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SpongeBob HeroPants Achievements

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    A Good Start (50 points): Find the first missing page.
    Saved the World (50 points): Finish the game with any character.
    Reality Restored (50 points): Collect all the missing pages.
    Collector (50 points): Find all the memorabilia.
    Scrap Metal (50 points): Defeat the Giant Plankton Bot.
    The Bigger They Are… (50 points): Escape from Squidwardosaurus Rex.
    It Feels Better (50 points): Upgrade an ability.
    Can (50 points): Fully upgrade any character.
    I’m Super Awesome (50 points): Fully upgrade all characters.
    Vegetarian (50 points): Finish a level without using any Blaster Burgers.
    Wheeeeee! (50 points): Jump 100 times on trampolines.
    Invincibubble (50 points): Finish a level without taking any damage.
    Unbeatabubble (50 points): Finish a level without falling unconscious.
    Jurassic Dodger (50 points): Avoid being squashed by Patrickosaurus.
    Self Inflicted Damage (50 points): Get Patrick squashed by Patrickosaurus.
    Like Looking in a Mirror (50 points): Wake up Imaginary SpongeBob as SpongeBob.
    Scary Me (50 points): Escape from Squidwardosaurus Rex as Squidward.
    Bikini Bottom Heroes (50 points): Become a superhero 100 times.
    Feeling Better (50 points): Get revived once.
    A friendly hand (50 points): Revive 5 allies during one session.
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