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Skylanders: Giants


Nightmare mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Nightmare difficulty.

Easy money

After defeating Kaos in the final level of the game, the Crane Deck becomes filled with gold (between 6000-8000). If you pick up the gold, then press Guide and return to the Xbox 360 dashboard menu without saving, the Skylander should keep the gold, but the game will return the gold to the Crane Deck since you did not save. You can repeat this as many times as desired to quickly unlock all the moves for all the Skylanders, and purchase any hats/charms that are expensive. Note: Remember to pick up the Winged Sapphire from the Crane Deck after Level 15. Picking this up saves the game. If you touch it after picking up the gold, the gold will not re-appear.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Rumbletown Ranger (10 points): Complete Chapter 3.
    Skystones Superstar (10 points): Complete Chapter 4.
    Glacier Great (10 points): Complete Chapter 5.
    Vault Victor (10 points): Complete Chapter 6.
    Wilikin Winner (10 points): Complete Chapter 7.
    Security Breacher (10 points): Complete Chapter 8.
    King of the Castle (10 points): Complete Chapter 9.
    Sky Survivor (10 points): Complete Chapter 10.
    Drill-X Defeator (10 points): Complete Chapter 11.
    Molekin Liberator (10 points): Complete Chapter 12.
    Trial Taker (10 points): Complete Chapter 13.
    Copter Captain (10 points): Complete Chapter 14.
    Arkus Adventurer (10 points): Complete Chapter 15.
    Savior of Skylands! (150 points): Complete the Story Mode by recovering the Iron Fist of Arkus and defeating Kaos on any difficulty.
    Nightmare Avenger (100 points): Complete the Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty.
    Completionist (40 points): Earn 3 Stars on any Adventure Level.
    Elemental Explorer (10 points): Unlock your first Elemental area.
    A New Hero (10 points): Complete 1 Heroic Challenge.
    1 and 0 (10 points): Complete your first arena challenge.
    Great Gladiator! (100 points): Complete all 21 Arena Challenges.
    Elemental Enthusiast (10 points): Chapter 1 – Open all the Elemental areas.
    Chain Champ (10 points): Chapter 2 – Complete the Chain Pull Feat of Strength.
    Log Lifter (10 points): Chapter 3 – Complete the Log Lift Feat of Strength.
    Skystone Sampler (10 points): Chapter 4 – Collect all of the Skystones.
    Snowman Slammer (10 points): Chapter 5 – Destroy 7 snowmen.
    Autogyro Pyrotechnician (10 points): Chapter 6 – Destroy all the Arkeyan Autogyros.
    Talker in a Strange Land (40 points): Chapter 7 – Talk to all of the Wilikins.
    Cannon Confounder (10 points): Chapter 8 – Complete the level without getting directly hit by a cannon.
    Kaos Buster (10 points): Chapter 9 – Destroy 10 Kaos Bust Statues.
    Mine Menace (10 points): Chapter 10 – Shoot down 10 mines.
    Pipe Petard (10 points): Chapter 11 – Damage Drill-X by throwing a pipe at him.
    Hut Wrecker (10 points): Chapter 12 – Destroy 3 enemy huts with boulders Giants can lift.
    Column Crusher (10 points): Chapter 13 – Destroy all the columns in the second trial.
    Pedal to the Metal (40 points): Chapter 14 – Collect all 16 speed boosts in “The Long Hall” section.
    Freebot Isn’t Free (10 points): Chapter 15 – Defeat Freebot in a game of Skystones.
    Keepin’ Cool (10 points): Chapter 16 – Complete the chapter without taking damage from fire traps.
    Skystones Strategist (20 points): SkyStones – Capture 2 stones with 1 single stone.
    Clean Jersey (10 points): Don’t take any damage from Kaos’ rockets during the mini-game on the Dread-Yacht.
    Soul Surfer (20 points): Collect soul gems for Tree Rex and Jet-Vac.
    Seeker Adept (20 points): Collect 10 Legendary Ship Parts.
    Hint Scholar (20 points): Collect 10 Story Scrolls.
    Fashionista (20 points): Collect 10 Hats.
    To the Max (40 points): Level up any Skylander to level 15.
    Upgrade Uniter (40 points): Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander.
    Spend That Loot! (40 points): Amass 65,000 Treasure with any one Skylander.
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