RUMOR: Xbox 720 And PS4 Just Around The Corner?

RUMOR: Xbox 720 And PS4 Just Around The Corner?


So far, Nintendo is the only developer that’s made any type of official statement regarding their next gen system, but that hasn’t stopped the Internet from fabricating some colossal speculation about Microsoft and Sony’s plans.

The latest conjecture regarding Sony’s status concerns their allocation of development resources and staffing. It seems that the developer may have started assigning several of their teams to begin the preliminary work on game creation for the PS4. However, there’s no word on how many teams have been attached and what stage of development the hardware is in.

Also, even if this rumor turns out to be true, Sony has continuously affirmed that the PS3 will have a ten-year lifespan. And since the console was released in 2006, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be stuck with it for a while yet.

However, the speculation about Microsoft’s plans are much more interesting; reports are beginning to surface that the developer is planning to reveal their next gen console at E3 in 2013 and release it several months later. This would put the Xbox 720, or whatever Microsoft decides to call it, right on the tail of the Wii U.

Again, all of this entirely speculative at this point. So, if none of it turns out to be true, don’t be mad at me.

By Josh Engen

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