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Our Darker Purpose Steam achievements

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement. To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select “Community”, “My profile”, “View all my games”, then the game and view stats.

    A Dish Best Served Cold: Finish Sudsy the Inanimate with his own glacial spike.
    A Little Something On Your Nose: Donate 100 credits to the Guidance Counselor.
    A Penny Saved: Save 80 tokens in a single playthrough.
    A Rock and A Hard Place: Defeat The Imaginaries with less than 50 move speed remaining.
    A Scholar’s Mate: Defeat The Disciplined King in under 75 seconds.
    Above the Influence: Defeat Regan while holding max juice boxes.
    Afraid of the Dark: Defeat the Candelabra of Longing without leaving the light.
    And Then There Were None: Defeat The Winged Overseer with 10 or more small birds still alive.
    Apple Polisher: Donate 500 credits to the Guidance Counselor.
    Beautiful in Black: Unknown.
    Biggest Baddest: Deal over 1000 damage with a basic attack on an enemy.
    Can’t Wait to Open It!: Defeat The Box of Nice Things with four or more presents still alive.
    Consumption Junction: Drink 500 Juice Boxes.
    Extra Credit: Donate 5000 credits to the Guidance Counselor.
    Fight Me Meow: Defeat a feral cat champion.
    First Things First: Defeat Goneril before destroying any buildings.
    Food for Thought: Collect both the Gourmet Turtle and the Wandering Crab in a single game.
    Fool Me A Third Time..: Defeat A Buoyant Double after killing three Frosty Doubles.
    Four Times the Fun: Defeat The Administrators four times.
    Grade A Suck-Up: Donate 10000 credits to the Guidance Counselor.
    Head of the Class: Get a ten game win streak.
    If You Can Dodge a Footstool: Defeat The Friendly Foot Stools without taking damage.
    Just a Scratch: Defeat Dr. Bloodfather with less than 13 health remaining.
    Just Say No: Complete Hard Mode without using any juice boxes.
    Kickstarted: Collect and hold 40 tokens in a single playthrough.
    Leftovers – Yuck!: Defeat The Brick Pile without letting any slime return.
    Like The Back of My Hand: Defeat The Frozen Few without failing a maze once.
    May I Have Some More: Please sir – defeat the Cauldron of Yesterdayers before A Second Helping.
    No Pain – No Gain: Complete a sensitive floor while under the influence of Severity.
    Not Thinking With Portals: Defeat The Administrators after spawning 13 extra enemies.
    Once More with Feeling: Complete the game on Hard Mode.
    Participation Counts: Meet your demise in Edgewood again and again and again.
    Playing with Fire: Defeat Frothy the Dragon without taking damage.
    Simply Erased: Finish off Some Harmless Markings with a chalk cloud.
    Stop Hitting Yourself: Defeat Better Cordy without hitting it with basic attacks.
    Stop! Drop! Roll!: Roll while holding the Fragile Roly Poly and the Candelabra Matchsticks.
    Stuff it in the Locker: Collect 35 items over multiple playthroughs.
    Succeed On Your Own Merits: Reach the end of Chapter 2 without using a vending machine.
    Taking Out the Trash: Defeat The Obsolete Operator with five or more trash can Broggs still alive.
    Teacher’s Pet: Donate 1500 credits to the Guidance Counselor.
    The Administrators’ Archive: Complete Chapter 3.
    The Best Friends Reunited: Uncover both Goneril’s Mallet and Regan’s Lunchbox.
    The Capulet Conclave: Complete Chapter 2.
    The Denouement: Complete Chapter 4.
    The Healer is No Threat: Finish off Specialist Fenwick with at least four patients unconscious.
    The Honor Roll: Reach the end of Chapter 3 without rolling.
    The Real Speed Test: Complete Hard Mode in under an hour.
    The Speed Test: Reach the end of Chapter 4 in under an hour.
    The Woundwort Fortress: Complete Chapter 1.
    Thrice the Terror: Defeat Regan three times.
    Time to Dally: Defeat His Natural Defenses after killing 21 spawned enemies.
    Time Waits for No One: Defeat Cyndar’s Timekeeper without using a time bubble.
    Twice the Trouble: Defeat Goneril twice.
    V is for Victory: Beat the game five times.
    Victorious Valedictorian: Complete all other achievements.
    Waste Not – Want Not: Carry ten or more consumables at once.
    Weeding is Overrated: Defeat A Leafy Oversight after letting him absorb 6 or more spores.
    Welcome to Edgewood: Meet your demise in Edgewood.
    Well Read: Collect every single piece of lore.
    Who Needs Rhythm: Defeat The Virtuoso while confused.
    Who’s the Bully Now: Deal over 400 damage with a basic attack on an enemy.
    Worth!: Heal only a single damage with a juice box.
    Wrecking Ball: Defeat 500 enemies in the Edgewood Home for Lost Children.
    You Belong in a Museum: Defeat an Archivist.
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