Saints Row: The Third (Saints Row 3) Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Saints Row: The Third (Saints Row 3) Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ for Xbox 360

Saints Row: The Third Walkthrough/Strategy Guide/FAQ


1) Controls

Basic Controls
LT: Aim/Heavy Attack
RT: Shoot/Light Attack
LB: Sprint
RB: Grenade
A: Jump
B: Weapon Select
X: Reload/Pick Up
Y: Hijack Vehicle/Human Shield
UP: Recruit Followers (hold to dismiss)
LEFT: Taunt
RIGHT: Compliment
DOWN: Screenshot
LS: Move (Click to Crouch)
RS: Camera (Click to Melee)
START: Pause Menu
BACK: Phone Menu
Driving Controls
LT: Brake/Reverse
RT: Accelerate
LB: Shoot
RB: Grenade
A: Drift
B: Weapon Select
X: Rear View
Y: Exit Vehicle
UP: Recruit Followers (hold to dismiss)
DOWN: Cruise Control/Screenshot
LS: Steer (Click for Nitro)
RS: Camera (Click for Horn)
START: Pause Menu
BACK: Phone Menu

2) Story Walkthrough

2.1) When Good Heists Go Bad

Take out the armed bank tellers, then proceed into the back of the bank and up the stairs. Note that you already have several weapons in your menu to select from. Continue up the stairs and shoot the guards. Go up top and join your friends at the vault door.

More enemies will attack after the scene. Head up the stairs and sign the fan’s autograph, then stand on the objective marker and plant the explosives, which will immediately detonate and initiate a scene.

Shortly after a certain idiot hits the alarm, you’ll get flashbanged, after which a bunch of SWAT guys will drop in. Take the first wave out, and they’ll start coming from the upper level and well as the ground floor. Once the SWAT team is down, switch to your rifle and shoot the helicopter until it leaves.

As the safe is lifted up through the roof, shoot the SWAT team up here as well as the returning helicopter. A few weaker black helicopters will be dropping in to drop off enemies, and it’s actually possible to bring these down, unlike the red one.

When you get knocked down to the ledge, shoot the nearby soldiers, then continue trying to bring down the red helicopter until you climb back up automatically. Shoot the soldiers and drop helicopters on the roof from here, then open fire on the red helicopter one last time to finally bring it down and end the mission. Afterward, you’ll get the “Dead Presidents” achievement and be able to create your character.

2.2) I’m Free – Free Falling

You’ll have to fight the enemies ahead in hand-to-hand combat. If you perform a heavy attack on an enemy, you can follow it up with a sequence of buttons onscreen for a combo. Move up to the enemy with a gun ahead for some brief turbulence, then run up and finish him with a heavy attack to pick up his weapon.

In the hold, shoot the next couple of enemies and head down the stairs. Go around the cars to reach the next area with a good number of enemies. Take them all down and head toward the opening to skydive.

While skydiving, the controls remain the same, except that pressing A (X on PS3) will flip you between facing up and facing down. After the midair shootout, there will be a falling sequence where you have to avoid debris and catch the girl. As the plane approaches, shoot the window to fall right into it.

Naturally, you’ll fall straight through the plane. Fight more enemies in the air, then fight off the enemy that grabs you. Now avoid the debris and catch your female friend once again. After the mission ends, you’ll receive the achievement “Welcome Wagon.”

2.3) We’re Going to Need Guns

Head to the car ahead and hop inside. Open your phone menu and select the map, then select Friendly Fire and mark it as your destination. Follow the marker to the store and buy ammo and/or grenades, then follow your next objective to the military armory.

The army isn’t too happy to see you, so run over any guards and bust through the gate. Drive up to the warehouse, shoot any nearby guards, and proceed on foot. Take out the remaining guards inside and go to the objective by the weapons cache.

You’ll now have to hold the armory off against a wave of soldiers. Some have riot shields, so that’s where any grenades you got will come in handy. Just hold them off until Pierce shows up with helicopters, then grab the UAV controller.

The UAV has two firing modes: the left trigger fires a remote-controlled missile you can steer toward the target, while the right trigger just fires a regular missile. Protect the helicopters and shoot the trucks. When the tanks show up (marked with crosshair icons), take them out first, as they are the greatest danger to your choppers.

Once Pierce is ready to leave, sprint to the helicopter with the UAV in hand. From the helicopter, shoot the red-marked enemy helicopters while protecting the friendly helicopter with the bomb. Continue doing this until the helicopter lands on the roof and the mission ends.

2.4) Steelport Here I Am

Check the Missions app on your phone and call Pierce to begin this mission, which will mark the first objective on your map. Drive to this objective to pick up Pierce, then get in the car and drive to the car shop indicated on your minimap.

Inside, open the shop menu and add whatever customizations to your car that you want. You can customize everything from performance to appearance, the latter of which will increase your respect score. Your customizations are saved and can be restored by returning to the shop at any time.

Now that your vehicle is tricked out, head to the next objective, Planet Saints, where you can buy yourself some clothes. When you come out, an inhuman-looking brute will attack. Avoid his charges and shoot him until he is weakened, then run up and finish him with Y/Triangle.

There will be more enemies piling up outside, including a helicopter. Grab a car and drive away, heading for the next objective, your safehouse. Once you get there, go inside and up to your room to lose your pursuers. This will conclude the mission.

2.5) Party Time

Call Pierce from your Mission app to begin this mission. Drive to the marked location, and suddenly you’ll be jumping down from a helicopter. Deploy your parachute and land on the roof, then start shooting the guards to crash the party. There’s one you need to interrogate for the elevator code.

Head inside and continue wiping out enemies. If they take the indecent women here hostage, there’s no reason not to shoot these meat shields; they won’t be missed. Clear out the penthouse, then head for the lower level. Grab the grenades and throw them to blow up the explosive barrels ahead. Shoot the remaining enemies and call the elevator to bring in reinforcements.

Head back up the penthouse and fight the newly respawned enemies to clear them out. When you see the helicopter getting away, grab the other helicopter off the landing zone. A few controls are different with helicopters. To use the Xbox 360 buttons, A is go up, B is go down, and the bumpers are there for making quick turns.

Pursue the helicopter back to the enemy base. Set down nearby and fight your way into the building. When the other enemy’s are eliminated, grab the enemy in the corner to interrogate him for the bomb defusion method. Pass through the next door and you’ll call in with the code, ending the mission. After the mission ending scene, you’ll receive the achievement, “Opulence, You Has It.”

2.6) Guardian Angel

Go to your missions and call up Pierce again to start this one. Don’t go far, because the penthouse is the destination this time. You’ll take off with a rocket launcher in a helicopter. Next thing you know, Price will be coming out of the bank with the loot. Once he takes off, Morning Star vehicles will start attacking from down the street, so start blowing them up before they get to his car. Also, make sure you’re not shooting so dangerously close that you hit his car in the process.

When you get to the Tools building, a car will come out from behind Pierce, so take it out. Afterward, keep taking out the vehicles ahead. A little while later, Pierce will come up to a roadblock. Shoot the cars in the roadblock so he can continue. Another roadblock will be just a few feet ahead of the last one. The helicopter will head up to a skyscraper, while you hang off the edge with a sniper rifle.

Zoom in with Y (or Triangle) and snipe the enemies as they exit their vehicles. After a while, the waves will start getting bigger, and several enemies will come out from behind the building at once. Hold them off until Pierce enters the building and deposits the goods to complete the mission. Note that you can replay the mission by going to the marker next to you after you finish it.

2.7) Trafficking

Start the mission from the phone as usual, then head to the designated location to meet up with Pierce. Price will drive you to the location where the deal is going down. Protect Pierce and the buyer from any enemies that happen to show up. After the deal, the buyer will try to run off without paying. Kill him.

Hop in the car and Pierce will drive again to the next location. If any enemies followed you here, take them down. Pierce will complete the exchange, and once any enemies are dealt with, hop in the car for him to drive home.

At this point, Morning Star cars will probably chase after you. Aim to take out their tires or blow them up with grenades. You’ll make it back pretty quickly, and the mission will be done. Another short one. You’ll now be able to both replay this mission and complete more instances of the same type.

2.8) Takeover the City

Call up Pierce from the mission menu and head to the destination: the Friendly Fire store. Approach the “For Sale” indicator and buy the store for a pathetic price. Now you’ll earn income from this store and get a discount. You can buy other stores (albeit for more realistic prices) to gain the same benefits.

Head to the next objective… a collectable sex doll. Find all 20! Man, this game is so weird. Get back into the car and drive to the next marker, an estate that you can buy for cheap to increase your revenue.

The next objective is a Morning Star deal going down in an alley. Show up and wipe out every last one of them to foil their operation. Head to the next block and repeat the process, then head to Friendly Fire to escape enemy notice. Entering any location controlled by your gang will end your notoriety. This will also finish out this mission.

2.9) Tank Mayhem

The next mission, if you couldn’t guess, involves a tank. Head to the starting point to begin. You’ll now be in control of a tank. Press the right trigger to shoot explosive rounds and the left trigger for a chain gun. The chaingun can overheat if overused, so watch the bar around the bottom of the targeting reticle.

The mission is short and simple: you have 2 minutes 30 seconds to destroy $125,000 worth of property. Shoot the street lights and cars to start racking up a destruction combo. When the police cars and SWAT vans arrive, shoot those too. You can even take down helicopters. Shortly after you reach your monetary goal, the mission will be complete. After this, you can complete additional Tank Mayhem activities as they become available on the map.

2.10) Professor Genki’s S.E.R.C.

I’m going to start figuring that you know how to start missions by now. When you reach the starting point, you’ll have to participate in an insane game show called “Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax.” To heal, you’ll have to shoot first aid targets in the game. You earn money by shooting enemies and tiger targets, but lose money if you shoot a panda target. Finally, you receive additional money for dodging traps and leaving the arena before time runs out.

Avoid the fire traps on the first door by waiting for them to temporarily stop spewing fire. Now go through the door and shoot the tiger target on the right. Shoot the enemies dressed in animal costumes, then pass the electric trap when it briefly abates, but don’t shoot the panda target; it’s unethical! Head to the right through another electric trap and shoot the Time Bonus target. Avoid the fire traps by passing on the opposite side of the fire.

Wait for the next enemy to move away from the panda target before shooting him. Head through the first trap, take out a few enemies, and hit the Money Shot target on the right before advancing. On the other side of the next trap is another Health target.

In the next room, pass carefully through the maze of traps while fighting enemies. There’s a Health target on the far left, but watch out for the panda up ahead. On the right is a Money Shot target. Finally take out the sniper at the end and exit the arena to complete the mission. As with the other missions, you can play more Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Show at your leisure.

2.11) We’ve Only Just Begun

Note that Pierce is now a homie, meaning that you can call him for aid in battle. When you get the mission, head to Pierce’s location to speak to him. You’ll get the “We’re Taking Over” achievement. And… the mission appears to be over. Lame. Immediately, go to your missions and call up Shaundi for the next mission.

2.12) Hit the Powder Room

Now for the “real” mission. Head to the gun store, Powder, and meet with your homies. Fight your way through the back alley and what seems to be a lot more enemies than anticipated, then go in the back door.

Quite contrarily, the enemy stronghold is not safer but is instead full of enemies, including snipers. You can’t climb up or get around the obstacles here, so go through the blue door to enter a side passage with a few more enemies to kill. Go through the blue door here to fight a boss.

This enemy is like the brute you fought earlier, only armored and with a minigun. Take cover behind something to avoid his fire, then pop out and return fire when he stops shooting. Once he’s weakened, run up and finish him. You can then borrow his minigun to eliminate the hostiles moving in on you. You’ll have to drop the minigun when you want to move out, though.

Head upstairs, and the path will take you around to the catwalks where the rest of the enemies are. Head around the catwalks, into another wave of enemies, to ultimately reach the manager’s office. Hold off the enemies while Shaundi hacks the computer. When the hacking bar fills, the mission is complete.

2.13) The Belgian Problem

Head to the enemy building and drive into the garage to begin. There are scores of enemies inside, including snipers. After the first wave or two, a brute will come out. Bring him down and finish him off like usual. Once all the enemies are wiped out, the Saints will come marching in with the bomb. Approach the bomb and arm it to start the timer. Shaundi will have a very insightful question about the whole situation.

Take the elevator up, and run through the hallway into another room full of enemies. You’ll come up to a lab with a bunch of brutes in giant test tubes. So that explains where they come from. Anyway, after fighting your way up to the top level, you’ll be attacked by an armored brute with a flamethrower. Shoot the tank on his back enough times, and he’ll simply explode for an easy kill. Don’t get close enough for him to hit you with fire, however. You can collect his flamethrower, the Incinerator, to try it out on the next group of enemies before you reach the door.

Free the large unclothed man, who is the prototype of the brutes, Oleg. Take the elevator up, and somehow he goes up with you. Follow him through the building to Loren’s office. Fight off the enemies while hanging off the chandelier (or whatever it is) until it comes loose. Shoot the brute until he flies off, then finish dropping to the bottom.

Now you’ll be faced with the first major choice moment of the game. You can go over to the bomb to disarm it, earning a permanent income bonus, or leave in the truck and destroy it for a respect bonus instead. It’s up to you, but either way, the mission will end. You will earn the “Kah, Boom” achievement if you chose to blow it up. The RC controller will be unlocked, along with Oleg as one of your homies. This is the end of Act 1 of Saints Row the Third. There’s still two more left to enjoy, so don’t fret.

2.14) Return to Steelport

The mission begins will a big scene, and then you’ll be across the river. Get on the boat on the dock ahead of you, then head to the objective: a barge. Drive the boat up onto the barge from behind and get out, then fight through numerous gang members to reach the front of the boat. Head into the open door and free Kinzie.

At the dock in the next section, steal a car and drive to the club. Head into the back of the club and interrogate the “patrons” until one of them reveals the manager’s location. Head to the manager’s room, kill the guards, and interrogate him to find Zimos’s location. Now you can use the manager as a human shield as you fight your way down to the basement and recover Zimos.

Now you’ll have to ride a chariot pulled by Zimos while the guards chase you on similar carriages. Turn around and shoot them while Zimos pulls you. If you shoot the chariots, they will actually explode. When the enemies are dead, you’ll stop and chat with Zimos.

Now you’ll need to rescue someone named Angel. Grab a car and head across the bridge to the next destination. When you arrive, take out all the members of the Luchadores gang, marked with target objective markers. During the fight, a brute will charge in and attack. Kill the brute and the remain gang members, and Oleg will arrive to help you clear out the building. Head inside and up the stairs.

Now you’ll have to defend Angel from incoming waves of enemies. Oleg will deal with the first Brute that appears while you fight the enemies. After the first wave, another Brute with a minigun will appear on the upper balcony and eventually drop down. Kill him and take his minigun to help fight off two more Flamethrower Brutes that will come rushing in from behind you.

2.15) Snatch

The next four missions can be done in any order. For this one, head down to Zimos’s place. Head to the objective, only to find that the women you’re looking for have been taken by Morningstar. Go to their location and kill the guards, then recruit the women by pressing UP and grab a car to deliver them to Zimos.

If you couldn’t save all four women in the first group, just head to another objective marker and save another group to bring back to the designated location. Just be mindful of the time limit in the upper left corner of the screen. If you want, you can drive right up to the women and press UP to recruit them without having to get out and fight off the Morningstar.

Once the mission is completed, more Snatch instances will be available. Those missions are functionally identical to this one. You can find them on your map. Completing this mission has also unlocked Zimos’s next mission, “Ho Traffic.”

2.16) Trojan Whores

This mission becomes available at the same time as “Snatch,” “Insurance Fraud,” and “Cyber Blazing.” Head over to Pierce and Zimos’s party. As it turns out, all the strippers at the party are assassins. Survive the initial attack and fight off the strippers. If one of your homies goes down, head over and revive him quickly.

When the first wave is over, collect a sniper rifle if you don’t have one, then head out to the upper balcony and take the stairs to the roof. Countersnipe the snipers on the surrounding rooftops, using the air conditioning units on the roof for cover.

Now you’ll have to head downstairs from here to get the power back on. Inside the building, take the first set of stairs down to reach the power generator. Turn it on, and you’ll get a class from Oleg warning you about incoming helicopters.

Head upstairs and grab the rocket launcher on the counter. Head out to the balcony and shoot the helicopters down with the rocket launcher while evading helicopter missile fire. After a few waves of helicopters, the mission will be complete.

2.17) Insurance Fraud

This mission is from Angel. To begin, head over to the gym. This mission is to get as much insurance money as possible by getting hit by cars. Amazingly, you cannot be harmed during this mission.

Hold the left and right triggers to go into a crash mode similar to that of the Burnout series, only with your own body. You can get a few dollars by falling down on the street, but the big bucks come from leaping in front of a moving vehicle and getting very badly injured.

When you take severe enough damage to fill the adrenaline meter, you’ll suddenly start flying into the air when you take a hit. You can direct your motion in midair to hit more vehicles and increase your profits. When you hit $70,000, the mission is complete. Sadly, you only receive a standard mission reward regardless on the insurance profits you made.

More “Insurance Fraud” opportunities open up after this mission, if you just can’t take enough physical abuse. Completing this mission has also unlocked the next mission for Angel, “Trail Blazing.” Not to be confused with Kinzie’s next mission, “Cyber Blazing.”

2.18) Cyber Blazing

Head to Kinzie’s place to help her move boxes. For this mission, you’ll have to play a Tron-like minigame to track down the Deckers. Drive down the linear path with your motorcycle until you hit the eleventh checkpoint.

Along the way, crash through any tanks you see for bonus time. Don’t hit the firewalls, though, as they will slow you down and reduce your time. Each checkpoint will give you bonus time as well. Keep an eye on the timer in the corner, but you should have plenty of time to finish the circuit.

More “Cyber Blazing” activities become available after this, and they can be found on the map. After this mission, “Mayhem” becomes available from Kenzie.

2.19) Ho Traffic

Head to the activity start point to begin the mission. Zimos will drive you to the destination from there. Your objective is to protect Zimos while he distributes his magazines. You’ll need to take out any enemy gangs that follow you to the exchange point.

Your other concerns are the buyers themselves. The first issue is that they’ll turn out to be part of an undercover sting, in which case you’ll have to kill them. After the first deal, get in the car and Zimos will take you to the next place.

Protect Zimos from gangs and/or stings in the next deal, then let him drive to the final destination. After the last deal, all you have to do is protect Zimos on the drive home to complete the mission. Completing this mission unlocks more “Trafficking” activities and Zimos’s “Escort” mission.

2.20) Trail Blazing

This is the mission you unlocked for completing Angel’s last mission. This time, Angel will send you on an ATV racing mission. Simply race against the clock to the finish while hitting as many cars and as possible to extend your time.

Hitting a car causes a chain reaction, blowing up all cars nearby as well. Your vehicle is undamaged by collisions, so cause as much mayhem as possible to extend your time. There are six checkpoints to hit before the mission is complete.

Completing this mission unlocks additional “Trail Blazing” activities on your map, and the “Eye of the Tiger” mission.

2.21) Mayhem

This is Kenzie’s second mission. Head to the objective, and you’ll receive a specific set of weapons, with which you must cause as much “mayhem” as possible. Hence the name of the mission.

Here’s how it works. Destroy vehicles and public property in the blue area on your map to add to the total amount of monetary damage inflicted. The easiest way to do this is to take your infinite supply of grenades and lob them at everything you see. As you continue to cause constant damage, you’ll build up a multiplier to increase your points even further. Note that gas stations make excellent explosive targets.

Once you’ve caused $90,000 worth of damage, the mission will be complete, and additional “Mayhem” activites will unlock. You’ll also unlock Kinzie’s next mission, “Guardian Angel.” 2.22) Escort

This is the third mission you’ll get from Zimos. You’ll have to drive your clients around town while avoiding the paparazzi. Honestly, this is one of the most disturbing missions yet.

While your clients enjoy themselves in the back, they’ll expect you to complete several specified driving moves to heighten their pleasure. If that wasn’t strange enough, you’ll also have to avoid paparazzi vehicles that will take footage of your clients, as well as the clients’ significant others who will pursue you doggedly.

When you fill the pleasure bar by fulfilling the requested stunts, the mission will be completed, as long as you don’t fill the footage bar first, which will cause you to fail the mission. Completing this mission will unlock additional “Escort” activities, and Zimos will be added as a homie in your phone. The next mission for Zimos, “Painting a Picture,” will also be unlocked.

2.23) Painting a Picture

Call up Zimos and head over to his place for a cutscene. That concludes this quest. Really, that’s all there is to it. On the bright side, Zimos’s next mission, “Pimps Ups, Hos Down” is now available.

2.24) Eye of the Tiger

This will be your third mission for Angel. Go to the starting point to be introduced to his latest challenge: you must drive around a live tiger. Avoid hitting things, which will anger the tiger, while driving fast to fill your courage bar.

As you drive at high speeds, the courage bar will fill, but angering the tiger with collisions will cause its rage bar to fill, which you obviously don’t want. Furthermore, even if you avoid angering the tiger, he will still claw at you now and then, which will mess up your driving.

Filling the courage bar will complete the mission. This will unlock “Tiger Escort” missions and Angel will become available as a homie for you to call in combat. Angel will also offer yet another mission, “Face Your Fear.”

2.25) Face Your Fear

Go see Angel and he will tell you that you have mastered your fear. Again, that’s all there is to it. They couldn’t have included that as part of the last mission? It doesn’t even unlock a new mission or anything.

2.26) Guardian Angel

This is the third mission for Kinzie. She’s been found out by the Deckers, and she needs you to cover her from the rooftops while she gets away with the Saints. You’ll get a sniper rifle to help you out with this, and the rifle has infinite ammo.

You’ll start up on a rooftop over looking a firefight between Decker thugs and the Saints. Snipe the thugs and protect your homies from harm. As you kill the Deckers, more waves will continue to swarm in. Eliminate all of them until Kinzie can get into the car.

Now you’ll switch over to a helicopter with a rocket launcher, and your homies’ health will be refilled. Cover your homies’ car by shooting the pursuing vehicles with rockets, but of course, be careful you don’t hit your own guys with the splash damage, as indiscriminate rockets may hurt your allies more than your enemies.

After a certain point, the enemy trucks will be supplemented by armored vehicles. Try to tolerate Kinzie’s constant nagging while you destroy the vehicles. This will unlock the “Go Into the Light” achievement for completing the final instance of “Guardian Angel.”

2.27) Heli Assasult

You’ll be piloting a helicopter while covering Kinzie’s vehicle as she stops at various building to hack. As a reminder, move with the left stick while using A to go up and X to go down. Left trigger is your rocket launcher, and right trigger is your minigun.

Kenzie will be pursued by Morningstar thugs as she drives to each destination. Shoot the cars that follow her, then cover her when she stops at each destination while she hacks for a moment before continuing on. After three hackings, the mission is complete. This will unlock “_” and Kinzie as a homie.

2.28) Phone Phreak

Head to the Smiling Jack to meet with Kinzie. This is another one of those missions that just congratulates you for beating the last mission with a cutscene.

2.29) Pimps Up, Hos Down

Head over to Zimos’s party for this mission. Don’t worry, this is a “real” mission this time. Albeit the most disturbing one yet.

You’ll have to run through the building nude and intoxicated while fighting waves of guards. In the first room, you have to disable the security alarm. While you’re at it, kill a guard in melee and steal his weapon.

Next, you need to head down to the security center through the marked basement stairs. You’ll have to run through a dungeon and fight more guards. You have the option to free the trapped women to help you fight. Now countinue through toward the security center.

When you reach the security room, take out the guards and disable the security. When that’s done, eliminate all Morningstar gang members in the area with the help of your newly freed women. When that’s done, head through the market door to the garage.

Here you must fight a brute with a minigun, but you can only use your current weapons. When he’s weakened, run up and press Y to finish him. This will complete the mission, and unlock the Safeword club as a crib and a stronghold.

2.30) The Ho Boats

Head to the docks to intercept a barge full of Morningstar thugs and their female prisoners. Drive out on a boat to the barge and drive up on the catwalks to reach the deck. Kill the Morningstar gangsters and open the containers here to free the women. Of these, only one turns out to contain prisoners, so you must keep looking.

After searching the first batch of containers, more indicators appear to search. A brute will also come running out of a container, so deal with him. Open the next group of containers, one of which has more women for you to free.

On the stairs up to the next area is a brute with a minigun. A crate up on the next level contains the third group of women. Head up on the left to the next group of containers with the final pair of trapped girls.

Now your newly claimed barge will come under attack. Kill the gangsters on the boat itself, then head up to the north platform to collect a minigun. With this weapon in hand, open fire on the incoming boats and helicopters to keep them from landing on the barge. If they do, you’ll have men on foot to worry about while more waves of enemy vehicles continue to pour in.

When the last enemy wave subsides, wait for the helicopter to come in and pick up the girls (and Zimos). You’ll be in another helicopter with a rocket launcher to cover them. This is an upgraded rocket launcher: if you aim with the left trigger until the red boxes around the target turn green, the rocket will home in on the indicated target.

As the helicopter takes off, take out the boats that pursue you. After a few waves of boats, the next enemy group will be snipers in helicopters waiting on the ground. Take out a couple of these helicopters, then a large group of armored vehicles will move in. You don’t necessarily have to lock on, just shoot as many APCs as you can, and you’ll move past them easily enough.

As you move over the city, more snipers and men with rocket launchers will be waiting on the rooftops. Blow them away to allow Zimos to proceed unfettered. The mission ends with a choice moment: sell the girls back to Morningstar for a lump sum, or keep them for the Saints and add to your hourly revenues.

Whichever you choose, you’ll have to drive a truck with the girls in the rear container to the destination of choice. Seems like the Saints don’t really treat these girls any better than the Morningstar… Anyway, drive to the blue marker to sell the girls to Morningstar, or drive to the purple markers to bring them into the Saints.

Whichever option you choose, you will receive the “Gotta Break Em In” achievement. You will also unlock an Oleg mission: “Gang Bang.”

2.31) Gang Bang

Head to the park to meet with Viola. You’ll be negotiating with her when SURPRISE! The government shows up an starts shooting everyone, random citizens and gangsters alike. You’ll take cover in a warehouse to begin the mission.

Head out the door, and you’ll find yourself in a strip joint. The STAG will throw in tear gas and come storming in. Fight them off and head for the door on the left to escape. Turns out the government is bringing in battleships, fighter planes, and basically the whole nine yards.

You’ll be up on the roof with one objective: survive. Enemy planes will land numerous mercenaries on the roof while more snipe you from nearby rooftops. If you have a rocket launcher or Predator missiles, now would be a good time to use them on these planes.

Eventually, the goal will change from surviving to taking out the STAG enemies nearby, including the VTOL that’s shooting you with Solarbeam. Again, good time for a rocket, or this will be a protracted battle. The second VTOL, Oleg will deal with. Shortly afterward, the elevator will be fixed, and you can get out of here.

A few STAG foes will show up at the door, including one with a riot shield. Take them out (grenades are effective against shield guys) and proceed out the door. Grab the unattended cop car outside and take off immediately. Drive as fast as you can to the Saints Crib while avoiding lasers from the pursuing VTOLS.

Completing this mission will add Viola as your homie. Two missions will now be unlocked: “Convoy Decoy” for Pierce and “Live! With Killbane” for Kinzie.

2.32) Convoy Decoy

Don’t go far, as this objective is at the Saints HQ. From there, head out to the STAG base. Take out the heavily armored private soldiers guarding it, then run up to the cockpit and steal a VTOL. The controls are the same as for a helicopter, except that all the weapons are replaced with lasers, and you can press B to switch between Hover Mode and Flight Mode. In Flight Mode, the VTOL behaves like a plane instead of a helicopter.

Head to the marked objective, and eliminate the surrounding stag vehicles on the rooftops. Next go into Flight Mode and fly over to the bridge to help your homies fight a STAG deployment. You’ll want to change back to Hover Mode when you get there. Destroy all the targets here to defend your convoy.

Now head over to one of the STAG bases and destroy all the marked vehicles there, then do the same at the next base. If your VTOL becomes severely damaged, ditch it and steal one from one of these bases. After both bases are busted up, go help Oleg.

Defend Oleg while destroying the target vehicles as they approach his location. Be sure you don’t hit him with friendly fire here. Eventually, some VTOLs will come in and attack you; take them out too.

Your next goal is to approach and destroy an enemy surveillance aircraft, and you have a time limit of four minutes to do so. Use Flight Mode to get there in time. As you approach, take out the fighter VTOLs protecting it. Next, destroy the helicopters following the airchraft. Finally, target the aircraft itself and blow it out of the sky before time runs out.

That concludes this mission. You will unlock the STAG VTOL for your heliport as well, which is pretty awesome. You’ll also unlock “Nyte Blayde’s Return.”

2.33) Live! With Killbane

Head over to Smiling Jack’s to start the mission. You have sixteen minutes to complete the mission before the broadcast ends. Head from here to the helicopter and get yourself in the air.

Head over to the nearby radio tower and land on the heliport. Shoot the Deckers guarding the roof, then plant a transmitter. This will take some time, so eliminate the enemies shoot at you before starting. Now get back in the helicopter.

Fly over to the next radio tower from here. Keep track of how much time you have left, as the time limit encompasses the whole mission. Take out the enemies below, then take the fire escape up to the roof and set another transmitter. Now jump down and parachute with Y to get down to the helicopter.

Now locate the broadcast van and get close to it. You will now have lasers on your helicopter; paint the van with the lasers to fill the bar at the top of the screen. Once the bar is filled, head to the interview.

Land on the roof of the building and take out the guards as usual. Now head down into the building and clear the next floor of all Deckers. Talk to Jane, and she’ll tell you where Killbane went. Follow Killbane’s vehicle with Shaundi and get near it to finish the mission.

Completing the mission with unlock the Spotlight helicopter for your heliport (ugh). It’ll also unlock Kinzie’s “Learning Computer” mission.

2.34) Nyte Blayde’s Return

On the upper level, head to the room where Nyte Blayde

Drive over to the comic shop to begin. Head to the PR Center, and when you arrive, approach the desk and ask for Nyte Blayde (what attrocious spelling…). You’ll be directed to the elevator upstairs. You should take it, obviously.

That annoying actor from the beginning of the game is warming up in the next room. Grab him and carry him out, fighting off the guards with your free hand. Note that you can still sprint. Head for the elevator leading back down to escape.

On the ground floor, take out the guards on this level and head downstairs toward the elevator to the garage. A few guards will come out of the elevator as it arrives. Clear them out and take their elevator down.

In the garage, approach the marker and press Y to force Josh to get into the car, then drive out of here. Head for the Saints HQ while the STAG chase you. For whatever reason, they are completely unable to pursue you once you enter the building.

Completing this mission unlocks the Cardinal outfit. The next mission, “Stag Party,” also becomes available.

2.35) Learning Computer

Head down to Kinzie’s hideout for this mission. From here, head to the PR Center to collect STAG’s supercomputer. The outer area will be surrounded by Deckers, so eliminate them. Next, head inside and take out the numerous STAG guards protecting the center. When all the guards have fallen, taken the elevator down to the basement.

Once you’re down there, kill the Deckers and hop in the tank. The tank moves with the left stick, and the weapons are on the triggers. Use the primary fire to destroy the barrier and drive on out. Using the tank, follow the Decker truck escaping with the computer.

Use the machine guns (left trigger) to disable the wheels of the truck. Don’t use the cannon on the right trigger, for obvious reasons. When all four wheels are disabled, you’ll apprehend the truck.

This concludes the mission. You’ll receive only the usual cash and respect rewards, and unlock “Stop All the Downloading.”

2.36) Stag Party

Head over to the old Saints HQ to begin. You’ll be setting a trap for STAG. Now you’ll need to get STAG’s attention, sho head over to the PR Center and use Molotov Cocktails (in your grenade slot) to burn the banners above the front doors.

Now that you’ve gotten some aggro, return to Saints HQ and head inside. When the STAG forces congregate outside, shoot them with the rocket launcher to set off a chain reaction that will detonate the explosives outside.

When the STAG forces in the front are weakened, head to the south side of the building to help Viola fight off some STAG soldiers. Afterward, start fighting off the STAG outside by blowing up the indicated car bombs. A few STAG will remain, so finish them off.

Shortly afterward, you’ll receive a new mission to protect the north side of the building from incoming tanks, so head back over there. Use the nearby rocket launcher to destroy both tanks, then once Pierce makes it in safely, take the elevator down.

Run over to Pierce, which will somehow give him the strength to run a few feet to the HQ building. Now head back into the building yourself, and Pierce will reveal your new weapon: a laser-targeting system. Use this to paint the tanks outside for airstrikes, and repeat until they are completely destroyed.

Defend the perimeter for a while until a few VTOLs show up. The laser-targeting system can be used to take these out too, once they stop moving. Destroy all VTOLs and defend this area for a while longer, before you’re called away to take out some STAG soldiers that have made it up to the observation deck.

Now you’ll need to take the elevator up, then head outside to Shaundi’s location. You’ll have another choice moment: surrender Josh to Cyrus to turn STAG against the Syndicate during City Takeover missions. Alternatively, keep him by handing him off to Shaundi, and he will become a homie. Once you’ve made your choice, get out of here.

Completing this mission will grant the reward for the choice you made, as well as the SA3 Airstrike targeting system for your weapon cache.

2.37) Stop All the Downloading

Head over to Kinzie’s place to begin. You’ll need to go to a nuclear plant and hack three uplinks. Take Kinzie to each uplink and defend the area while she hacks the node. Then pick her up and drive her to the next uplink until all three are done.

Now you’ll need to head to the helicopter landing site. Kinzie will fly around seraching for the signal. After a minute, she’ll fly you over the target. Jump straight into the nuclear plant and pull your parachute to land safely.

Head over to the stairs and take them down to enter the plant proper. Head up to each of the four routers and disable them. The disabling process takes a few seconds, so clear the immediate area of enemies first. Finally, head up to the final router by the chair and turn it off.

That concludes this mission. You will unlock the nuclear plant as a crib, which doubles as a stronghold. The next available mission is “//deckers.die.” No, that’s not a link.

2.38) //deckers.die

Head to Kinzie’s place again. This mission takes place in a virtual reality world that looks pretty much like Tron. Also you’re a toilet. Then you’ll slowly take the appearance of a more reasonable avatar, with a Megaman buster gun as your weapon.

Head to the firewall, which is literally a wall of fire, while fighting enemy programs that look just like Deckers. Your buster gun proves to be surprisingly effective. When the snail symbol starts appearing on your screen, you’ll find that you’ll be temporarily slowed down. Other than that, you can continue fighting as normal.

At the firewall, you’ll need to figure out a riddle. In the first “room,” grab a torch. Keep walking, and the torch will stay lit. In the next room, keep walking. When you reach the unicorn, kill it. You win. Congratulations! You can play again if you want. All the other options either kill you or do nothing.

You’ll be a toilet again, but you’ll still be able to fight as before. Head to the marked antivirus while fighting more Decker programs. Now you’ll be faced with another alternate rule, the hourglass, which sends you backward, making the fight more annoying than it should be.

For the next mission, you’ll have to play a tank minigame. Press up on the stick to move forward, press left and right to steer, and press the right trigger to fire. Destroy the enemy tank to return to the regular game mode.

Your final objective is the Internet Security Protocol. Fight the Decker programs on the way, and you’ll encounter a new rule. This is the control switcher, and when active, it reverse your movement controls, though this is easily remedied by standing still.

When you reach the objective, you’ll have an error code to debug. I just pressed A, and the screen cleared. This should allow you to proceed into the next area, where you’ll have to fight a giant boss: Matt Miller’s avatar.

During the fight, he can employ the movement rules from before to inhibit you, though these aren’t too problematic if you hold still. After dealing a certain amount of damage, there’ll be a button-mashing sequence where you tear off his wings. After this, he’ll use a rule that shrinks you, but you’ll be able to fight him as normal.

After another QTE sequence, you’ll be transformed into a giant purple version of Miller’s avatar with obscenely powerful attacks on all attack buttons. Specifically, RB is frost breath, and LT is a shockwave attack. RT is a sword attack, and LB is sprint.

With your new avatar, destroy Miller’s minions and finally engage Miller himself in single combat. When his health is low, you’ll have to complete another QTE sequence to finish him off. Now you’ll receive a choice: you can walk through the left door to reduce the cost of vehicle upgrades, or the door on the right to reduce weapon upgrade costs.

Completing this mission unlocks the Cyber Buster from the virtual world as a weapon at your crib. It will also unlock the Mocap Suit outfit and the Cyber Tank vehicle.

2.39) Stillwater Blues

This is, without a doubt, the shortest mission in the game. Call Shaundi, and you’ll hear her being attacked by STAG. You may be confused by the fact that no objective marker pops up. That’s because the mission is already over. Call up Pierce for the next mission, “My Name is Cyrus Temple.”

2.40) My Name is Cyrus Temple

Go to the Image as Designed building to begin this mission. You’ll be going undercover as Cyrus, the leader of STAG. Drive over to the STAG base to get a VTOL. Obviously, don’t attack anyone or your cover will be blown. That includes hitting innocent civilians on the way there, but only if you’re seen doing it by any STAG operative.

This VTOL is an upgrade from the original one you use previously. Fly over and land on the STAG aircraft carrier, the Thermopylae. Follow Kia while making awkward conversation, then approach the console and pick two of the three techonologies: satchel charges, a hoverbike, or an upgraded tank. You will receive the ones you choose at the end of the mission. Afterward, you’ll be found out and force to fight.

Shoot the STAG guards and head for the door. In the next room, fight your way to the door below, leading to the brig. Watch out for the mortar tanks down in the hold, which the enemies can use to bombard you with explosives. You can grab the tank on the upper level and use that to destroy the other two. However, you’ll have to exit the tank to progress.

In the brig, fight a few more STAGs, then head to the control room and unlock the doors. Head to the three cells containing your allies and free each of them. Once they’re all freed and the enemies defeated, head to the reactor control room.

On the way, you’ll be flashbanged and attacked by STAGs with riot shields. Continue downstairs and engage a hallway full of STAG enemies. At the end, you’ll enter a large control room. Fight your way up to the computer system on the opposite end of the room, then shoot it to the destroy it.

You’ll now have three minutes to escape the Thermopylae before it self-destructs. Run back through the halls and up the stairs, where more STAG enemies will attack. I advise that you simply run past them toward the hangar, then grab a VTOL and escape in one. The first few you approach will explode, so head for the ones in the back.

At the end of the mission, you’ll be rewarded with the two technologies you chose earlier in the mission. You’ll also receive a pretty large achievement: “Titanic Effort.” This concludes the second of three acts in Saints Row the Third. Just one more to go.

2.41) Air Steelport

This mission become available at the same time as Viola’s “A Remote Chance.” Head to the airport to start the mission. You’ll be on an airborne plane after the mission begins. Head forward and try to open the doors, unsuccessfully. Turn around and drop down into the cargo hold.

Here, you’ll have to fight numerous STAG commandos. You must also search the indicated weapons crates until you find a Sonic Boom, a short ranged explosive cannon that requires a brief charging period before firing. Head back up to the door via the stairs and take it out with the Sonic Boom.

In the next room, kill the commandos with the Sonic Boom, then head up to the door on the upper level and destroy it. This will also have the undesired effect of separating the cockpit from the plane. You have just sixty seconds to escape the plane now. With all possible haste, run back up the stairs, through the first door you blasted open, and all the way to a marked spot in the back, near a tank.

You’ll now be in a plummeting tank. Shoot the commandos surrounding you, though you may have to compensate for aerial drag on your fired shots. A few vehicles will start to drop down with you, and they are much easier to hit, so take them out by all means. You’ll be pursued by VTOLs, only a few at a time initially. Later, a formation of VTOLs will start to fly back and forth to fire at you.

When a plane passes underneath you, press Y to bail out. This doesn’t work out so well, however, so you’ll want to catch up with the falling tank below and steal it from its occupants. Interestingly, you’ll hit the ground unharmed, but some strange chemical will spill and… turn all the corpses into zombies. No joke.

Well, this mission is over. You’ll earn the STAG Tank for your garage after completing this mission. You’ll also earn the weapon you picked up earlier, the Sonic Boom.

2.42) A Remote Chance

Head to a gruesomely named club to begin this mission. You’ll be in a helicopter with the upgraded RC Gun, heading for the gym. When you arrive, shoot the Mad Mangler’s car to take control of it. Run over 15 pedestrians, then head toward the gas station and crash into the fuel pump to cause a chain reaction.

Next you’ll be taken to the harbor. There will be three boats out on the water. Take control of any one of them, then drive it toward the beach and crash straight into the beach party at the marker to complete your task for this area.

The next objective is a helicopter. Shoot it to take control of it once you’re close, then use it to approach Trashcan’s copter. When you get close, the pilot will jump out, and Trashcan will be piloting evasively. Catch up to his and crash your chopper into his, killing him.

The final target is El Presidente at the heliport. This guy’s protected by STAG forces for fear that he will be killed. Sadly, all his paranoia is for naught. He’s in a tank, so take over another tank and shoot at him until his vehicle is destroyed. This will conclude this mission and unlock “3 Count Beat Down.”

2.43) Zombie Attack

Head to meet the mayor for this mission. Head down to the quarantine zone to begin fighting the zombie menace. Your gas mask will protect you from the virus, and you can use the Sonic Boom to repel zombies. If you get grabbed, tap the right trigger repeatedly to escape. These zombies have no ranged attacks, but they are fast and can easily swarm you.

Head to the first canister of zombie virus and use shots from the Sonic Boom to knock it into the water. Do not use any other weapon on it, or the canister will explode and spread the virus, causing you to fail the mission.

After knocking the first canister into the water, Viola will call asking for help. Head to her location, climb a container to reach the roof, and kill the zombies attacking her. Now take her with you while you head out and knock the two other canisters into the water.

The second container is guarded by a zombie brute, though he should pose little trouble if you introduce him to your Sonic Boom at close range. Knock this canister into the water, and your mask will be damaged. Head to the designated location, Rim Jobs, within two minutes. When you arrive, open the door, then protect Viola for a minute while she searches for the hose. Another brute will attack while you’re holding these zombies off.

After Viola fixes your mask, proceed to the final canister. This one is also guarded by a brute. Kill him, then blast the canister into the water. With that done, hop in the nearby chemical truck, which contains the rest of the virus containers. You now have a choice: either return the virus to Oleg, which will unlock Zombie homies, or destroy the virus for the mayor to unlock SWAT homies and the mayor himself.

Completing the mission will not only unlock a new group of homies, but also a gas mask for your wardrobe. Regardless of your choice, you can call Mayor Reynolds to erase your law enforcement notoriety. Either way you’ll get the achievement, “Oce Bitten… Braaaaaaains.” Yes, I counted the As.

2.44) 3 Count Beat Down

Looks like Angel needs a little help regaining his honor. Head to the 3 Count to begin. Shoot up slot machines to fill up the bar while fighting off any of the luchadores that will start to show up. When the manager shows up, then approach and interrogate him. Head into the back of the casino toward the vault, which is conveniently open. Go inside.

Now that Angel has regained his mask, you’re not done here quite yet. You need to destroy all six marked statues in the casino. Three are on the lower level, and three are upstairs. The statues can easily be destroyed with gunfire. When most of the statues are destroyed, a brute will attack. Deal with him as usual, then destroy the final statue.

With that done, it’s time to kill all of the remaining luchadores in the building. Some have automatic grenade launchers, which you can take from their corpses and use to slay their comrades. Finally, you’ll have to face not one but two flamethrower brutes. The easiest method of killing them, as usual, is to shoot the fuel tanks on their backs until they explode. Keep your distance, or these enemies’ flamethrowers can become very annoying.

This mission will unlock the 3 Count Casino as a crib and stronghold, as well as the next mission: “Murderbrawl XXXI.” Lovely name.

2.45) Murderbrawl XXXI

Starting this mission will take you straight into the ring: no travel required. You’ll be wearing a Saints wrestling costume, but Angel will be the one fighting Killbane. Your job is to fight off the incoming luchadores during the fight, with your bare hands or random melee weapons collected from the enemies. If the luchadores get up on the ring and start arguing with the ref, give them a friendly tap with a urinal to protect Angel.

After a certain point, Angel will be thrown from the ring, and luchadores will start beating him. An ally will throw you a chainsaw with which to even the odds. All bets are now off: kill the luchadores. More waves will come in, so continue slaying them left and right, until they stop coming. Now check on Angel. He can’t fight anymore, so head over to the ring to fight Killbane yourself.

You can’t harm Killbane with your fists alone: he’ll simply absorb your blows, or worse, counter them. Fortunately, fans start throwing exotic melee weapons into the ring, and these can be used effectively on your opponent. Note that Killbane will bust out several wrestling moves, and you’ll need to press a button to dodge and counter these moves.

With Killbane weakened by a failed special attack, press Y to jump up on his back. Use the stick to steer him to the marker while pulling the right trigger to punch him. When you get him into the corner, press the right trigger repeatedly to punch his lights out and toss him out of the ring. It’s not over yet though, as Killbane quickly recovers and climbs back in for round two.

As before, grab a weapon and beat Killbane until he tries a special move, then respond with the onscreen button to dodge and counter yet again. Steer him into the corner and press yet another quick-time event button to deliver a pretty deadly finisher and knock him back out of the ring.

Killbane will take a break while his luchadores attack you. Grab a weapon and fight them off, then get ready for the final round with Killbane. You know the drill: hit him with a weapon, counter his attack, drive him into a corner, and press the on-screen button to finish him with an especially brutal move.

Time for a choice moment: either unmask Killbane to acquire his mask for your wardrobe, or leave him with his mask to gain the Apoca-Fists weapon instead. This will unlock the achievement “Murderbrawl 31.”

2.46) Three Way

Head to the marker to begin the mission. Naturally, the story has to pick up again now that our old antagonist is gone. Head to one of the three major battle locations. When you arrive, you’ll witness an all-out firefight in the streets between the luchadores and STAG. Your goal is to kill both parties until the area clearance bar is emptied.

When the enemies have mostly been cleared out, brutes will arrive, either unarmed or with miniguns. Take the brutes down, then head to the next location as the Saints come marching in to control the situation. If you select a vehicle that cannot hold Oleg, don’t worry. Unlike other homies, he can catch up with you on foot if you leave him behind.

The next fight should go pretty similarly to the first, though the brutes may be replaced by STAG vehicles. With two of the battle zones down, Kinzie will direct you to the armory. Here, fight off the STAG forces, including numerous heavy vehicles, until you get a call from Angel.

Now for a big choice moment: save Shaundi’s life, or end Killbane’s. You may want to make a save before making such a significant choice. Head to the marker that corresponds to the color of the choice you want. Notice how the song “I Need a Hero” will be playing even if you try to change the radio channel.

Eliminate Killbane

If you choose to help Angel finish Killbane once and for all, head to Angel’s location and help him fight off the STAG forces that have him pinned down. Afterward, Angel will drive you to the airport where Killbane’s plane is. Meanwhile, you’ll have an infinite rocket launcher with which to fight off pursuing vehicles.

When you reach the airport, you’ll be driving behind Killbane’s plane. Damage the plane enough to destroy it before it can take off, while also fending off luchadore vehicles. When you destroy the plane, it will appear that Killbane is dead, but of course, it couldn’t be that easy.

This fight is entirely composed of quick-time events. First, pull the right trigger repeatedly to hit Killbane, then move the left stick down repeatedly to smash Killbane’s head against a metal part. Finally, tap the left trigger repeatedly to break Killbane’s neck. Completing the mission this way will unlock the STAG N-Forcer at your garage.

Save Shaundi

If you chose to save Shaundi and Viola, head to the dock. Grab the nearby boat and sail over to the island. Fight your way to the statue and head up top. Use the Sonic Boom to knock all of the explosive charges into the water while taking out STAG guards when they get in the way. You have only a limited amount of time before all of the bombs on the island explode.

With the bombs on the first level gone, head up the scaffolding and start blasting those on the next level off of the building. When that’s done, head up the scaffolding to climb the statue itself. You’ll have to fight Kia while she holds Shaundi captive. Grab the “Fart in a Jar” grenades and throw them to incapacitate Kia, allowing you to get some hits in before she reclaims her hostage.

During the fight, VTOLs will shoot at you with lasers. Use rockets or other weaponry to knock them out of the sky, as their attacks can be very annoying. Keep using your flatulent grenades to weaken Kia before attacking her until she finally dies.

2.47) STAG Film

This mission appears if you chose to kill Killbane. Head to the disturbingly named Broken Shillelagh for this mission. When the Deadalus shows up, go to the marked objective to grab a helicopter. Alternatively, if you have the helicopter homie upgrade, you can just call a helicopter to your current location.

With your helicopter, fly up to the Daedalus. Use your missiles and chainguns to destroy the four turrets on the Daedalus’s wings. When that’s done, fly up into the Daedalus and land on a docking station in the hangar. The Daedalus is absolutely loaded with STAG troops, so thin them out with a STAG vehicle from the hangar before heading to the designated locations and setting explosive charges.

When both charges are set, get back in a flying vehicle and fly to the rear deck. Land on the raised platform and plant a charge there, then land on the lower platform and plant the final charge. At this point, Cyrus will fly in with a VTOL and attack you.

Grab a minigun and start shooting at Cyrus’s VTOL. This will coincide with the detonation of an explosion; you now have five minutes to finish Cyrus off. As Cyrus flies by, you’ll have opportunities to shoot him. When he’s not visible, focus on the STAG forces that are attacking you while you fight. More reinforcements will reappear and Cyrus will hide out every time you reduce Cyrus’s total health by a fourth.

Once Cyrus’s VTOL is brought down, it’s time to get out of here. Grab a unique VTOL from the conveniently placed hangar and fly out of here within one minute. As soon as you’re gone, the Daedalus will explode, and that’s all she wrote.

Beating the game will earn you Zombie Gat as a homie, as well as the Blow Up Doll and Toilet costumes. Getting this particular ending earns you the STAG Armor outfit and Cyrus’s VTOL, plus the achievement, “Mr. Fury Would Be Proud.” You can still replay the previous misssion from your phone to get the other ending.

2.48) Gangstas in Space

This mission automatically starts if you chose to save Shaundi. For this mission, you’ll be wearing a spacesuit on Mars while wielding a gatling laser weapon with infinite ammo. Hop in your Mars Rover and fight Killbane’s spaceman luchadores until you reach the barrier control. Disable the barrier from here. Try to revive any of your homie when he goes down, but he will just die anyway.

Head into the space cave ahead and drive through the tunnel and across a bridge to reach another barrier. Kill the surrounding luchadores, then disable this barrier. Again, you’ll have to try and fail to revive your homie.

Head into another cave just past the last force field. Be careful to avoid the lava as you pass under the bridge. Join your fellow Saints up ahead, then take the stairs up to a bridge where the final force field control awaits. Try to revive your final companion, to no avail.

With all three barriers destroyed, continue onward to Killbane’s lair. Fight more luchadores, then plant explosive charges on both indicated points. When both charges are in place, you have ten seconds to get away before they blow.

Proceed up the inclined bridge into Killbane’s lair. It’s time for a boss fight with Killbane. Killbane is invincible to normal attacks; you’ll have to shoot glowing lava crystals when he gets near them in order to hurt him. These can be found all over the battle arena. Once his health has been lowered to about 2/3, Killbane will become vulnerable, so run over and press Y to rip off a piece of his suit.

Contine running from Killbane and damaging him will explosive lava crystals until he goes down again, and this time run over to him to smash his helmet. Repeat the process one more time to weaken him at just a sliver of health remaining. Approach Killbane and finish him. That’s the end of the game, folks.

You’ll unlock Zombie Gat as a homie, plus the Blow Up Doll and Toilet costumes. This particular ending earns you the Space Costume for your wardrobe, the Mars Rover for your garage, and the “Gangstas… In Space!” achievement. You will now be able to replay the last mission to see the game’s other ending.

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