Square Enix Announces The Winter Of RPGs

Square Enix Announces The Winter Of RPGs


When I want to combat the cold winter weather, I make a cup of hot cocoa, sit in front of the fireplace graphic I have playing on my HDTV, and pop in a good RPG. I have many good memories of locking myself in the basement and binge playing the newest Square Enix game while it snowed outside. Now, Square Enix is making sure that I’ll get an extra dose of nostalgia this holiday season with their Winter of RPGs campaign.

Essentially, Square will be releasing three classic JRPGs on the PSN this winter. Coming up first is Chrono Cross, dropping on November 8th. As good as Chrono Trigger? No. A great game in its own right? Absolutely.

Following that is Final Fantasy V, which drops on November 22nd. This game has an awesome job system and was one of the best classic JRPGs of the SNES. Possibly the only worthy followup…

Final Fantasy VI, dropping on December 6th. I don’t think I have to explain why this game is so awesome.

The bottom line: the Winter of RPGs sounds pretty awesome.

By Angelo M. D’Argenio

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