Microsoft Clears the Fog on New Game Content Usage Confusion

Microsoft Clears the Fog on New Game Content Usage Confusion

A short while ago, Microsoft updated its Game Content Usage Rules to take into consideration gaming-related content creators such as YouTubers and Twitch streamers. However, gamers were reportedly confused with the original version of the new rules, with the offender being a section that focused on how to use the titles of games in certain ways. After hearing feedback, Microsoft has since revised this section of the rules, the company’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb reports.

The updated section details more examples of how to name videos that feature Microsoft titles, such as Halo or Forza . Content creators are encouraged to use referential titles, such as “Let’s Play Forza Motorsport 5 ” or “Tips and Strategies for Halo 5 ,” and they’re also allowed to use a game’s title to tag videos on social media. However, Microsoft may object to a video being titled “ Halo: Covenant Strike, ” as the title could be misinterpreted as something Microsoft has published or has licences, or has a part of an already-released game. This is is to prevent consumers from being confused from seeing a video titled “ Halo: Covenant Strike ” and thinking that another Halo spin-off is being developed, when in fact the video just features some gameplay of previous Halo titles.

The reason why Microsoft updated its rules in the first place was so Xbox gamers could participate in partner programs on YouTube and on Twitch, Major Nelson explained. It’s to allow for content creators on Xbox consoles to earn ad revenue through their videos, much in a similar fashion to how popular and successful creators make their careers on YouTube. The goal of the update was to bring the company’s content usage policy in line with current community usage, he added.

“The policy has always been about enabling creators to use our game content, and we recognize it only works if their content can be found. The key here is for people to use game titles for discovery and not misrepresent Microsoft’s role in the content’s creation.”

Microsoft has apparently not seen any abuse of this policy as of yet, but the revised entry is to ensure that content creators don’t accidentally break the policy due to misunderstanding. You can read Microsoft’s revised Game Content Usage Rules over on the official Xbox website .

[ Source: Major Nelson ]

[ Via: GameSpot ]

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