SimCity Mac Pushed Back To August, Update 5 Detailed

SimCity Mac Pushed Back To August, Update 5 Detailed

SimCity Senior Producer Kip Katsarelis recently took to the game’s official blog to make two announcements.

First we found out that the Mac version of SimCity has been delayed; the expected release is now sometime in August. The reasoning behind the delay has to do with the development team’s concerns. They feel that the game is ready for primetime just yet. Undoubtedly learning from the faults of the PC version’s launch, they’re trying to make sure that the MAC client’s release goes as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, Katsarelis spilled the details about what we can expect regarding the game’s next update.

One of the biggest improvements involves Great Works . Specifically, we can now expect to see resources added to a project in a timelier manner. The Great Works have been updated so that all of the resources handled at the regional level; meaning different cities in a region won’t display different resource levels.

Also, the Region Wall chat has been updated with improved functionality, players have more control over trading their utilities, and some tweaks have been implemented to solve bugs involved with region play, specifically dealing with garbage and recycling trucks.

As the updates continue to be published, SimCity is becoming a more polished game. Here’s to hoping things continue to improve.

Source: SimCity Blog

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