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Spider-Man: Edge Of Time


Big Time suit

At the main menu or while the game is paused, press Right, Down(2), Up, Left, Down(2), Right to unlock the Big Time suit.

Future Foundation suit

At the main menu or while the game is paused, press Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left to unlock the Future Foundation suit (Amazing Spider-Man).

Poison suit

Enter ” innerspider ” as a VIP code to unlock the Poison suit (Spider-Man 2099).

The Last Stand suit

Enter ” laststand ” as a VIP code to unlock The Last Stand suit.

What If? suit

Enter ” coldhearted ” as a VIP code to unlock the What If? suit (Russia).

Arena mode for 2099 and Amazing Spider-Man

Enter ” twospidersenter ” as a VIP code to unlock Arena mode for 2099 and Amazing Spider-Man.

Prequel bonus

Start the game with a saved game file from Spider-Man: Shattered Dimension present to unlock eight Spider-Man costumes in the “Alternate Suits” menu.

Easy “Furious Fist Fighter”, “Hundred Hit Hero”, and “Infinite Slugger” achievements

While attempting to get the “Furious Fist Fighter”, “Hundred Hit Hero”, and “Infinite Slugger” achievements, you can shoot webs to keep your combo count from resetting, but it does not add to your total combo count.


Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    Super Trooper (10 points): Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level.
    Determined Do-gooder (25 points): Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level.
    Intrepid Adventurer (50 points): Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level.
    Fearless Front-Facer (25 points): Complete all levels on Normal.
    Master of All You Survey (50 points): Complete all levels on Hard.
    Sizzling Century Mark (10 points): Defeat 100 enemies.
    Spider Slugger Supreme (25 points): Defeat 500 enemies.
    Gorgeous Gold Grabber (10 points): Web of Challenges – Obtain all Gold Medals for a Chapter.
    Mighty Medal Master (25 points): Web of Challenges – Obtain all Gold Medals for an Act.
    Consumate Completist (50 points): Web of Challenges – Obtain all Gold Medals.
    Ambitious Arachnid Acquirer (10 points): Obtain 1/4 of the Golden Spiders.
    Superb Spider Searcher (25 points): Obtain 1/2 of the Golden Spiders.
    Spider Snagger Supreme (50 points): Obtain all Golden Spiders.
    Alchemaxed Out! (50 points): Buy all Combat Upgrades.
    Gold Standard (50 points): Buy all Character Upgrades.
    Super-Suited Swinger (25 points): Obtain all Alternate Suits.
    Furious Fist Fighter (10 points): Execute a 50-hit combo.
    Hundred Hit Hero (25 points): Execute a 100-hit combo.
    Infinite Slugger (50 points): Execute a 200-hit combo.
    Fantastic Five Hundred (10 points): Collect 500 Orb Fragments.
    Excellent Emblem Enthusiast (25 points): Collect 1,000 Orb Fragments.
    Collector Detector (50 points): Collect 2,000 Orb Fragments.
    Survivor Supreme (10 points): Complete Session 3 or later without dying.
    Jack Of All Attacks (25 points): Perform 3 of each type of Grab Attacks on enemies.
    Airborne Assailer (25 points): Perform 3 of each Air Attack on enemies.
    Hammer Slammer (25 points): Damage enemies with Roundhouse Spin and Web Hammer 10 times each.

Additionally, there are 21 secret achievements:

    Astounding Archives Achiever (10 points): Gained access to the Restricted Archives Computer.
    Restricted Room Rogue (10 points): Gained access to the Future Restricted Area.
    Boss Of Bosses (25 points): Defeated the CEO on any difficulty level.
    Monster Master Maximus (25 points): Defeated Atrocity on any difficulty level.
    Awesome Atomic Acquirer (10 points): Collected all three Atomic Fuses.
    Dangerous Destination Decider (10 points): Floor 66 Reached.
    Mighty Meltdown Misser (10 points): Stopped the future from becoming a radioactive wasteland.
    Complete Data Diviner (10 points): Analyzed all Data Modules.
    Jackpot, Tiger! (10 points): Saved Mary Jane.
    Larrupin’ Locksmith (10 points): Teleported back to Alchemax with the Key.
    Mighty Monster Master (10 points): Retrieved all three DNA Samples from the knocked-out Atrocity.
    Incinerator Rex! (10 points): Brought the Incinerator to Maximum Power.
    Bot Hotshot (10 points): Erased the Prototype Combat Robot from existence.
    Anti-Venom Vanquisher (10 points): Defeated Anti-Venom on any difficulty level.
    That’s The Parker Luck, Chuck (10 points): Spider-Man was down and out.
    Dread Destiny Determiner (10 points): Foreseen the death of Spider-Man.
    Fabulous Feline Fury (10 points): Defeated Black Cat on any difficulty level.
    Read All About It! (25 points): Obtained all Newspapers.
    Ghost With The Most (10 points): Avoided 100 attacks with Accelerated Decoy.
    Daringly Determined Dodger (10 points): Evaded 100 attacks with Hyper-Sense.
    Mighty Marvel Booster (10 points): Completed a Freefall section by boosting the entire time.
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