Mass Effect 4 Plays like Previous Mass Effect Titles, Apparently

Mass Effect 4 Plays like Previous Mass Effect Titles, Apparently

We’re aware that the next Mass Effect game is currently in a playable state, if the December tweets from designer Joe Hendriks are to be believed. Even the game’s producer, Michael Gamble, praised the game’s current state the week before Christmas. After the holidays, Gamble met with the general manager of BioWare’s Edmonton and Montreal branches, Aaryn Flynn, to play Mass Effect 4 for the game’s milestone review.

According to a tweet from Gamble that was sent out thereafter, Flynn’s assessment on the current playable state of Mass Effect 4 was,  “yep. This feels like Mass Effect. ” To Gamble, that was the best thing that was said during the milestone review. However, neither Flynn or Gamble have publically elaborated on what “this feels like Mass Effect ” means.

While it has been revealed in the past that some elements of the first Mass Effect game will feature in the new installment, such as a revamped Mako and planetside exploration, it’s not fully known which elements from the rest of the trilogy Mass Effect 4 will adopt.

Gamble also denounced a recent rumor that has apparently been circulating with regard to the game’s exclusivity. In response to a concerned fan, who asked if the next Mass Effect game would be either an Xbox One exclusive or a timed exclusive, Gamble simply responded with “just a rumor.”

Even though part of the game is currently playable, Mass Effect 4 is still years away from launch, according to BioWare’s panel at 2014’s Comic-Con . An official release date has still be named for the title, and we don’t know which specific platforms it’ll release on. To go by Gamble’s response to the Mass Effect fan, at least it’s suggested that the next Mass Effect title won’t be exclusive to a specific platform.

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