Project Scarlett Is Xbox Series X

At The Game Awards 2019, something unexpected happened. Microsoft decided to offer up a rather major next Xbox reveal. Phil Spencer, the Head of Xbox, showed up to talk about Project Scarlett. The new system is officially known as the Xbox Series X, and it might remind you a little of your desktop.

The Xbox Series X reveal showed off the system and its controller. It is a tall, blade box with a small Xbox logo in the upper left corner. Under the grid on the top, there is a glowing green circle. A vertical disc drive slot appears on the front. Also, it seems like its wireless controller is very similar to the current Xbox One Elite Controller. Its launch trailer also teased footage from games like Halo Infinite and what appeared to be a new Forza.

The first Xbox Series X game was also announced at The Game Awards 2019. Spencer confirmed that Ninja Theory is working on a new title for the system. It is called Senua’s Sacrifice: Hellblade 2 . It will pick up where the original game left off, with people once again following Senua as she faces foes and deals with psychosis. It is unknown if it will end up eventually coming to other platforms. (The original Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice was a multiplatform game.)

Xbox Series X will launch during the 2020 holiday season. A price point didn’t come up during the conversation. However, with events like E3 2020 on the way, there is certainly ample time for Microsoft to provide more details.

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