Reasons Why Xbox Fans Should Be Hyped About Destiny Beta

Reasons Why Xbox Fans Should Be Hyped About Destiny Beta

The new beta for the Xbox rolls out on July 23 rd …which gives 360 and One fans all the more reason to call in sick for work this Wednesday!

While the title looks to set a new standard for what online multiplayer action will look like in the future (much as they did with their previous iterations of Halo ) there is more to this game than meets the eye. The staff of the Xbox Wire wants fans to know that guns and grenades are not the only things exciting about Destiny as it’s certainly not just a one trick pony. Here is a quick rundown of five key things people should be looking forward to in the upcoming release.

  • The Secrets

Destiny is a Bungie game – and years of playing the Halo series has taught us something: Bungie likes to hide cool stuff all up in its games. We’ve been building our skills for years, grenade-jumping onto tiny ledges and driving vehicles off cliffs. Whether its skulls, extra story elements, or just Easter eggs, the world of Destiny is bound to be chock-full of them, and we can’t wait to explore it all and find them.

  • Thanks, Stranger

One of the coolest elements of Destiny is that your game crosses over into other players’ sessions seamlessly. So as you and your pack of Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks work through the harsh desert, you might come across another band in the middle of a firefight. Help them, move on, maybe even attack; it’s up to you. It’s a strange and awesome experience – it feels like a massively multiplayer online game in ways, but more fluid and simplified.

  • Whatever, I Do What I Want

There are so many different modes in Destiny, and they all play differently and feel like unique experiences. But they’re all tied together so well, that it’s all still part of the main experience. Destiny’s multiplayer is not a separate mode, alienated from the story. It’s all melded together, and no matter what mode you’re playing, you’re making progress. Which means your Destiny experience could very well be completely different from your friend’s.

  • Level Up

Bungie has implemented a pretty ingenious progression system in Destiny. It’s ingenious in the sense that you’re always improving, always unlocking stuff, always getting rewarded, and never just grinding for experience points. It’s enough to make you keep playing absentmindedly, well into the night. Just one more round, just one more mission, just… oh snap, is that the sunrise?

  • TANKS!

Have you seen the tanks in First Light, one of the Crucible maps? They’re huge, they’re badass, and they explode the living crap out of everything. There’s a reason every player books it towards a tank as soon as a match starts: They’re too awesome and powerful to resist. So, don’t: Get one, and then obliterate the other team while they wait for a heavy ammo drop!

While there is certainly a ton of fun to be had with the upcoming beta, it may also highlight additional problems still present that Bungie will need to address before the game’s final release. We’ll bring you more on its progress as it becomes available.

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