New Titles for Games on Demand and Guitar Hero Goodies for the Avatar Marketplace

New Titles for Games on Demand and Guitar Hero Goodies for the Avatar Marketplace


Microsoft announced today that 5 more titles have been added to the Games on Demand service and that Guitar Hero gear is available for your Avatar.

Games for the download service include Saints Row, Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (Japan only), Need for Speed ProStreet, Burnout Revenge, and LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga. While Saints Row is available now, North American gamers will have to wait till August 25 th to pick up the final three games.

Press release:

August 20, 2009 – We’re not wasting any time! Just one week after the Xbox LIVE update, you can stock up on newly released Games on Demand titles and deck your Avatar out in brand new duds all through the month of August.

Refresh your Avatar and emulate your favorite famed guitarist with “Guitar Hero” gear – the newest Avatar Marketplace collection launches today, August 20! Also hitting Xbox LIVE Marketplace are several new Games on Demand titles to add to your collection, providing convenient, 24 x 7 access to a growing online library of popular game titles. This month, at the touch of a button, download a great selection of full Xbox 360 games including:

“Saints Row” (North America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand): The game earned praise for its action-packed quality and production, and now you can conveniently download and dive into Stilwater as a low-level thug on a money hungry mission. Muscle your way to the top in this original release in the series!

“Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis” (Japan): Get ready to rumble the table tennis court with your skilled shots and smash hits. Enjoy multiplayer mode via Xbox LIVE and match up exhibition and tournament style with up to 12 other players. “Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis” is available for download.

“Need for Speed ProStreet” (North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia): Compete at the highest level of street racing with Need for Speed ProStreet. It’s no longer good enough to simply rule your local neighborhood, you need to dominate on a global stage. Build the ultimate battle machine, take it to multi-disciplinary showdowns and pit your skills and reputation against the world’s best street racers. This is your chance to prove that you have what it takes to be crowned the next street king. Download “Need for Speed ProStreet,” on August 25 for all its street racing glory.

“Burnout Revenge” (North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Asia): Strap yourself into the fastest, most dangerous racer on the road. Built for unprecedented destruction, Burnout Revenge challenges you to exact your revenge on rush hour traffic, vindictive rival racers and anything else that gets between you and the finish line. “Burnout Revenge” joins the Games on Demand library on August 25.

“LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga” (Australia and New Zealand): “The Complete Saga” delivers the thrill of the blockbuster “LEGO Star Wars” series and gives you the chance to play through legions of Star Wars events from all six of the memorable movies. Get your hands on “LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga” on August 25.

All of these games will be available for quick and convenient download, 24 x 7. You can purchase Games on Demand titles via credit card or Microsoft Points. To purchase using Microsoft Points, just push the “Y” button when you’re on the purchase screen and you can buy and download your favorite games instantly!

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