Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Cheats Codes for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Cheats Codes for Nintendo 3DS

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity is one of the newer entries in the popular Pokemon Mystery Dungeon spin-off series — specifically, the ninth installment. Series developer, Spike Chunsoft continued their role while working alongside The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Usually, the series sells and reviews well with a few naysayers, but it seems that this entry specifically did a bit worse when compared to the rest of the series. You can read our review here.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Premise

The gameplay of Gates To Infinity isn’t much different from the rest of the series. The game follows Pokemon from the Unova region. The game transitioned from the original 2D art to more complex 3D models. Pokemon sprite work is some of the best work in the industry, so many fans did not appreciate this change. The title’s unique gimmick is how it uses the 3d capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Main Characters

  • Player Character — The Pokemon that the player chooses to be, which can be one of the following: Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, or Axew.
  • Partner Pokemon — The Pokemon that the player chooses to be their partner, from the same list as above excluding the player’s chosen Pokemon of course.
  • Emolga — A friendly and adventurous Pokemon who becomes a close ally.
  • Dunsparce — A timid and kind-hearted Pokemon who has big dreams of joining a rescue team one day.
  • Virizion — A legendary Pokemon who initially seems distant but becomes an important friend and ally.
  • Hydreigon — A misunderstood Pokemon who plays a significant role in the story of Gates To Infinity.
  • Keldeo — Another legendary Pokemon who appears later in the game and helps the main characters.
  • Munna — A Pokemon who initially appears to be an ally, but has a more complex role in the story.

Other Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Titles In The Series

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team (2005)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (2005)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time (2007)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (2007)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (2009)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Keep Going! Blazing Adventure Squad (2009)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Let’s Go! Stormy Adventure Squad (2009)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Go For It! Light Adventure Squad (2009)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (Bonus Episodes) (2009
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (2012)
  • Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon (2015)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX (2020)

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity Cheat Codes

Wonder Mail

Progress through the game until the Wonder Mail option is unlocked in the main menu. Select that option, then enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding gift. These codes are separated by region, make sure you find your region before entering the code:


Accuracy Manual x1NS6RT7FM
Accuracy Manual x1WY6CNMFX
All Power-Up Orb x59YMCRCNM
All Power-Up Orb x5QY5YCTSC
All Protect Orb x5C5KKSNP6
All Protect Orb x5Q858FWH2
Black Key x197N5C9MQ
Black Key x19886N617
Blue Key x11TF77NNR
Blue Key x1HNJMKYJ5
Bug Gift x1SM2Y8X8M
Bug Gift x1TYTY2W6R
Calcium x14KF9H57P
Calcium x1T6H3804F
Clarity Flag x15PH5JCJH
Clarity Flag x16R50N8HN
Coalition Scarf x11S83NQP6
Coalition Scarf x1469FQX9H
Dark Gift x13Q9YM3H9
Dark Gift x1H4FJSYYX
Dragon Gift x14N5FMFCS
Dragon Gift x18PSJNRWK
Electric Gift x147RKT4Q7
Electric Gift x162XMWT6Y
Fighting Gift x15HYNC5WN
Fighting Gift x1J1NCSYQF
Fire Gift x1YH5PNYWY
Fire Gift x1YNS94Y45
Flying Gift x15TTW62FJ
Flying Gift x1WX2PCF4Y
Ghost Gift x114645H29
Ghost Gift x18MN459H3
Gold Ribbon x12FJM3K9K
Gold Ribbon x1M2Q37M7M
Gold Scope x13K9RNQC3
Gold Scope x1C69JYSMH
Gold Ticket x1WSJTK3JP
Gold Ticket x1XR4NSRSJ
Golden Seed x1NCJTJ454
Golden Seed x1R5XM35Q2
Grass Gift x18PY3RHNK
Grass Gift x1FTJ268J1
Green Key x15M7KWPSQ
Green Key x1KQ4P2QFR
Ground Gift x1CPTK9T94
Ground Gift x1QYXY755Y
Heal Ribbon x12SR0FY4N
Heal Ribbon x1JR3N3HYH
Health Orb x56HYFH96M
Health Orb x57776XP2S
Ice Gift x1M73287NF
Ice Gift x1MR3F636N
Immunity Flag x14F814QFJ
Immunity Flag x1CFWQWS43
Insomnia Flag x176KPT3M6
Insomnia Flag x1K453S4SY
Iron x13ST6N25W
Iron x1SYRN489N
Joy Ribbon x12NYT5J5Y
Joy Ribbon x13W29MF3N
Joy Seed x11S5CFYNR
Joy Seed x13JF19YYM
Joy Seed x13K73KP5X
Joy Seed x1475R4S2J
Joy Seed x14S4P2KCR
Joy Seed x1652873FQ
Joy Seed x179MCWX49
Joy Seed x185XKPT5Q
Joy Seed x1CJ6PTJRT
Joy Seed x1FXT4NX7N
Joy Seed x1HP65P5TH
Joy Seed x1K58YCHTM
Joy Seed x1MY6P4SN5
Joy Seed x1N9HW9XTP
Joy Seed x1NJWFJ4RK
Joy Seed x1NP61WC84
Joy Seed x1P2Y2493J
Joy Seed x1QP6M3NM2
Joy Seed x1SCT9MKHC
Joy Seed x1W2WXS3HW
Life Seed x1QYHYY0HQ
Life Seed x1RS6J8CH9
Limber Flag x15SMJN597
Limber Flag x1YJFC9NMH
Max Elixir x5P5P2KQPC
Max Elixir x5X26WPHY3
Normal Gift x157M4JKCS
Normal Gift x1YH6S8Y97
Oran Berry x53NTYNH92
Oran Berry x5CF2PHC0Y
Poison Gift x1NHQC4S8J
Poison Gift x1Q4H26HT8
Power Manual x14JT38HT5
Power Manual x1W93F3WT8
PP Manual x132CKM3J6
PP Manual x184XRXP4P
Prize Ticket x3FKKSCFSS
Prize Ticket x3T7Y7M5W9
Protein x12F243KWC
Protein x17T28STCY
Psychic Gift x162101841
Psychic Gift x1XJC7Q5CF
Red Key x17PN78784
Red Key x1HCTNYQ2H
Return (TM) x13YFK9TS4
Return (TM) x1K4NMK2SX
Reviver Seed x308PKX2H0
Reviver Seed x315PQP88Y
Reviver Seed x31JRP6R4T
Reviver Seed x31TF9TH3W
Reviver Seed x32HRKQMFM
Reviver Seed x32MF7PFN3
Reviver Seed x32SCT2X7W
Reviver Seed x33SM184XK
Reviver Seed x34HJ9NS72
Reviver Seed x34JY0P55F
Reviver Seed x34K9XHFWT
Reviver Seed x35260XHQC
Reviver Seed x3530JXKF3
Reviver Seed x3566RW3JC
Reviver Seed x35WC3MF32
Reviver Seed x35YH8QRT6
Reviver Seed x36FH702T3
Reviver Seed x36M4R53FP
Reviver Seed x36W9QWQPH
Reviver Seed x373FS0NNW
Reviver Seed x37N9NRNJ9
Reviver Seed x38F764NHC
Reviver Seed x38J2R65RW
Reviver Seed x3935PFHJX
Reviver Seed x395WFXMQR
Reviver Seed x39CJ9X8XM
Reviver Seed x39H6R9QSS
Reviver Seed x39MRYJ9J4
Reviver Seed x39R9Y7JH9
Reviver Seed x39XJ1094R
Reviver Seed x3F7MH7MPM
Reviver Seed x3F7TFQ3CT
Reviver Seed x3FJQ5KRCS
Reviver Seed x3FSWK9FY8
Reviver Seed x3J69P2F2T
Reviver Seed x3JXRYHX5C
Reviver Seed x3KJ72JRJ3
Reviver Seed x3M6TW6H4X
Reviver Seed x3MHC4HWKH
Reviver Seed x3MQ55R56P
Reviver Seed x3MXJX3Q5Q
Reviver Seed x3NXN0Y8MQ
Reviver Seed x3P1YY51M2
Reviver Seed x3P62QJY0F
Reviver Seed x3P8XJ5W27
Reviver Seed x3Q9XMFH3F
Reviver Seed x3QCS8KTQ7
Reviver Seed x3QF570CFR
Reviver Seed x3R43XHT6K
Reviver Seed x3R8P5PSP7
Reviver Seed x3S5TSK9H8
Reviver Seed x3SMWY4MXH
Reviver Seed x3TKTN1JHX
Reviver Seed x3W3537XWR
Reviver Seed x3WC40MHSX
Reviver Seed x3XJRC878K
Reviver Seed x3XK5CK5JY
Reviver Seed x3Y9M3WMW6
Reviver Seed x3YM2MX838
Reviver Seed x3YR5TX4X4
Rock Gift x147JNWHJ3
Rock Gift x1Y58MX5XH
Silver Ticket x2486JYM9T
Silver Ticket x2N7MKH6Q2
Sitrus Berry x1SCJ3FQKP
Sitrus Berry x1YS3X384X
Slumber Orb x5TYRRF49R
Slumber Orb x5Y2N9C926
Steel Gift x14CWRJ2QT
Steel Gift x1YPWHHYF8
Tough Flag x18S4RSYSQ
Tough Flag x1N48WPXS9
Violent Seed x5FTN3MF4N
Violent Seed x5SNQ4965X
Water Gift x1P6R45MY9
Water Gift x1PQYJ8JF1
Weather Band x1JX84JMJW
Weather Band x1X2T94H8W
Zinc x1M52MH8TW
Zinc x1NY5X85CJ


Accuracy Manual x1HFH7YFH6
Accuracy Manual x1Y5RYX7XS
All Power-Up Orb x55SFPHSF5
All Power-Up Orb x5PHQR2JJF
All Protect Orb x546N7K57Q
All Protect Orb x5W3R8Q826
Black Key x1N36SJH3Q
Black Key x1XHK8TK79
Blue Key x1MS2NT2N5
Blue Key x1QSX34JX8
Bug Gift x1MPN74WN9
Bug Gift x1NFT52HFR
Calcium x13K3J5H6R
Calcium x154M765Y6
Clarity Flag x13S542528
Clarity Flag x1CQP342QH
Coalition Scarf x1P3N9FNSK
Coalition Scarf x1Q6N9535H
Dark Gift x14MNRSCNF
Dark Gift x1NP529KP5
Dragon Gift x1P5HK562S
Dragon Gift x1RXYPQT2J
Electric Gift x14JYYK242
Electric Gift x1HN3FFX3S
Fighting Gift x128NWSQY6
Fighting Gift x1T8WJYJK3
Fire Gift x13Q752N94
Fire Gift x1JQ3Q3T29
Flying Gift x15NCN9QN7
Flying Gift x1Y9N94QRT
Ghost Gift x18TSMFYP6
Ghost Gift x1K8KFX8H7
Gold Ribbon x1Q2TWS8M9
Gold Ribbon x1T2SNJ3NJ
Gold Scope x12N3YH3TK
Gold Scope x15RH7CNP6
Gold Ticket x1NRF3R267
Gold Ticket x1TSH84H6P
Golden Seed x1FYH46F8F
Golden Seed x1W4KRK4XH
Grass Gift x16NW2R75W
Grass Gift x1Y56PHXMF
Green Key x1H37Y9K5N
Green Key x1M2SHR2MR
Ground Gift x12W7S7MKJ
Ground Gift x1XH4233YF
Heal Ribbon x12QX44W9Q
Heal Ribbon x1W68NKMFQ
Health Orb x59PRJ7WQX
Health Orb x5R648X6C3
Ice Gift x14XSQR293
Ice Gift x1R2YC2RQH
Immunity Flag x12HN9KXHF
Immunity Flag x1MTRJ858S
Insomnia Flag x1C783WTQ9
Insomnia Flag x1SP38XJ35
Iron x14S9PJQP2
Iron x183HCJXJR
Joy Ribbon x1Q94KQCK5
Joy Ribbon x1RMS2MHMW
Joy Seed x12HK8T3PQ
Joy Seed x142QKJ2N7
Joy Seed x14C267YRK
Joy Seed x14Q3F58NT
Joy Seed x14SH8CM28
Joy Seed x16FSX3NXR
Joy Seed x16WK2WT36
Joy Seed x176N26SCF
Joy Seed x19C8N8C9X
Joy Seed x1F34KYRP9
Joy Seed x1FN967RSN
Joy Seed x1FSPF2SH8
Joy Seed x1H2Y8X9K2
Joy Seed x1H3Y8S8M5
Joy Seed x1KFC935S2
Joy Seed x1P4F59CJ2
Joy Seed x1PFK376PX
Joy Seed x1RC7QHRNK
Joy Seed x1RT7543X5
Joy Seed x1TCXNH784
Life Seed x1MW3QHPCC
Life Seed x1SQJX25FR
Limber Flag x1C3S34RSK
Limber Flag x1C646T5CK
Max Elixir x56J5PWFFP
Max Elixir x5KP67KS4J
Normal Gift x1JKRY53WF
Normal Gift x1RQRPM92J
Oran Berry x5STS6YCW5
Oran Berry x5WJSCJ29C
Poison Gift x1PPRM6989
Poison Gift x1RSWS3KQR
Power Manual x1456PS4T7
Power Manual x14MJ7XP8K
PP Manual x18W2PK759
PP Manual x1Y978TS4Y
Prize Ticket x34CHS8MN4
Prize Ticket x3657H6PR7
Protein x162S6Q4YN
Protein x1RNTH39CP
Psychic Gift x163SY49XW
Psychic Gift x18S3M4JHK
Red Key x1F7F7MFH4
Red Key x1S3TH8HM8
Return (TM) x18RC84HYC
Return (TM) x1W8FN9F98
Reviver Seed x32C2W6KN2
Reviver Seed x33CJK634Y
Reviver Seed x33T3WFT2W
Reviver Seed x33Y649FMP
Reviver Seed x3456KTQ23
Reviver Seed x34KJ9SKXM
Reviver Seed x34Y8C97MK
Reviver Seed x35JRRSFJT
Reviver Seed x35QY4MS59
Reviver Seed x363XJX2KW
Reviver Seed x36S4H27H4
Reviver Seed x37C9NRQN7
Reviver Seed x37JS2KFJW
Reviver Seed x37JWR7M7J
Reviver Seed x37P5HPCF3
Reviver Seed x387QNJS5H
Reviver Seed x38M8TCXM7
Reviver Seed x38T9NTQQF
Reviver Seed x38Y8W79NC
Reviver Seed x3959TT3H6
Reviver Seed x398T9W29Q
Reviver Seed x39C2FYQW4
Reviver Seed x39XC676YT
Reviver Seed x3C9K6TWPF
Reviver Seed x3CFS7FC4P
Reviver Seed x3F32QXMN7
Reviver Seed x3FNN5RKJ7
Reviver Seed x3FRT28FW2
Reviver Seed x3FTP5K28Y
Reviver Seed x3FY8W2H26
Reviver Seed x3HKCYN958
Reviver Seed x3HR4KMPKW
Reviver Seed x3HTHQH756
Reviver Seed x3K9XY7WJX
Reviver Seed x3KNX82JP4
Reviver Seed x3KXR2Q274
Reviver Seed x3MCMFM4WX
Reviver Seed x3MNP2FP6M
Reviver Seed x3N6RQ78QH
Reviver Seed x3P2RT7HS2
Reviver Seed x3P483K4XN
Reviver Seed x3PNX4393F
Reviver Seed x3Q2HTX7P4
Reviver Seed x3R87CQ9Q3
Reviver Seed x3RCPC35S7
Reviver Seed x3RX3T8PWY
Reviver Seed x3S2KYST9S
Reviver Seed x3SN45H9TH
Reviver Seed x3T43TMJP4
Reviver Seed x3TP6N5P4P
Reviver Seed x3W7TP9HPH
Reviver Seed x3WC5CN58K
Reviver Seed x3WX34KM4R
Reviver Seed x3XRQM93RC
Reviver Seed x3XSJC379F
Reviver Seed x3XYPKF253
Reviver Seed x3YMFYQJY5
Reviver Seed x3YNH3K25Y
Reviver Seed x3YQSK8KP6
Reviver Seed x3YS6SYXTR
Rock Gift x1K7969XM8
Rock Gift x1XT8TTQ2F
Silver Ticket x285RH84P4
Silver Ticket x2TF2R258M
Sitrus Berry x15MP3HWHR
Sitrus Berry x1WFK2W6NJ
Slumber Orb x576Q6X79R
Slumber Orb x5XF8TX5HS
Steel Gift x16W9XNM9N
Steel Gift x1HJNQ3QFY
Tough Flag x1HK3JHWW9
Tough Flag x1Q2R8T6RC
Violent Seed x5863Y3SQC
Violent Seed x5N4P62YM3
Water Gift x16WSJCXXM
Water Gift x1PQ75Y4C2
Weather Band x17P76YJMX
Weather Band x1HW7NH7W6
Zinc x15H5CHKH9
Zinc x1WS2M275T


Accuracy Manual x1N2R9467N
Accuracy Manual x1N5JYR74T
All Power-Up Orb x5QR5TS6JY
All Power-Up Orb x5W84MR32P
All Protect Orb x52C3YJ43F
All Protect Orb x56CF7N69W
Black Key x1F6M67SS7
Black Key x1YRPHWN9S
Blue Key x18HXH4894
Blue Key x1NPWRWH8Q
Bug Gift x1NF6FK85X
Bug Gift x1S4TR4FR4
Calcium x15TW8F8T6
Calcium x1YMN83HXM
Clarity Flag x178S47MF7
Clarity Flag x1Q7NYK8Q9
Coalition Scarf x129NP969C
Coalition Scarf x1H5FTM82N
Dark Gift x198W8H98T
Dark Gift x1TQRQ3685
Dragon Gift x1S49RK6NM
Dragon Gift x1TY2XTMNP
Electric Gift x1SJ6NQ6T3
Electric Gift x1T2PST5TM
Fighting Gift x1CNTX386T
Fighting Gift x1JMK5MFKS
Fire Gift x15JNRYN5K
Fire Gift x1W3KCMQMP
Flying Gift x15KNKY3MK
Flying Gift x1R8J38MYN
Ghost Gift x196CCF6QH
Ghost Gift x1NP725NJ5
Gold Ribbon x17F3CJ9FP
Gold Ribbon x1846CH46F
Gold Scope x13M7M3T2M
Gold Scope x1KQM4W3H2
Gold Ticket x12F6MFWR8
Gold Ticket x1HXH6FC7H
Golden Seed x12HJ2HTCH
Golden Seed x15PMHM339
Grass Gift x195JRS7YP
Grass Gift x1Y4W83XRY
Green Key x16XTMC9JH
Green Key x1X68W3WXP
Ground Gift x12SRTN2FC
Ground Gift x16M83QYCW
Heal Ribbon x19SQYRYSF
Heal Ribbon x1WRJ5H72T
Health Orb x562RYJ8CM
Health Orb x5TRYF8HS4
Ice Gift x17RXJSXTN
Ice Gift x1WH9N98QW
Immunity Flag x147W4YMWX
Immunity Flag x1RM2PX85Y
Insomnia Flag x14CF26XTY
Insomnia Flag x1HW4FM3CF
Iron x13SQST3WM
Iron x18W7TNK36
Joy Ribbon x18SYQ8R43
Joy Ribbon x1P326J5WX
Joy Seed x12C4Q5P9Q
Joy Seed x132SHFRW3
Joy Seed x14CX794YR
Joy Seed x18F2X9XW7
Joy Seed x18P868TP7
Joy Seed x18Q2J2K2S
Joy Seed x18QR65YQS
Joy Seed x19292Y79K
Joy Seed x19JW94J9S
Joy Seed x1CY86PHW4
Joy Seed x1H9JR9Y2S
Joy Seed x1JTN34N92
Joy Seed x1KNHR8M56
Joy Seed x1MS34W2YN
Joy Seed x1MX956M5C
Joy Seed x1N3HJX9PT
Joy Seed x1PFM7YXP5
Joy Seed x1RJ2KPX9M
Joy Seed x1SRPJ7PRS
Joy Seed x1YJ4C58CY
Life Seed x19RPKRPSN
Life Seed x1Q6HM5M3N
Limber Flag x18N8Y7HY5
Limber Flag x1PY3PQSH9
Max Elixir x52TKMQ62C
Max Elixir x5R9N7JP89
Normal Gift x18RXH37H7
Normal Gift x1F6NCFWM2
Oran Berry x53CMS47R2
Oran Berry x5CQ49QCHK
Poison Gift x18PR8H748
Poison Gift x1S5N8R8RS
Power Manual x18S793KF7
Power Manual x1FYPQ892Q
PP Manual x1526KS6QC
PP Manual x16SM86QY3
Prize Ticket x3P6WK88NS
Prize Ticket x3Y96PKF92
Protein x13QCXJ83J
Protein x1K93YR926
Psychic Gift x1M676YKQN
Psychic Gift x1NW7X5T72
Red Key x18M946HX4
Red Key x1HQ7N7HKQ
Return (TM) x1MJ653J36
Return (TM) x1SJ5PN6T3
Reviver Seed x3287K4NHW
Reviver Seed x32W6J2X8K
Reviver Seed x33K6XSKQP
Reviver Seed x33YP232KN
Reviver Seed x343PC9JQT
Reviver Seed x3475MQRQF
Reviver Seed x347SPF752
Reviver Seed x3572KT2TW
Reviver Seed x35MRQ8MKQ
Reviver Seed x363X4M3N2
Reviver Seed x36HW2M53H
Reviver Seed x36P7NSQFS
Reviver Seed x36RC7YF47
Reviver Seed x36S63793Y
Reviver Seed x36TXTFJWX
Reviver Seed x37FJ2XW3W
Reviver Seed x383F2R7NX
Reviver Seed x389W848PY
Reviver Seed x38M5FK3SH
Reviver Seed x39CN768CP
Reviver Seed x39K4Q8WRC
Reviver Seed x3C29253XF
Reviver Seed x3F6H9RHR9
Reviver Seed x3H5NY4THR
Reviver Seed x3H9HFJPNF
Reviver Seed x3HCJ48PCP
Reviver Seed x3HS87J6YS
Reviver Seed x3HXK3WSTF
Reviver Seed x3J82HRY2H
Reviver Seed x3J98S5J5T
Reviver Seed x3JR4XC6HX
Reviver Seed x3KQ5ST45X
Reviver Seed x3KTY3XPMH
Reviver Seed x3M3QMWTMR
Reviver Seed x3MFN89K9X
Reviver Seed x3MS7P57F4
Reviver Seed x3N5SF2S6M
Reviver Seed x3N7XMCJK7
Reviver Seed x3N9PH7547
Reviver Seed x3Q5N39QH2
Reviver Seed x3QP3QN7SQ
Reviver Seed x3QR3XPX6X
Reviver Seed x3R3Q6CYM3
Reviver Seed x3R8F37Y8P
Reviver Seed x3RKX8CH9S
Reviver Seed x3RSNWY62X
Reviver Seed x3RY2K2S5H
Reviver Seed x3S37CF46P
Reviver Seed x3SPJ2MY36
Reviver Seed x3SPJYN4HY
Reviver Seed x3SSJMN96R
Reviver Seed x3SWH42K9C
Reviver Seed x3SX9QSP2M
Reviver Seed x3SXM7H3HN
Reviver Seed x3WPSCHY6N
Reviver Seed x3WY5TF47S
Reviver Seed x3XFH2P557
Reviver Seed x3XN83N4W6
Reviver Seed x3XPR47M2P
Reviver Seed x3Y7HPJN7K
Rock Gift x14YK3NMYP
Rock Gift x156F78P7C
Silver Ticket x2MTN6P7YM
Silver Ticket x2Y52XPKRX
Sitrus Berry x1NT6MYXRQ
Sitrus Berry x1TK7TQNW5
Slumber Orb x5265W424P
Slumber Orb x52XRJRQ93
Steel Gift x129SYRYRX
Steel Gift x13XS5Q3P3
Tough Flag x1N6P467CX
Tough Flag x1RM73CM6N
Violent Seed x55WX56NF8
Violent Seed x579C8NXX3
Water Gift x1484HS83Q
Water Gift x18J7NJRC4
Weather Band x12H7YCY78
Weather Band x1932FRNJH
Zinc x19F7M6826
Zinc x19QY5W7NW

Action Replay Codes

The following codes require the Action Replay hardware. Be careful when using the Action Replay as it can break your consoles and your cartridge since it alters the game code. If you’re emulating this title these codes should work still but it depends on the emulator.

[Max Money]
009B2EAC 0001869F

[Max Money Stored]
009B2EC0 0098967F

[Max Gold Bars]
109B2EBC 0000270F

[Max Rank (1 Mission=Lvl Up)]
08DBB27C 0001869F

[1st PKMN Max HP]
109B15A8 000001F4
109B15AC 000001F4

[1st PKMN Max Stats]
209B15D0 000000FF
209B15D4 000000FF
209B15D8 000000FF
209B15DC 000000FF
209B15E0 000000FF
209B15E4 000000FF
209B15E8 000000FF
209B15EC 000000FF

[1st PKMN Max Exp]
009B15BC 0098967F

[1st PKMN Infinite PP]
209B1638 00000063
209B1644 00000063
209B1650 00000063
209B165C 00000063

[2nd PKMN Max HP]
109B1690 000001F4
109B1694 000001F4

[2nd PKMN Max Stats]
209B16B8 000000FF
209B16BC 000000FF
209B16C0 000000FF
209B16C4 000000FF
209B16C8 000000FF
209B16CC 000000FF
209B16D0 000000FF
209B16D4 000000FF

[2nd PKMN Max Exp]
009B16A4 0098967F

[2nd PKMN Infinite PP]
209B1720 00000063
209B172C 00000063
209B1738 00000063
209B1744 00000063

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