Realms of the Haunting Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthrough for MS-DOS and PC

An in-game screenshot from Realms of the Haunting.

Realms of the Haunting Cheats, Cheat Codes and Walkthrough for MS-DOS and PC

Realms of the Haunting is a 1996 adventure shooter developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Interplay Productions. The game was originally released exclusively for MS-DOS, but nowadays can also be picked up on PC.

At the time of release, Realms of the Haunting was lavished with praise by critics, and was nominated for plenty of awards. For the most part, the game’s overall presentation and massive scale were what really won over critics back in 1996 and beyond.

Realms of the Haunting Premise

An in-game screenshot from Realms of the Haunting.

©Screenshot from Realms of the Haunting

The gameplay of Realms of the Haunting takes place in a first-person perspective, as you traverse dark halls solving puzzles to progress through each chapter. Gunplay is different from other shooters, in that there is always a floating cursor that you can use to interact with objects in the environment at the same time as combat takes place.

One of the defining features that really ages the game is the full-motion video cutscenes, which tell the bulk of the game’s story with live-action actors. There’s a certain charm to it, although it roots the game firmly in the 1990s.

Realms of the Haunting Main Characters

An in-game screenshot from Realms of the Haunting.

©Screenshot from Realms of the Haunting

While Realms of the Haunting was loved by critics, its overall plot was one of the most criticized elements of the game. Many felt it was too generic, with the small cast leaving a lot to be desired. There are just a couple of characters you should know when heading into Realms of the Haunting, and we’re going to show you a few of them:

  • Adam Randall: Adam Randall is the protagonist of the game. Here, he heads to a haunted house to discover the mystery of his father’s death, where he gets more than he bargained for.
  • Rebecca Trevisard: Rebecca is a psychic who also finds herself in the haunted house. She teams up with Adam as the duo looks to find a way out of the house.

Realms of the Haunting Titles in the Series

An in-game screenshot from Realms of the Haunting.

©Screenshot from Realms of the Haunting

Despite the amount of critical acclaim for Realms of the Haunting, it remains a one-and-done effort to this day. Unfortunately, we don’t have any official sales figures for the game, so it isn’t clear just how financially successful it was. Given the lack of a sequel, we’d bet it didn’t do too well.

Studio Gremlin Interactive would release several games after the development of Realms of the Haunting, but it struggled to receive as much positive press with subsequent titles. Perhaps turning it into a franchise would have been the right move, after all.

In the modern era, we don’t like the chances of ever seeing Realms of the Haunting again. It simply never gained enough of a cult following at the time to justify a publisher taking the chance on a reboot or a sequel.

  • Realms of the Haunting (1996)

Realms of the Haunting Cheat Codes

An in-game screenshot from Realms of the Haunting.

©Screenshot from Realms of the Haunting

Although the base game of Realms of the Haunting doesn’t have any cheat codes that you can use, there is still one option available to you. The official site of the game, despite not being updated for a long time, has a few different cheat programs that you can use to alter the game in different ways.

The main cheat has a few options, which are as follows according to the game’s website:

  • Specify the amount of bullets for the colt and the gun (maximum 9999). This will only work for the current charge and only if you own the weapon.
  • Specify the amount of recharges for the colt and the gun (maximum 9999). This will only work if you own at least 1 recharge for the respective weapons.
  • Specify the amount of life potion (maximum 9 flasks of weak, strong and super potion). This will always work, even if you don’t own any potion.

Sadly, the list of cheats ends here – it’s not exactly the most extensive selection of codes. It’s interesting that many similar shooters during the ’90s often had plenty of cheat codes that you could use, but Realms of the Haunting is one of the exceptions.

Realms of the Haunting Cheat Code FAQ

An in-game screenshot from Realms of the Haunting.

©Screenshot from Realms of the Haunting

Is There Any Achievements for Realms of the Haunting?

Nope. Understandably, the original version of the game had no way to support achievements. However, the idea of achievements later being added for the Steam rerelease of Realms of the Haunting was never out of the question. Sadly, the effort was never made to retroactively add achievements to the game.

How Do I Use Realms of the Haunting Cheats?

If you’re using the cheats that we gave you above from the official website, it’s pretty easy. After you’ve downloaded the EXE file, place it in the SAVEGAME folder of your PC. Launch it from here and you should be able to use Realms of the Haunting cheats.

Is There a Full Walkthrough for Realms of the Haunting Cheats?

Yes. In fact, we’ve put together this chapter-by-chapter guide to help you complete Realms of the Haunting from start to finish. Needless to say, this will spoil everything the game has to offer, so only use this if you’re stuck with one particular section.

Chapter 1: Shadows

Grab the ammo from the table, located next to the hat stand. Afterward, turn left and move to the lit room with the typewriter inside. Pickup the Colt 45 and its ammo.

Go through one of the doors next to the desk, then go left toward the open window. You should then be met with a staircase – go halfway up, and turn right.

Follow the corridor until you reach two candles. Light them, then stand against the wall and wait for a moment. The window will smash, leaving a key behind where the painting was. Grab it, and use it on the study door along the corridor. Head inside.

Chapter 2: Signs and Portents

Now begins probably the longest chapter in the game. Light the candles or turn on the light switch, before picking up the gold statues on the floor. You should also grab the sword and shield. Interact with the grandfather clock.

Next, open the bookcase next to the desk, which will reveal a secret passage. Kill the monster in your path. After this, follow the path to the platform, before heading down another flight of stairs. You’ll find more ammo near the pool of water, which you can pick up before continuing to the room with a pentagram on the floor.

Grab the globe in this room, where there should be an indentation for it on the door. Place the globe inside this, to find a secret room. Kill the monster in here, before grabbing the mausoleum map, ammo, and healing potions. Take the globe out, then put it back in to open the door once more. Leave the room and head left, where you’ll find a walkway over lava.

Follow this across until you reach a cavern at the bottom. Here, pick up the shotgun, as well as more ammo and potions. Head back to the pentagram room, and walk down the final passageway. Kill the golem blocking your route, and walk to the lit room where you should be open to go through the door on the left.

You should see a door with a lever next to it – pull it and head on through. Go down until you reach another door to go through. You’ll find lots of ammo in the room. Once fully looted, pull the lever by the railings and leave. Go left, then left once more, and you should reach an open door.

In this room, you’ll find a key hidden in the far corner. Kill the golems as you leave the room, then head back to the lever room. Turn left, and there should be another door and level. Pull it, and enter. Follow the path, where you’ll see a handprint on the wall. Press it, then press the handprint to the right of it. Golems will spawn inside the pentagram. Ignore them, and run into the pentagram, pressing another handprint here. Turn right, and run into a dead-end, where you should find the final handprint. Golems should now stop spawning.

You’ll see words on the wall – use them, and step into the pentagram, where you’ll be teleported.

Look left, where you’ll see a wooden door. Step up to it, and use a healing potion. Head to the cellar, and open the left gate with a few clicks. Grab the ammo here, then go left and up the stairs. Turn right after emerging from the secret passageway, and head through the light. You’ll see a huge chair. Again, use it.

Head back through the light, where you should see a door leading to a storeroom. Grab the ammo in there. Leave the room, and turn left through the with writing on it. Take more ammo. Leave, following the stairs and through the open door.

Now, walk back to where you were initially teleported in, and turn right, where you’ll find a door with a keyhole. You should be able to open it with the key grabbed earlier. Head on down the corridor, where you’ll be met with a cutscene.

Afterward, go left and follow the corridor. You’ll reach a bridge – SAVE HERE. Kill the monsters, then head back to where you came in. Go left and move to the water. Follow the right-hand side and up the stairs. You’ll reach a pedestal where you pick up the Shrive and Staff.

As the statues come to look, run down the bone corridor and turn right. Use the white game, and speak the words of power. Head through the lowered gate, and follow the corridor before speaking to an old friend. It doesn’t matter what you say here, you’ll progress just fine.

Kill all of the skeletons, and go through the door once they’re dead for good. Then use the Shrive on the double doors.

We’re almost at the end of Chapter 2 now. Approach the raised section here to meet Aelf. As you’re approached by skeletons, turn to the altar and take the healing potions as fast as you can.

Run back to the study as fast as you can, with the route used earlier. Eventually, the stairs will collapse on you. When this happens, go through the door, turn left, and through the secret passageway before taking a final left. Two red demons will spawn – ignore them and keep running. Follow the path until you again reach the pentagram room, and you’ll eventually reach the room where the roof collapsed.

Finally, put the Shrive in the round slot. This will open another secret passageway, which you can go through to meet Rebecca. Chapter 2, complete, at long last.

Chapter 3: Keeper of Time

Head out of the library, and into the foyer. You’ll see more double doors – go through and collect the helm, which you can then equip. There’s another door at the back, which you should then go through, and another door opposite the dormitory. In here, there is a chest, which you should push. Head through the left-hand door, where you’ll find a corridor. In this corridor, take the second left. You should find yourself back in the typewriter room.

Go through the door on the opposite side of the room, then the next door on the left. Wait by the fireplace, where a green crystal will spawn. Grab it. Head back through the typewriter room, and through the opposite door. You can then use the green crystal in the dome.

Speak with Gnarl. Ask about what he is offering, then claim to be ready. There are two masks that will appear on the balcony. Pick them up, then use the dome.

Chapter 4: Tales from the Tower

Exit the starting room, and head into the left-hand door. Look for the discolored tile on the floor on the right. Push it, and head through the door that opens as a result. Grab the map of the house. Leave, and go left to find yourself back in the dormitory.

Head on through the opposite door, and spin the sword on the wall. Head through the door that then opens, and enter the next door on the right. Rebecca should then have a vision.

Grab all the items from the top of the bookcase, then leave the room and head up the stairs. At the top, stand on the gate, and use one of the masks you collected at the end of Chapter 3. Speak to Raphael.

Head toward either of the light doors until you reach another Tower gate. Step onto it, which will take you to the house’s courtyard. Step off, and run to the round pool of water. Grab the key from the bottom of it. Open the two doors here. One room will have a scrap of paper. Take it, then run back to the gate and use the mask again.

Chapter 5: The Offering

Head back to where you met Raphael. Then, stand on the gate to go back to the house. A rune will explode after you exit the platform. Press the handprint that subsequently appears on the wall. Go through the door, and follow the path until you reach a button. Go to the room on the right, and lure the enemies inside to the platform near the button. Then, shoot the button to crush them.

After this, head left into the chapel. Use your statue on the floor marking. Ride the moving platform, and take the key on the ceiling. Grab your statue once again, otherwise you’ll need to come back for it later.

Head to the room with the monsters from earlier, and enter the next door. Pull the lever, and kill the monster that spawns. Head down the stairs, following the cave. You’ll eventually reach a cavern – just keep moving through it until you meet Hawk. Save here.

Stay left as you move through the caverns. Once you reach the room with the red crystal, grab it and head back. Take a left once you’re inside, where there will be a room on the right-hand side featuring a teleporter.

Head north on the map, until you’re outside, then go left. Keep left. At the dead end, turn around, and stay left again. You’ll find yourself at the bridge. Talk to the watcher, and hand it the red crystal you picked up earlier.

Chapter 6: Journal of Evil

Head down the corridor, jumping across the puzzle until you reach the end. It’s a simple timing challenge, so you shouldn’t struggle too much. Eventually, you’ll enter the basement of Florentine’s Observatory.

Grab the ammo down here, then head upstairs and through the door. You’ll come to a section with four rooms. Find the room with the bed, where underneath you’ll be able to grab Florentine’s Staff. Make sure you pick this up.

Head back into the corridor and up the stairs. At the top, enter the room with the flickering light and walk through the door on the other side. Turn on the lightswitch in the observatory, and kill the monster inside. Find Florentine’s journal, and return to the cellar room.

While there, read the journal, which will give you a key. You’ll them be able to enter one of the four rooms from earlier, and find a locked cabinet. Use the key on it, and take the statue inside.

Head on back to the cellar, and grab Aelf’s breastplate. A cutscene will follow, and there will be some monsters to kill. Look at the candles, and go right through the door.

You should come to a gate. Use Florentine’s Staff on it, and it should activate. Move forward to enter the study.

Chapter 7: Beyond the Gate

To start Chapter 7, you should place the statues on the gaps around the sarcophagus. It should open. If you happen to be missing any statues, place the staff in their place, and it’ll teleport you to where you need to be to find them.

Head on down the ladder, following the path without falling. Reaching the clock, turn right and go up to the platform. Set the lever on the floor to 6 o’clock, and push the handprint on the wall.

Equip your shield before going to the next door. At the top of the stairs passing through the next room, you can equip your weapon again, before going in any of the rooms on the left or right. You should then be able to pick up the chalice. Fill it with water, and head down the corridor toward the mosaic. Speak to Hawk.

Save your game here, as it’s possible to break the game. Equip the chalice, and shoot the water at the fish door on the left. Head inside and grab Aelf’s Dagger.

Next, you’ll speak to Belial. When you do, tell him you have nothing of his. This is the only dialogue choice that will complete the chapter.

Chapter 8: The Mark of the Beast

Head back to the study, then run to the main foyer. Go through the door after the rune on it breaks, and follow the corridor until you’re in the pentagram room. Kill the monster inside before lighting all of the candles. Another monster will appear in the corner. Kill it again, and take the statue it drops.

Look at your house map once again. Head for the north corner using the map. You should reach a broken gate – pass it, and head to the library. Put the statue in the door slot, and collect it after the door opens.

Chapter 9: By The Seven Be Bound

Switch the light on, and kill everything. More monsters will appear once you try to leave. You’ll need to kill them, too. Follow the corridor from the garden, where you’ll reach another door. Use the statue on the slot again, and head through. From here, go down the stairs into the basement.

You’ll see rats as an indication you’re on the right track here. Follow them to the end of the maze. Go through the double doors, and speak to Gaul.

Chapter 10: The Key of Tears

Chapter 10 is much like Chapter 2, in that its overly long and tedious to complete. First off, grab a green crystal, before heading up to the altar and pulling the lever behind it.

Go through the door, which will open up, and stand on the gate while wearing the mask.

Kill the red dragon that will fight you immediately. Afterward, go through the light gate. Head right at the junction, following the path onward. You’ll eventually find another light gate, which you can safely walk through until the path splits. Even when it splits, keep going forward. Another light gate, and more path. And another! You’ll know you’re on the right track when you encounter a glyph with a cross on it.

Now in Raquia, follow the path further until it splits. There’s no right answer here, as it’s random whether the path leads to the right way or a dead end. Just try both. Reaching a huge pool, speak to Raysiel.

Now, you need to collect several items: earplugs, jeweled haunch, and panpipes. These are hidden around Raquia, and having the map will make them much easier to find.

After grabbing the items, head to the gate and save your game. Walk forward until the guard wakes up, with the jeweled haunch in hand. Use the haunch on the guard as you get close enough – don’t shoot it!

Now, click on the gates. This will lower them, and you can enter the tower. Stick to the right side of the wall in the tower, and you’ll reach a clockwork room. Simply make it across without touching the floor, and you’re good to go here.

In the next room, there are several puzzles to complete. Enter the first door on your left, which you’ll need to use the panpipes to open. Inside is a jar of oil and specs to collect. Skip the next door with the head. Equip the earplugs, to mute the siren, before taking the key from its neck and getting out of there.

Skip the next door altogether. Use the oil on the door with squeaky hinges, which will allow it to open. Equip the specs, and grab the scroll on the table without knocking the books over. The specs will make this task possible.

Now, head to the next door, which will lead you to a chapel. Grab the gems off the window, and place them in their respective positions on the floor. This should give you a rainbow key.

Head back to the door with the head, and interact with it. Use the word of passing, which is SPIRIT. Grab the flask from within, and take it to the ice room. Use the flask in here to melt the floor, and take the armlet.

Now its time for the final room with the wooden floor. Here, make sure you’re wearing the armlet. Use the rainbow key to open this door, where you’ll find a cabinet that holds a multi-colored gem. This gem should then be placed in that gap at the base of the large platform. You can then ride it up to a set of metal doors. Enter them and save.

Now, turn off your run mode and crouch. You’ve got to move around the room without touching the gems, which is extremely difficult. You should eventually find your way to the gemstone, which you need to pick up and use with the ring. The gems will then vanish. Head through the door and stand on the plinth, before equipping the ring.

See, pretty long and tedious, right?

Chapter 11: Captive Angel

This Chapter is simple, but long. From start to finish, all you’re doing is heading back to the study. Once you’ve made it there, head down the ladder, through the clock room, and to the mosaic. Use the key in the lock, and speak to Hawk.

Chapter 12: St. Michael’s Vicarage

In your father’s church, go up the stairs and onto the stone. Kill everyone here, then head to the vicarage. As you come closer, the rune on the door should break.

Inside, check under the doormat for the wand, then in the cabinet to find a torch.

Go to the kitchen in the house, and look in the fridge. You’ll find a key. Run upstairs and go through the first door. Open the wardrobe, and dispel the rune inside using your newfound wand. Smash all the runes here, then head back to the corridor. Go into the bathroom, and open the door using the key to a bedroom where three monsters will spawn. Kill them.

Head off to the spare room, and climb through the hole in the wall. Use the silver key to the cabinet inside, where you’ll find another key. Exit through the wardrobe and head back downstairs. In the room with the TV in it, unlock the door to the sitting room. Kill more monsters inside. Grab the journal off the shelf, then pick it up off the floor after it burns you. Open the book – you’ll be given another key.

Go outside again and kill the monster that spawns. Go to the church, where a monster will fall from the roof. Kill it, and take the coin it leaves behind. Put the coin into the donation box outside, and head into the church.

At the back of the church is a stained glass window featuring St. Michael. Look at it to receive two feathers. There is then a door near where you came in. Open it using the key from the journal and head upstairs. Grab the tiara, then the key, and go back downstairs.

Use the key to open up a secret area near the stained glass window. Inside is a statue – place the tiara on its head, then put the green feather in the hole on the front.

Chapter 13: Sword of the Dragon

Go back the the mantle stone. Use your map to head to Arqua. Once here, head through the gate and toward the building, where you’ll find a red teleport circle.

Exit the room you teleport to. You’ll be taken to a room with two bronze markings on the floor, one chalice, and one eye (magnifying glass). Clicking on one will take you to a room with the item, so make sure you click both before heading back to the other, as you need both of them.

Fill the chalice with water, and dispel the four gates with it. Enter these four rooms that open and take every item possible. After this, you should have a scroll that Adam can only read using the magnifying glass. Use it, which will move the scroll to the “General” section of your inventory. Now, you have to combine a few items together. Follow this guide to make it easier:

  • Combine the Flint and the Cylinder to get “Flint & Cylinder”
  • Combine the Flint & Cylinder and the scroll to get fire.
  • You can now open the box which says “BURN” to get the tinder.
  • Combine the Mortar and the Pestle to get “Mortar & Pestle”
  • You can now open the box which says “GRIND” to get the water pipe
  • Stand in front of the box which says “BONG” and combine the water pipe with the Flint & Cylinder to get the Amber
  • Combine the Amber with the Mortar & Pestle to get the ground amber
  • Combine the Flint & Cylinder with the Tinder to get a fire
  • Combine the Bowl & Powder with the Flask & Powder to get snow

With this complete, you now just need to put the items in their respective places around the fountain. Once you’ve done it correctly, light will appear in the fountain. But guess what? We’re not done combining yet! You’ve got to complete these combinations next:

  • Combine the pipe with the snow
  • Combine the pipe with the ground amber
  • Combine the pipe with the fire
  • Combine the pipe with the fan

Once this is done, you can give the pipe to Tishtrya, and you will receive Eternity in return.

Chapter 14: Vengeful Souls

Stand on the white teleporter, and then go back to the Tower. Follow the path to the junction, then head right. Keep following, before turning left when possible. At the Heled gate, step on the stone.

As a prisoner, read the newspaper clippings around you and wait for Rebecca.

Chapter 15: Where the Dead Lie

Look in the other cells for resources. Rush out of the crypt and into the graveyard. Run in a straight line past the monsters, and head through the gap in the wall. Go right and run to the fires. Burn Florentine’s journals in the flames. Head through the gate that opens after this is complete.

Chapter 16: The Gate

Put on the mask immediately at the start, and go to the tower. This skips the entire graveyard maze. At the tower, follow the path and head on through the light gate, avoiding the red dragon along the away. Keep following through another light gate until you reach the Sheol mantle stone.

You’ll see a little gap, which you can jump over. Go through the light gate, and pick up the Shrive and Eternity, before going back to the Sheol mantle stone. Use Eternite on the mantle stone.

Here, speak to Abbadon, then go through the archway. Now, comes the section where you have to collect 16 brains in this area. There are no specific ways to do this, so you’re on your own here. Once you’ve picked them up, feed the brains to the machine. A monster will appear, which you need to kill. After this, go back to the garden, then through the archway once again.

Speak to Abbadon once more. Smash all 16 mirrors in the area, then Chapter 16 will be complete.

Chapter 17: Father of Lies

Chapter 17 is a puzzle-filled section, and we’ve got the solutions. Then can be done in any order, so we’re going to start with the Checkerboard.

Start on the third tile from the left, then go: N N N N W W N N E E E. Press the hand on the other side of the room, then head back with: Then to S S E E S S S W N W S W W S.

After this, the Checkerboard will be complete, and you’ll be ready to move on to the Stepping Stones. Move the pillars in the following formation: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Right.

Now, you’re in the mirrors puzzle. Shoot the mirrors that don’t have forcefields blocking them, until they’re all gone. Do so without standing on the raised sections, and this puzzle will be complete.

Next is the lever puzzle. This is solved by pulling the second lever, then the third, then the last, and finally the fifth one from the left. Press the button until the lower gun is done. Then, pull the second lever, the sixth, and the then the first. Press the button even more again.

Next is the shooting gallery, where you simply have to shoot the forcefield, then shoot each gem until they’re all gone. Easy.

The crystal maze should be up next. Press the top right handprint then the bottom left until the handprint is in the middle of the cube. This is pure trial and error, so keep at it.

The next puzzle is the bouncing balls. To do this follow these steps:

  • Leave the first two dials alone
  • Turn the third dial on the top row four times
  • Leave the last dial alone
  • On the second row, turn the first dial twice
  • Turn the second dial five times
  • Leave the third dial alone
  • Turn the last dial seven times
  • On the third row, leave the first dial alone
  • Turn the second dial seven times
  • Turn the third dial seven times
  • Turn the last dial six times

Next up is the hall of mirrors. Stick to the wall on the right, before pressing the handprint. Now, leave by sticking to the left wall.

The next puzzle is easily done by following these steps:

  • Turn the dial outside the checkboard puzzle until it turns dark
  • Turn the dial outside the stepping stones puzzle until it turns dark
  • Skip the next one
  • Turn the dial outside the Big Guns puzzle until it turns dark
  • Skip the next three
  • Turn the dial outside the Hall of Mirrors puzzle until it turns dark

Kill the enemy that appears, then head back through the archway and save your game. Keep running, avoiding the standing stones. Try and kill the enemies as you move. After they’re all dead, you can now approach the standing stones. It doesn’t matter what happens here – you’ll end up in a fight with Belial. Kill him, and use Eternity on the stone to begin the next Chapter.

Chapter 18: Threads

It’s hard to go too wrong with Chapter 18, as it’s a pretty linear chapter. However, the red dragons will pose a threat, so make sure to save at the beginning. Just keep following the path, until you reach the bridge. Turn left here, and go across the bridge.

There, you’ll be met with a monster that you must kill. Afterward, follow the path and kill one more monster to get into the cave. From here, you should be able to follow the path to the mantle stone. Chapter 18, done and dusted.

Chapter 19: The Gathering

This is probably the shortest and the easiest chapter in the entire game. You can select anything here and still progress, with the exception of the dialogue option, “I’ll get the priest from behind.” Just don’t choose this and Chapter 19 will be a breeze.

Chapter 20: The Devil Takes the Hindmost

Upon beginning Chapter 20, save immediately. Your objective here is to kill the Dodger while escaping the house as fast as possible. Use your map to make it to the foyer, where the Dodger will finally appear.

Hide in the corner, between the hat stand and the table. This should be a safe spot from the Dodger, where you can use Florentine’s Staff to kill him.

After he is dead, exit the front door to complete Realms of the Haunting.

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