Punch-Out!! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii

Punch-Out!! Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Wii



Red headgear

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Lose 100 times total in Single Player mode to unlock the red headgear, which provides more protection from punches. -From: Jake

Major Circuit

Win the Minor Circuit Championship Title to unlock the Major Circuit.

World Circuit

Win the Major Circuit Championship Title to unlock the World Circuit.

Title Defense mode

Successfully complete the Minor, Major, and World Circuit to unlock Title Defense mode. In this mode, you will be challenged by all of the fighters previously fought, but with different patterns and strategies.

Last Stand mode

Defeat Mr. Sandman in Title Defense mode to unlock Last Stand mode.

Champions mode

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Win ten bouts in Mac’s Last Stand to unlock Champions mode.

Play as Donkey Kong in Exhibition mode

Defeat Donkey Kong in Last Stand mode to unlock Donkey Kong in Exhibition mode.

Character audio

Successfully complete all three challenges in Exhibition mode to unlock your character’s audio gallery. There are two sets of audio for each fighter (Normal and Title Defense).

Gallery introductions

View a boxer’s introduction to unlock it for replay in the gallery.

Contender Career credits mini-game

Successfully complete Contender Career mode or have viewed it under the “Options” menu. Then, use the pointer to correct the misspelled names of the developers and remove the names of your opponents. Select a name, and it will turn green and become corrected. Do not select it again or choose one that is already correct. Select your opponents’ names as they scroll to remove them.

Regaining health

In-between rounds, alternatively tap Plus and Minus until a chime is heard. At the start of the next round, your health will increase.

After knocking down an opponent, rapidly tap 1 and 2 alternately (Wii-mote controls) or “drum” the Wii-mote and Nunchuk. Mac will pump himself up and regain some energy while the opponent is down.

During the dialogue between rounds, press Minus. Doc will use a Remedy Bar, and Mac will regain some energy. This can only be done once per opponent.

Recovering from TKO

If you are TKO’d and the ending animation begins, quickly tap 1 and 2 repeatedly. If done correctly, you will get one more chance.

Avoid losing

When you are about to lose a fight in Career mode, press Plus. Select “Restart”, and you will not be marked with a loss and have the benefit of seeing your opponent’s moves and weaknesses.

Defeating Sandman

Use the following trick to defeat Sandman (title defense) in Round 1. This is quite challenging. Remember that he winks twice to show his “Tyson” punches. Punch him to stop him. If the punch is on the same side as the winking eye, you will get a star. It will most likely be his left (your right) that will wink first. Alternate, and once you have your two stars, let him have it, then immediately punch him with the left hand in the face after the uppercut. This is when the fight gets difficult. He will do two quick downward punches, the “Night-Night” punch, the “Stand Still” punch, and the side punch (in that order). The “named” punches will take awhile for him to wind up in order to confuse you. There are two ways to get through this. You can do it the easy way by simply dodging and countering. The only thing to add is that extra punch in the head like the uppercuts. After that, deal with his “Dreamland Express”. Or, you can do it the hard way, which can help you complete the “take him down in under 33 seconds” challenge. When he is about to hit you, stop him by punching him like you did with the winks. If done correctly, you should get a star each time, but he usually must be close enough when you hit him. You only need four more stars if you did the wink punches correctly. In total, when the six stars are unveiled on him, he will go down. He will get up at either “3” or “4”, depending on what he was hit with. Do the same thing you did with the winks. Be careful, as you do not know which eye he will wink with, and after the second one, there is a delay before the third wink. After the third star, release it, and the added punch. He will now back up for the “Dreamland Express”. Try to punch him with your right hand. He will dodge and say “My turn!”. Duck and hit him in the head, then four body blows, then the head shot. Dodge now for an excellent chance at dodging the first of the uppercuts. If hit by the first one, it will not penalize you. Just dodge the next two, then give him the head shot, six body blows, and the head shot. He will do the “Night-Night” punch; be ready to punch him for that star, and use it. That should take him down. If not, punch him once more when he does the side punch immediately after to hopefully an extra star. He will now growl when he gets up, indicating that his Tyson punches will come at you at double time. When he winks, do what you did before. Punch him for a star. Punch with the left first. If you have a leftover star, it will help somewhat, but if not and you took him out a bit early with that last uppercut, both will end with about the same time. However, if you did not have to punch him another time, you should get a faster time. Get three stars and unveil on him, and he will say “Oh, come on!”. The problem with this match is that is takes quite a bit of courage and skill to do, but it is not as difficult as some others.

Defeating Von Kaiser

Use the following trick to defeat Von Kaiser 1 in only five punches. This is a fairly easy feat. First, you need to get three stars. When he shakes his head for the punch, punch him at the correct moment. Listen for four clicks, then punch. Go for the head, as it is faster and more reliable. After that, dodge his next punch, and give him one counter-punch. He will cramp. Before he says “Mommy!”, wind up your uppercut. If done correctly, he should be K.O.’d. This will require some practice.

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