Lifeless Planet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Lifeless Planet Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One

Lifeless Planet Easy “Geologist” and “Rock Hound” achievements

Search the following locations to collect all 15 of the science samples and get the “Geologist” and “Rock Hound” achievements:


    Chalcanthite: When you jump over the pillar and it collapses, go to the small cave. At the very beginning is a rock with a blue mineral behind it.

    Rhodochrosite: Reach the area where you must push down a rock. On the way to where you push the rock is another path. Follow it to find the mineral.

    Sulfur: Once you reach the waterfall, travel in the opposite direction. Climb up to eventually see the mineral.


    Garnets: Encountered while following the woman.

    Almandine Garnets: Get the extended jetpack, and perform the long jump. Keep moving after reaching the other side until it appears.


    Rose Quartz: After you get the oxygen, keep moving on the right side. You will reach a narrow path with the mineral inside.

    Celestine: After finding the Rose Quartz, return to the main path. You will encounter collapsed rocks blocking your path that force you to take an alternate route. After moving up, go to the right.

    Yellow Quartz: After the cutscene, take a left instead of moving to the right.

    Rose Quartz: After you get the extended jetpack, you will have to jump over the pillars. After jumping over the first three pillars, progress until you see other pillars to your right and a single pillar in front of you. Jump over to the strange looking pillar, and keep moving ahead. Eventually you will have to go down and will reach the mineral.

    Wulfenite: Once you find the alien artifact, go right. It is directly behind the artifact.


    Crocoite: Reach the area with red spikes that is blocking your path, then take the hidden path on the left.

    Autunite: Use the stabbing plant to jump over to another platform, then move to the left until you reach the shining mineral.

Last Stand

    Quartz: Some time after using the extended jetpack, you will encounter a stabbing plant. Go to the left to find it.

Dead Forest

    Coal: Once you reach the forest, keep hugging the right side. You will find large roots from the right and the left to indicate that you are in the location with the mineral.

    Water Ice: Follow the green on the ground to reach iced mountains. Keep moving over the green areas until you see a non-iced area on your left.


    Obsidian: Found at several locations as you walk through the area.

Easy “Lifeless Astronaut” achievement

Experience the following eight types of death, listed in chronological order, to get the “Lifeless Astronaut” achievement. Some occur very early and others near the end. If you missed a death in an area, select the area from the “New Game” option at the menu. Note: Getting killed by the fan in the research facility is not required.

  • Falling to death
  • Running out of oxygen
  • Getting crushed by rocks
  • Killed by the underground creature near town
  • Activating the bomb and getting blown up by it
  • Stabbed by the plants
  • Grabbed by the flower tree
  • Getting burned by lava


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Gravity Kills (25 points): Die from a hard fall.
    What Was That? (25 points): Something mysterious kills you.
    Lifeless Astronaut (50 points): Die every possible way on the planet.
    Burned (25 points): Catch on fire.
    Jet-packer (25 points): Enable extended boost with the jetpack.
    Survivalist (150 points): Survive the game without dying.
    Colonist (75 points): Spend 15 minutes in the town.
    Ambidextrous (50 points): Solve a puzzle with the robotic arm.
    Adventurer (50 points): Make a long and difficult jump with the jetpack.
    Explorer (75 points): Don’t follow the footprints in a dangerous area.
    Rock Hound (75 points): Collect 10 science samples.
    Geologist (100 points): Collect 15 science samples.
    Planetary Historian (100 points): Read 20 documents.
    Rocketeer (75 points): Finish the game in under 4 hours.
    Expedition Leader (100 points): Play the game for more than 10 hours.
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