Mario Claims to Be Father of Anna Nicole’s Baby*

Mario Claims to Be Father of Anna Nicole’s Baby*


Controversy surrounding Anna Nicole Smith’s death has taken the world by storm. And now the story is about to get a bit more interesting for gamers. Mario, a man who took the world by storm twenty years ago with the never-ending Super Mario Bros. franchise, has claimed to be the father of Danielle Lynn, the five-month old baby Anna Nicole left behind.

Mario claims that he first met Anna Nicole at a party thrown at the Beverly Hills home of his brother, Luigi, nearly a year ago. The two remained friends and kept in touch, later reuniting at Yoshi’s July 4 barbeque. At this point, the two began to see each other on a regular basis. Often, Mario claims, Ms. Smith would visit him at his New York City penthouse while in town. Over Christmas, Mario stated the two traveled to St. Bart’s together. Photos of Mario stomping goombas outside Smith’s Bahamian mansion have given validity to the story.

Mario’s longtime girlfriend, Princess Peach Toadstool, has moved out of the Mushroom Kingdom castle the two shared upon hearing the news. Although nothing has been confirmed, rumors are that she and Jennifer Aniston have moved into a Malibu apartment together.

“I’ve seen this coming for a long time,” Ms. Toadstool commented. “Some guys think that they can do whatever they want with no consequences. Mario’s carousing with these celebrities has had him on a downward slide for a long time. I ignored the press when the whole Pauline and Daisy scandals surfaced, but I just finally decided to stand up for myself and tell him he’s not the only guy who can save a princess from a few lousy Koopa-Troopas.”

Already, Ms. Toadstool has been spotted at several Los Angeles hot spots with recording artist Justin Timberlake.

Nintendo could not be reached at this time for comment on the scandal surrounding their superstar. Could Mario’s involvement with this former Playboy playmate bring an end to the popular family-friendly game series? Only time will tell.

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