Konami US PR Denies Silent Hill Rumors

Earlier in the month, Konami ended up being in the news due to some pretty intense rumors flying around. Rely on Horror, a dedicated gaming horror site, alleged that sources within the industry informed staff that Konami and Sony Interactive Entertainment are currently in talks to bring back Silent Hill . Today, Rely on Horror published a new story stating that Konami’s United States PR has denied the rumor directly to the outlet. However, Rely on Horror is standing by its reporting for now.

Rely on Horror’s new report claims that the outlet reached out to Konami, via US-based PR. The statement from a PR rep read, “We’re aware of all the rumors and reports but can confirm that they are not true. I know it’s not the answer your fans may want to hear.” The rep went on to say Konami isn’t “closing the door” on Silent Hill , but that these specific rumors are not true. So goes the official word. This story’s reporter follows up by stating they stand by the original reporting, noting that the same sources provided accurate information in the past. But also, they believe it’s equally important to publish official word from Konami. So that’s where the story stands for now.

The original rumors, which naturally came from unnamed sources (no implications here; that’s how this stuff works), stated that Sony is attempting to get two different projects with Konami off the ground. The first is a new Silent Hill , or some sort of reboot-type project. This project supposedly involves many original Silent Hill staff, as well as folks who worked on the Siren games (there is intersection there as well). The second part of the rumor, which really got people chattering, is that Sony is allegedly also trying to bridge relations between Konami and Kojima Productions, to get the infamously cancelled Silent Hills back into development.

Source: Rely on Horror

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