PS2 Gets Phoenix Creation Kit*

PS2 Gets Phoenix Creation Kit*


Your nearly obsolete PS2 is making a comeback. Your PS2 will rise from the proverbial ashes with the PS2 Phoenix Creation Kit as it turns your PS2 into a manufacturer of real items, from incredible edibles to top-shelf toys. Get it out and start cooking.

Software developed by a new company will enable your PS2 to take on the characteristics of an Easy-Bake-Oven as well as a plastic injection mould system. Imagine being able to manufacture goods from the comfort of your own home. These are actual, tangible, items, not virtual digital creations. With a series of PS2s on hand you’ll be able to set up an assembly line and turn out tasty delights for a bakery, or supply your local toy shop with amazing novelty items like an industrial factory – that is if you don’t eat or play with all the creations yourself.

The PS2 Phoenix Creation Kit works by convection heating. Commands are given through the installed software to overload the central processing unit causing it to overload and thereby generating sufficient heat. The heating is carefully controlled so that the console does not catch fire. Items such as unprocessed flour, cookie dough, as well as special plastics and metals are placed on various moulds which are fitted to the CD tray of the PS2. The items are inserted into the console where they are heated to the required temperature, and ejected when the process is complete. Special tongs are supplied to extract the creations so that there is no danger of burning one’s delicate fingers. The developers say the entire creation process is safe from start to finish.

“We are very excited about the Phoenix,” says developer Barry Tard, “There’s virtually no end to what you can create with it. We’ve done extensive testing and found that it not only works flawlessly, but that it’s exceptionally safe for kids of all ages. We only had one problem with a kid from Canada who took the cover off of the PS2 and stuck his tongue on the processor. Tragically for us he died, which gave us some negative press in that country. But on the bright side, that’s one less Canadian idiot that the world will have to deal with. I mean let’s face it, this kid was a complete moron,” Tard adds. “He was so stupid that he wouldn’t have amounted to anything anyway, except perhaps a professional hockey player,” Tard concludes.

Food items that can be created with the Phoenix include cookies, mini-cakes, flapjacks, tortillas, muffins, English toast, burgers, and bagels. Plastic and metal pellets are placed into the various moulds and melted down to conform to the shape of the mould. You can make jewelry, plaques, ornaments, and toys such as mini-Frisbees and Ninja throwing stars. The PS2 Phoenix Creation Kit comes with software disk, 20 different moulds, and 100 metal and plastic pellets in assorted colors to create 50 different items. Not available in Canada.

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