Ryse 2 Could Still be a Thing if Console Sales Improve

Ryse 2 Could Still be a Thing if Console Sales Improve

In an interview with Eurogamer on Friday, August 8, Crytek’s CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that the sequel to the Xbox One-exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome reportedly cancelled –may still be a thing to come around in the future, as long as more current-gen consoles are sold.

We have a good relationship with Microsoft. We are constantly looking at what we can do together, ” Yerli told Eurogamer on the topic of Ryse 2 and its IP dispute. ” We are not 100 percent happy with Xbox One sales right now. So we want to wait till the current-gen and next-gen catches up. For Ryse 2 , we aren’t saying it’s cancelled. It’s our IP. It just has to wait for the right timing. And the right timing means higher installed base across next-gen.”

Yerli also confirmed in the interview that Ryse 2 won’t be an Xbox One exclusive title; “ No. We can do whatever we want with it with whoever we want, ” he said when asked about the sequel’s potential release platform, and who it’d be published by.

Yerli continued to touch on what’s currently stopping Crytek from developing Ryse: Son of Rome’s sequel, particularly in regards of finding a publisher for the title. He also states that there’s interest in there being a sequel to the game, but there’s nothing official to say as of yet.

Focus and attention, ” he explained. “ I’m not saying it’s not going to happen. Look, Ryse was maybe not the best rated game, but what we achieved for launch was a great foundation for us to build up. I know there are a lot of gamers who are contacting me through different channels who want to see Ryse 2 . There is a lot of positive feedback. We’re considering it. But at this point there is nothing official I can talk about.

In late June, we established that Crytek UK, the studio working on the Homefront sequel, Homefront: The Revolution , was reportedly experiencing financial difficulties , and that its employees hadn’t received their pay for a few months, to which Crytek UK employees were reportedly not returning to work . The studio eventually responded to the financial rumors .

Ryse: Son of Rome has also been confirmed for PC, and it’ll support 4K resolution . You can read Eurogamer’s full interview with Cevat Yerli via the source link below. We’ll bring you more Ryse -related news should further information reach our ears.

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