PSN Thursday Downloads 6/19

PSN Thursday Downloads 6/19


Here’s what’s available for download from the PlayStation Network.  There’s just one game, but the trailers and add ons are plentiful.  Fatal Inertia EX is a high speed racer that has been revamped and improved upon specifically for the PS3.


NCAA Football 09 Demo

Hail To The Chimp Demo

Wolf Of The Battlefield Commando 3 Demo


Metal Gear Database


Fatal Inertia EX

Game Trailers

Golden Axe Beast Rider Teaser

Pain Character Intro Trailer

Fatal Inertia EX Trailer

Linger In Shadows Trailer

Prince of Persia Debut Trailer

Add Ons

Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds Oceania Course

The Incredible Hulk Downloadable Content

GH3 Legends of Rock Coldplay Track Pack

Rock Band Track Pack

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