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OTTTD Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    Amateur Astronomy: Earned 21 stars and a free meat tray back at HQ.
    Awesome Mission. Great Job: Earned first 3 star rating on a mission.
    Big Spender: Spent 100,000 coins and kept all the receipts for accounting.
    Bootcamp: Completed HEROCORP training.
    Bullet Sponge: First HEROCORP employee with over 3000 health gets a discount on their insurance.
    CEO of Blowing Stuff Up: You got an employee to level 99. We’re impressed and a little scared.
    Check out the brain on this guy: Max out a single skill for a HEROCORP employee.
    Cinema Experience: Watched the credits to the end without speeding them up.
    Deadly Deathbeamer: Fully upgraded the Deathbeamer.
    Employee of the Month: 3 star every mission. Show off!.
    Flawless Victory: Finish a mission with perfect HQ health.
    Game Over Man, Game Over: We shouldn’t reward you for letting an employee die. Looks like Steve in HR has some explaining to do.
    HEROCORP Where everybody knows your name: Play the game 3 days in a row.
    It’s not brain surgery: Finish a mission by only building rocket towers.
    It’s over 9000!: Killed 9001 enemies with little to no remorse except for that one guy… he was cool.
    Just Made It: Finish a mission with <10% HQ health. Good luck filling out the paperwork back at HEROCORP.
    Millionaire: Earned total 1 million coins.
    Moar Power!: First HEROCORP employee with over 1337 damage gets a ribbon.
    Mr Moneybags: Earned total 10,000 coins.
    Necromancy: Revive a HEROCORP employee.
    Not a rookie: Well thanks for putting in the effort. A HEROCORP employee reached level 10.
    OD on OTTTD: Play the game across 10 separate occasions.
    Participation Ribbon: You earned your first level up.
    Pat on the Head: Earned 5 achievements.
    Quint Would Be Proud: Killed the flying shark or understood our movie reference.
    Release The Kraken!: Defeated the Kraken and lived to tell the tale.
    Rookie: Give yourself a pat on the back. A HEROCORP employee reached level 5.
    Safety First: Finish a mission with 5 Shield Emitters or 5 Healthenators.
    Skillz That Killz: At least one skill point on all abilities for a HEROCORP employee.
    Spoilt Rotten: Spoilt your employee with the most expensive weapon.
    Stay Classy: Unlock all HEROCORP employee classes.
    That’s not a knife…: Bought your first weapon.
    The Answer To Everything: Earned 42 stars.
    THIS… IS… HEROCORP……: Killed 300 enemies, looked ripped while doing it.
    Tower of Power: Fully upgraded a tower.
    Training Wheels: Finish a mission without upgrading any towers.
    Veteran: Nobody likes a show off. A HEROCORP employee reached level 20.
    War Machine: You’re making us all look bad. A HEROCORP employee reached level 50.
    Well Earned Rest: Finish the game.
    What does the T stand for?: Finish a mission without building any towers.
    Why won’t you die!: Double-killed the zombie shark and his buddy.
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