Mickey Gets Epic Collector’s Edition


Mickey hasn’t had his own game in quite some time now, making the release of Epic Mickey a major event for fans of the character. As such, it should come as no surprise that Disney Interactive is taking out all the stops for the game’s release, offering up a limited Collector’s Edition in addition to the game’s standard version.

While the standard game will set you back $49.99, the Collector’s Edition will be made available for $69.99. So what do you get for the extra $20? Besides the game, this edition includes a five inch Epic Mickey figurine, a behind-the-scenes DVD, a faceplate for your Wii Remote, and skins to place on your Wii console. In the press release, VP Graham Hopper states “We’re thrilled to roll out this Collector’s Edition featuring so many unique items including the collectible Disney Epic Mickey figurine and content that will surprise and delight gamers and Disney fans alike.”

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