PS4 Gets GTA Online Freemode Events

PS4 Gets GTA Online Freemode Events

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online has been getting a lot of great updates lately, ones that Rockstar Games has promised will also appear on the PS4 and Xbox One. Well, PS4 owners can experience the joys of this update today. GTA Online ‘s Free Mode Events are now available on the console with no lobbies or loading, as is the Rockstar Editor and GTA Online ​ Creator for new customization options.

Here’s a trailer showing it off.

All of the various GTA Online Free Mode events that will now be available were also listed, in case people didn’t have time to watch something. Here are the events you’ll find online.

  • Checkpoint Challenge
  • Criminal Damage
  • Dead Drop
  • Hold the Wheel
  • Hot Property
  • Hunt the Beast
  • Kill List
  • Kill List Competitive
  • King of the Castle
  • Moving Target
  • Penned In
  • Time Trial

There are also Cross the Line and Hunting Pack Adversary modes, as well as 19 new challenges.

To celebrate, people who complete five Freemode Events on the PS4 in GTA Online before September 20 will be rewarded. You’ll get GTA$50,000 and a Vapid t-shirt on September 25 if you do.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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