Lords of the Fallen Dev Explains Why its More than a Dark Souls Clone

Lords of the Fallen Dev Explains Why its More than a Dark Souls Clone

Lords of the Fallen has been reported and described as a game that’s similar to FromSoftware’s critically acclaimed Dark Souls game, with its touted challenging gameplay and comparable themes and tones. Is it more than a game that’s heavily similar to a pre-established series, though? GameSpot decided to find out in an interview with Lords of the Fallen’s executive producer Tomasz Gop.

Whilst the game shares dark tones with Dark Souls , Lords of the Fallen will apparently be “ not as bound to be doomed as in Souls , ” as described by Gop. “ We were not after that degree of dark.

What this means in terms of gameplay is that there will be fewer surprise death encounters in Lords of the Fallen than there are in Dark Souls , according to GameSpot, such as fewer ambushes from hidden enemies and fewer deaths from slipping off the edge of a cliff.

Places where situations like this in Lords of the Fallen will frequently take place in optional areas, so you won’t have to worry about falling to your death while proceeding on with the game’s story.

Environmental deaths in Dark Souls aren’t cheap, ” Gop further explained . ” But most of them would feel cheap in Lords because of the way we’ve designed the game. There are places where players will have a chance (here: high probability) of falling to their doom, but not only will they not be frequent, but also they’ll mostly be found in optional areas.

As for magic use, Lords of the Fallen will be taking a different approach to you using magic in the game. Unlike in Dark Souls , where you can build your character around using magic as a primary weapon, magic in Lords of the Fallen will be used as something akin to a “smartbomb”, which any class will be able to use. While the smartbomb is powerful, it only has a limited use, which carries more weight as to when you choose to use it, as it won’t be the be-all, end-all solution when getting into a sticky situation: ” It will never be an ‘I win’ button but it can buy some breathing space, ” Gop added.

Furthermore, the game will share a similar savepoint system to Dark Souls’ , but gaining experience in Lords of the Fallen has a few minor changes that makes death more significant in the game. Instead of a random lump of loot where you last died that lasts forever, your ghost will slowly deteriorate over time.

The ghost of your experience that lingers around the place you were last defeated will start gradually vanishing with time, so you don’t have forever to reclaim it, ” Gop explained. Additionally, experience can be “banked” at savepoints, but not banking your experience allows for an increase in your “killstreak” multiplier.

When you keep killing enemies without banking your experience at savepoints or dying, each next kill increases your ‘killstreak’ multiplier, so there’s something for those really challenge-thirsty too, ” Gop continued. ” But keep in mind, the game was primarily balanced for people who play ‘by-the-book’, using the savepoints.

You can read GameSpot’s full interview with Tomasz Gop via the source link below. We’ve established that, while nothing about the game will be dumbed down, Lords of the Fallen will have its complex elements presented in a way that’s understandable to a larger audience without actually undermining its complexity. For instance, the title’s story will tell itself without it being imposed onto you, Tomasz Gop explained a while back.

We’ll bring you more news on Lords of the Fallen should further information reach our ears. The game will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and it’ll be hitting the shelves later on this month, with a North American release slated for Tuesday, 28 and  a European release slated for Friday, 31.

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