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Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Remastered Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Spelling Bee Champ (10 points): Spell 1500 words.
    Born To Spell (25 points): Spell 2500 words.
    Letter to the Editor (10 points): Use 5000 letters.
    Show Me The Money (30 points): Bust apart 100 gem piles.
    Close Call (15 points): Beat a stage with only 1 health remaining.
    Six Pack (5 points): Spell 50 six-letter words.
    See You In ‘Sept’ember (10 points): Spell 10 seven-letter words.
    ‘Oct’oberfest (groan) (25 points): Spell 5 eight-letter words.
    A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama (10 points): Spell 25 palindromes.
    WHY? (15 points): Spell 3 words with no vowels.
    Yay Everyday Royalty (25 points): Spell a word that contains two ‘Y’s.
    FEELING REALLY GOOD! (10 points): Spell 200 double-letter words (ex: ‘BUBBLE’).
    Swappy McSwappington (5 points): Swap all letters 50 times.
    Crystal Conqueror (10 points): Spell a word containing two or more crystals.
    My Precious (15 points): Use 100 crystals.
    Row Row Row Your Boat (15 points): Use an entire row in one word 3 times.
    In The Corner (10 points): Use 500 corner letters.
    All plagued out (20 points): Fill the entire board with plague tiles.
    Printing Press (20 points): Fill the entire board with duplicator tiles.
    Sir Punch A Lot (10 points): Deal 10000 damage.
    Sir Punch A Bunch (15 points): Deal 25000 damage.
    What Was The Point? (5 points): Spell a word that does zero damage.
    Monster Masher (10 points): Defeat 250 monsters.
    Precision Striking (25 points): Defeat 5 monsters with exact damage.
    So Close! (10 points): Leave a monster with only one health.
    Sidestepper (5 points): Dodge 50 attacks.
    Critically Acclaimed (5 points): Perform 100 critical attacks.
    Tile Trouble (10 points): Lose from taking tile damage.
    Prevention (5 points): Use 25 plague tiles.
    Saving Up (10 points): Earn 15000 gems.
    It’s A Bling Thing (10 points): Spend 25000 gems.
    Need A Pick Me Up? (5 points): Purchase 10 potions.
    We Have The Technology (20 points): Purchase 30 upgrades.
    Librarian (15 points): Purchase 5 books.
    What’re Ya Buyin’? (10 points): Purchase 50 merchant items.
    Quest King (or Queen!) (50 points): Complete 70 quests.
    Open Sesame! (5 points): Open 10 treasure chests.
    You, The Master Of Unlocking (50 points): Open a treasure chest with no incorrect guesses.
    Showing Off (10 points): Finish a stage with full health.
    Knowledge Is Power (25 points): Reach max level with one book.
    Starbitrary (5 points): Earn 29 stars.
    Superstar (30 points): Earn 99 stars.
    Rock Star (75 points): Earn 120 stars.
    Pin Cushion (5 points): Take 10000 damage.
    Book Smart (10 points): Earn 1000 book XP.
    Eh Eee Eye Owe You (10 points): Use 2500 vowels.
    I Wonder What Was Inside? (15 points): Fail to open 3 treasure chests.
    Top Shelf! (10 points): Use 500 letters from the top row.
    Part Of The Way Dare (30 points): Earn 20 crystal stars.
    Walk Of Fame (70 points): Earn 40 crystal stars.
    It’s BACON!!!!!!!!!! (10 points): Spell the word BACON.
    Honorary Bacon Bandit (10 points): Spell the word BANDITS.
    Endless Monster Masher (10 points): Defeat 100 monsters in endless mode.
    Endless Wordsmith (20 points): Spell 750 words in endless mode.
    Alphabet Soup (15 points): Use 2500 letters in endless mode.
    Coin Collector (15 points): Collect 2000 coins in endless mode.
    Repeat Customer (15 points): Purchase 100 merchant items in endless mode.
    I Can Do This All Day (20 points): Defeat 10 monsters in a single game in endless mode.
    Word Wizard (20 points): Spell 60 words in a single game in endless mode.
    Practice Makes Perfect (10 points): Play 10 games of endless mode.
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