Lords of the Fallen Will Narrow the Gap Between Mainstream and Core Players

Lords of the Fallen Will Narrow the Gap Between Mainstream and Core Players

CI Games’ executive producer Tomasz Gop revealed that the developer’s upcoming action role-playing game Lords of the Fallen will shorten the gap between mainstream and core players, meaning that even though the game will be complex and challenging, the rest of it will be streamlined enough that it’ll be accessible.

While nothing about the game will be dumbed down, Lords of the Fallen will have it’s complex elements presented in a way that’s understandable to a larger audience without actually undermining its complexity. For instance, the title’s story will tell itself without it being imposed onto you, Gop explained, presumably meaning that the game may have a Show, Don’t Tell trope to it.

We decided that if there’s a main feature of Lords of the Fallen that will be complex and challenging, the rest should be more or less streamlined, ” Gop wrote on PlayStation.Blog . “ I’m not trying to say that we dumbed down anything. Take books written by Dan Brown or Harlan Coben, for example; they’re not deprived of any intellectual value. They’ve been skillfully written for the mainstream audience, so… why not games?

You can get going just from the old legend that speaks about humanity defeating its god thousands of years ago, and then taking up the belief that it can completely wipe evil out of human nature, ” he continued . You might dig deeper and find out that people decided to write down the codex of the most deadly sins and that anyone caught committing them will forever be marked with a tattoo on his or her face, but your game experience will not be hindered if you lack that information.

Lords of the Fallen’s lore will be spread out across the in-game world in the form of audio memoirs, and most of the game’s cinematics will focus on introducing important enemies and combat events. What’s more, only the pivotal plot points and twists will be featured in movie-like scenes and camera-directed conversations. You can read more on what Gop explained about Lords of the Fallen on PlayStation.Blog .

Lords of the Fallen will be releasing on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC later on this year. No specific release date information has been revealed as of yet.

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