Pokémon GO Community Days: What They Are and Why You Should Participate

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Pokémon GO Community Days: What They Are and Why You Should Participate

Following its release in 2016, Pokemon GO swept the world for its creative use of augmented reality. Bringing beloved Pokemon into the real world, with users becoming trainers, was unreal to fans. This childhood dream only expanded as more Pokemon were added, and the community only seemed to grow. 

Many events have occurred throughout that time, but none are more well-known than Community Day. But what are Community Days, and how do you participate in them? Today, we will answer these burning questions and look into the past on what players can expect from upcoming events.    

What is Community Day?

In Pokemon GO, Community Day is a monthly social event that brings Trainers together to catch Pokemon. The event lasts three hours, beginning at 11 a.m. local time and ending at 2 p.m. The event takes place at local meet-up spots like parks and encourages players to meet one another and interact.

While at these meet-up spots, a special Pokemon will appear in the area, giving players a chance to catch them. If caught, these Pokemon will know exclusive moves that can only be obtained at that time. Players will also receive bonuses for participating, such as bonus XP, stardust, increased shiny rates, lure modules, and more. 

However, it should be noted that the exclusive ability isn’t guaranteed for players. If you want to gain and keep the exclusive move forever, you must fully evolve the Pokemon within the time duration. Trainers who fail to meet these requirements will not gain the exclusive move for that event.   

Why Participate in Community Days?  

As mentioned, Niantic hosts these events to unite players and create a larger community. In the world of Pokemon, trainers are always walking around, collecting Pokemon, and interacting with other Trainers. It’s a core feature of the game, and Community Days are an incentive to get out of your comfort zone. You get to expand your Pokedex and collect rare Pokemon, and you can make friends along the way, which is indefinably more valuable.  

Past Community Day Pokemon 

PikachuJan 18th, 2018
DratiniFeb 24th, 2018
BulbasaurMar 25th, 2018
MareepApr 15th, 2018
CharmanderMay 19th, 2018
LarvitarJun 16th, 2018
Squirtle Jul 8th, 2018
EeveeAug 11th – 12th, 2018
Chikorita Sep 22nd, 2018
BeldumOct 21st, 2018
CyndaquilNov 10th, 2018
Previous PokemonNov 30th – Dec 3rd, 2018
TotodileJan 12th, 2019
SwinubFeb 16th, 2019
TreeckoMar 23rd, 2019
BagonApr 13th, 2019
TorchicMay 19th, 2019
Slakoth Jun 8th, 2019
MudkipJul 21st, 2019
RaltsAug 3rd, 2019
TurtwigSep 15th, 2019
TrapinchOct 12th, 2019
ChimcharNov 16th, 2019
December Community DayNov 30th – Dec 3rd
Piplup Jan 19th, 2020
RhyhornFeb 22nd, 2020
Pokemon GO Venesaur

COVID-19 Community Day: Play at Home

AbraApr 25th, 2020
SeedotMay 24th, 2020
WeedleJun 20th, 2020
GastlyJul 19th, 2020
MagikarpAug 8th, 2020
PorygonSep 20th, 2020
CharmanderOct 17th, 2020
ElectabuzzNov 15th, 2020
MagmarNov 21st, 2020
December Community DayDec 12th – 13th
Machop Jan 16th, 2021
RoseliaFeb 7th, 2021
FletchlingMar 6th, 2021
SnivyApr 11th, 2021
SwabluMay 15th, 2021
GibleJun 6th, 2021
TepigJul 3rd, 2021
Eevee Aug 14th – 15th, 2021
OshawottSep 19th, 2021
DuskullOct 9th, 2021
ShinxNov 21st, 2021
December Community DayDec 18th – 19th
SphealJan 16th, 2022
HoppipFeb 12th, 2022
SandshrewMar 13th, 2022

Community Day Classic

For players who missed past Community Days but still want to collect the older Pokemon, an extra event was added to combat that problem. Community Day Classic brings back the older Pokemon from when the event first started. Players who follow these classic events will earn the same exclusive moves for each Pokemon as they did when the moves were first introduced.

Bulbasaur Jan 22nd, 2022
MudkipApr 10th, 2022
Dratini Nov 5th, 2022
LarvitarJan 21st, 2023
SwinubApr 29th, 2023
Squirtle Jul 9th, 2023
CharmanderSep 2nd, 2023
November 2023 Community Day ClassicNov 25th, 2023

Should You Participate?

Yes, participating in Community Days is one of the best ways to interact with other community members. Not only does it create bonds and friendships, but the more people participate, the more rewards will come.

Even for shy or introverted players, going to the areas and catching Pokemon will still help promote Community Days. Plus, you’ll add some cool Pokemon to your collection that can’t be captured again (at least for a while). If you have the time and are located near parks or other areas of interest, consider joining in the fun on the next Community Day.

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