” trophy

After completing the first quest (after Skalitz gets raided), you must run down a hill to get away from the invaders. You are supposed to find a horse to ride to the neighboring town. On your way to the horse, you can hear a woman named Theresa screaming for help. Kill the soldiers surrounding her to get the “Cavalier” trophy. Note: If you go straight for the horse, you will miss this trophy.

Easy “Firestarter” trophy

At the start of the game, steal something from a food stand while others see you in Skalitz (village where the game begins). A guard will then come to arrest you. Tell the guard you have no money and agree to imprisonment for your crime. You will then you get a unique cutscene and unlock the “Firestarter” trophy.

Easy “Ginger” trophy

During the “Ginger In A Pickle” main quest, you must find three coal burner camps. While talking to the twins at the third camp, agree to kill the bandits for them (do not lie to them about having killed the bandits already). Then, go kill the bandits in the woods. Return to the charcoal burners and they will tell you where Ginger is. Talk to him, select the “Just go there and see what happens” dialogue option. Travel back to Neuhof and talk to Sir Radzig to complete the quest. Finally, advance time by 24 hours to make Ginger spawn in Neuhof. Talk to him to get the “Ginger” trophy.

Easy “McLovin” trophy

During the “Keeping The Peace” main quest in Rattay, you will have to talk to a guard called “Nightingale”. After talking to him, you will automatically unlock the “Courtship” side quest in your quest log. Successfully complete this quest to romance Theresa and get the “McLovin” trophy. Note: It does not matter if you save Theresa at the start of the game or not (“Cavalier” trophy), as she will still appear to rescue you later regardless.

Easy “Plague Doctor” trophy

The following video is a full walkthrough of “Pestilence” side quest for the “Plague Doctor” trophy (heal all the sick in Merhojed).

Easy “Sinner” trophy

In the “Mysterious Ways” main quest, you will hear from villagers that the Priest of Uzhitz has vital information for your quest. Go see him, and he will invite you to the tavern at night. After talking to the priest, advance time by waiting or sleep in a bed until nightfall. Then, go to the tavern by the Uzhitz church. Sit down with the Priest and always select the first dialogue option at the top. At the end, agree to drink with him (first dialogue option at the top). You will get a unique cutscene and unlock the “Sinner” trophy. If you do not go to the tavern, you can apologize to the priest to get a second chance. If you do not show up again, you will miss this trophy. Additionally, if you select the second dialogue choices in the tavern, you cannot get the trophy.


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

    Platinum Trophy (Platinum): Collect all trophies
    Completionist (Gold): Complete all quests.
    The End (Gold): Complete the main story line.
    Fighter (Silver): Carry out 100 combos in combat.
    Level Cap (Silver): Reach maximum level.
    Pilgrim (Silver): Find all wayside shrines and conciliatory crosses.
    Ranger (Silver): Walk more than 50 Km.
    Scrooge (Silver): Hoard 5,000 Groschen.
    Sniper (Silver): Kill 50 enemies with headshots.
    Thief (Silver): Steal things with a total value of 30,000 Groschen.
    Alcoholic (Bronze): Become addicted to alcohol.
    Anorectic (Bronze): Starve for three days.
    Bard (Bronze): Level up Speech to maximum.
    Bookworm (Bronze): Read twenty books.
    Convict (Bronze): Spend three days in prison.
    David Horak (Bronze): Collect 10,000 herbs.
    Edward Kelly (Bronze): Brew fifteen types of potion
    Fatso (Bronze): Be stuffed to bursting for two days.
    Gambler (Bronze): Win 1,000 Groschen in the dice minigame.
    Haggler (Bronze): Save 2000 Groschen by haggling.
    Hunter (Bronze): Bag fifty game animals.
    Insomniac (Bronze): Don’t sleep for two days and nights.
    King Charming (Bronze): Be popular in every town and village.
    Knightrider (Bronze): Win the Talmberg horse race.
    Serial Killer (Bronze): Kill 200 people.
    Stealth Killer (Bronze): Kill twenty enemies by stealth
    Traveller (Bronze): Discover all locations on the map.

Additionally, there are 23 secret trophies:

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    Casanova (Silver): Court Lady Stephanie.
    McLovin (Silver): Court Theresa.
    Merciful (Silver): Don’t kill anyone during main quest line (except Runt).
    Robber Baron (Silver): Complete Robber Baron quest.
    Blacksmith’s Son (Bronze): Complete the first quest.
    Cavalier (Bronze): Save Theresa from the Cumans.
    Awakening (Bronze): Join Sir Radzig’s garrison.
    Buddy (Bronze): Save Lord Capon from the Cumans.
    Ginger (Bronze): Save Ginger from the bandits.
    Runt (Bronze): Kill Runt.
    Monk (Bronze): Become a monk.
    Bastard (Bronze): Find out who your real father is.
    Conqueror (Bronze): Conquer the enemy camp in Vranik.
    Talmberger (Bronze): Complete all Optional Objectives in Siege quest
    Firestarter (Bronze): Get jailed in Skalitz.
    Sinner (Bronze): Get drunk with Father Godwin.
    Plague Doctor (Bronze): Heal all the sick in Merhojed.
    Judas (Bronze): Betray your friends in the Gallows Brothers quest.
    Freud (Bronze): Find out about Erik’s past.
    Master Huntsman (Bronze): Become the Talmberg Huntsman.
    Spoilsport (Bronze): Sabotage all three executions.
    Bad Trip (Bronze): Dance with the Devil.
    Virgin (Bronze): Stay celibate and complete the entire game as a virgin.
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